The AUTianz E-Magazine Promo Presentation


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The AUTianz E-Magazine Promo Presentation

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The AUTianz E-Magazine Promo Presentation

  1. 1. The Official Students’ e-Magazine ofAnna University of Technology Tiruchirappalli
  2. 2. What is an e-Magazine? Electronic Magazine Authored, Edited, Designed, Reported and Published by The Students of AUTT Free, Open source Easy Sharing, Eco-Friendly, Ever
  3. 3. Mission To share the news and happenings in our campus and other neighbouring campusses To create a platform for students to express their abilities in writing productive things To spread the knowledge available with us to those who need
  4. 4. So are we creating a web site? Not at all! Web hosting costs a lot in an early basis, and this e-Magazine project is a non-profitable one. So instead a web site, we use
  5. 5. Google Sites – The Backbone
  6. 6. Publishing Format Adobes Portable Document Format (pdf) is the best option for publishing magazines, as one cant edit it but just read it. The screen resolution, fonts compatibility need not to be bothered in case of a PDF
  7. 7. Reading the e-Magazine• Weve created a Blog spot for “The AUTianz” and we share the magazine to all. By clicking the link given in the BlogSpot page, you can get the e-Magazine in PDF file format. With ISSUU Technology You can also read it lively like a book, provided that Adobe Flash Player is installed in your browser.
  8. 8. Join The Movement! As we told earlier, the arrangements are perfectly made for publishing the magazine. All we need now is, Human Resource. This e-Magazine is to be solely managed and hosted by students of our AUTT
  9. 9. Contents of the e-Magazine Department Articals Events Job information Brain Teasers (Aptitude Q’s) Current Updates Campus Connect (Happenings at our campus & other neighboring colleges) Binary Pages (Technology Stuff) Outlook (Happenings in the world around) Global Village (A Website review for every issue) Personality Development Mice Race (Preparation for Entrance Exams) Book Review & Lot more with
  10. 10. Is this magazine published only in English? No! You can also write articles in Tamil also, since its PDF format, no need to worry. But better if you type Tamil articles yourselves as there are different encoding. With Google Tamil Input Software provided in our e-Magazine Website you can Transliterate
  11. 11. What is the frequency of this e-Magazine? “The AUTianz” is a fortnightly (Twice a month) published magazine. Most probably in future the frequency may be increased analysing the response from the students We are planning to unleash the issues in fortnight
  12. 12. Nature of the article It should be original, precise, relevant and genuinely authored. But in case, you just cut-copy-paste them from Wikipedia pages or millions of websites, or forge with an already published articles from other magazines like ours either electronic or print media, we can do nothing. But let’s not do it, so that no one can blame us for being
  13. 13. Descriptions of Areas of interest Campus Connect Articles about the happenings in our college. Latest updates with enough details so that even an outsider can
  14. 14. Descriptions of Areas of interest Outlook Articles about the happenings in other colleges around us. Intimations for technical symposiums, cultural programs, sports meets, exhibitions, workshops, personality development programs in any engineering firms, placement opportunities and so
  15. 15. Descriptions of Areas of interest Global Village Articles about useful internet stuff for every issue. You must write latest trends in computing, new software applications in your
  16. 16. Descriptions of Areas of interest Sports Articles and information about the sports teams in our colleges The various tournaments attended by our teams and the results Intimations from them, taking interviews with the team captains and
  17. 17. Descriptions of Areas of interest Tau Star This segment is about taking personal interviews from the talented students from any field. Adds the list of champions who won in Symposiums & Cultural festivals conducted in different
  18. 18. Descriptions of Areas of interest What’s New? Updates of new systems and elements of our colleges. This includes events that take too much time to update in our college website. Remember! “The AUTianz” must be an instant solution for everyone with
  19. 19. Descriptions of Areas of interest Travel & Living In this segment our students can share the experience they got by travelling in and around Tiruchirappalli. Importance will be given to the places which are not usually covered by other print
  20. 20. Descriptions of Areas of interest Personality Development It’s all about inner personal skills Authors should write their own essays on the topics such as college life, office environment Presentation skills, interview skills, public speaking, debates, and group discussions and so on are dealt
  21. 21. Descriptions of Areas of interest Mice Race Articles on tips for cracking various entrance examinations such as GATE, CAT, TANCET Includes some brain teasers, provide downloadable model question papers Intimations on the applicability and eligibility criteria of various entrance tests that could be taken by students and practice
  22. 22. Descriptions of Areas of interest Techie – Wiki In this corner the articles are fully about cyber space. It trains the reader with the best computing knowledge from A-Z. Other than these topics, you can also suggest your own segments for “The AUTianz”
  23. 23. Descriptions of posts Reporter Gathers information for the articles of “The AUTianz” Visits staff, students, persons for interviews Conducts surveys, gets feedback, queries and so
  24. 24. Descriptions of posts Editor Edits the collected articles suitably for publishing Moderates the content Gives back reviews to the
  25. 25. Descriptions of posts Class representative Collects the articles from the class students and hand over to the editor Conveys information regarding “The AUTianz” in class. This is not to be confused with Actual Class Representatives. It’s just for representing the “The AUTianz” team in each
  26. 26. Descriptions of posts Page Designer ↔ Designs the e-Magazine’s pages using Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 or 2010 Application Produces the e-Magazine in PDF format and further forwards the documents to Web Content Management
  27. 27. Descriptions of posts Web content manager Processes the digital content online, sends e-Mail notifications to students Manages social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter Uploads e-Magazines and photos in Blog spots and Flickr pages
  28. 28. ClarificationNoteHere, ‘Editor’ refers the person who edits the articles andmoderates the content suitably for publishing.It doesn’t mean the author. Any number of students and anyone can write articles for the magazine from a class.The editors’ job is to shortlist the articles from all thestudents from him/her class and give preference to the bestarticles, which to be included in the department supplementmagazine of “The AUTianz”.
  29. 29. Department Supplement Issues The department editor, a tentative post to be filled by analyzing the total number of applicants from a department, holds the responsibility of creating the Department supplement magazine of “The AUTianz” and making the PDF issue with Microsoft Office Publisher 2010 and sending it via e-Mail to the web maintenance team. In case no one applies for the post of editor from a class, the articles from that class will be moderated and edited by an editor outside the
  30. 30. Contact UsAbout us : Us : theautianz@gmail.comFollow Us : Us : Us : theautianz.blogspot.comText Us : 8870544017, 8870544018