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The Expendables Marketing Campaign


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The Expendables Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Genre: Action, Adventure, Action Adventure, Thriller Studio: Nu Image Release Date: August 13, 2010
  2. 2. Homepage Preview Games  Facebook “Like” button Social Media links (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) Digg, Google reader and Delicious
  3. 3. Homepage (cont) Menu options: •News •Story •Downloads •Cast and Crew •Cast and Crew •Videos •Photos
  4. 4. News Articles •Los Angeles times •Entertainment Weekly •National Post •Blogs Headlines •“Manliest Movie of the Year” •“Greatest action movie of all time” •“Arnold S. is on his way back”
  5. 5. Downloads Wallpaper Icons
  6. 6. Cast and Crew Biography From earlier life to career. No character information.
  7. 7. Story
  8. 8. Videos 4 videos: Each ones main focus is the all star casting and plot.
  9. 9. Photos On the set Movie scenes
  10. 10. Features: Are you expendable? Step 1: Ask users if they want to take survey. Step 2: Ask various questions.: Then gives you a custom name. Step 3: Upload a picture for your character. Step 4: Puts your picture in the movie poster. Step 5: Allows you to share the poster, but doesn’t have your picture.
  11. 11. Features: Game Must “Like” Pick Level Contra? Rakings
  12. 12. Features: Behind the scenes on ITunes Director/Actor Sylvester Stallone take you behind the scenes.
  13. 13. Analysis of website What works • All-Star lineup is clearly visible. • Facebook “like” button is easily accessible. • Original artwork for website. What doesn’t work • Difficult to navigate. • Difficult to read. • Limited information on plot or story.
  14. 14. Analysis of website (cont) Overall look and feel • Very simple. • Not overwhelming but also not that intriguing. • Fan site – – More recent news updates. – On top of official site on search engines.
  15. 15. Fans: 213,267 Update Frequency: By The Numbers Start Date: March 9, 2010
  16. 16. INFORMATIVE UPDATES No admin responses Follows actors -Guest appearances -Interviews Promotional events This kind of update generated about 80- 200 likes and 20-70 comments. *The majority of their fans are male. Strategy
  17. 17. Asking a question Trivia Actors Bibliography. UFC fight outcomes. Actions movie quotes. Didn’t generate many comments or responses. First few users would get the correct answer. Strategy
  18. 18. Just for fun/Call to action Updates that would stir up conversation These updates definitely are aim to the expendables target market. Strategy
  19. 19. Followers: 26,168 Following: 12,770 Listed: 1,722 By The Numbers *Official twitter for Lionsgate*
  20. 20. Strategy Recycled twitter account. Past movies that used account: Killers Kickass From Paris with love TWEETS A lot of the same updates as FB. Tailored to twitter. Use of hashtags. More real time feeds.