Predators Marketing Campaign


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Predators Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Genre: Action, Adventure, Action Adventure, Sci-Fi Thriller Studio: Paramount Pictures Release Date: July 9, 2010
  2. 2. Splash Page: Enter site  Language selection  “Like” button Social Media links (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Myspace)
  3. 3. Homepage Enter Social Media and sharing links persistent Sharing also include Delicious and Digg New updates
  4. 4. Story Very brief summary of plot
  5. 5. Videos 6 Trailers 6 Behind the scenes of characters
  6. 6. Gallery Only 5 pictures
  7. 7. Downloads Wallpapers Icons
  8. 8. Cast/Crew Main Characters Main Crew members
  9. 9. Iphone Game Game Preview Cost $2.99
  10. 10. Features Characters Predator or pray Target your friends Predator tools
  11. 11. Features: Characters Name Info Video
  12. 12. Features: Predator or Pray Facebook App Randomly chooses friends Doesn’t recognize gender
  13. 13. Features: Predator or Pray Predator or Pray Randomly chooses friends Doesn’t recognize gender Target your friends Select friends Sends them an update
  14. 14. Features: Predator Tools •Destroy a website •Limited number of sites •4 different weapons
  15. 15. Analysis of website What works • Website updates. • Fun features to share. • Good insight on characters. What doesn’t work • Not entirely mobile phone accessible • Features repeat themselves • Story and Gallery has limited info • Poorly made posters • Not available in all languages as stated.
  16. 16. Analysis of website (cont) Overall look and feel • Everything flows • Music, sound, transitions, pointer, page effects all add to users experience.
  17. 17. Fans: 23,033 Update Frequency: By The Numbers Start Date: March 18, 2010
  18. 18. INFORMATIVE UPDATES No questions or CTA. Very Repetitive No admin responses All videos are uploaded to FB. This kind of update generated about 80- 419 likes and 2-80 comments. Strategy
  19. 19. Tabs include: Info, Photos, Videos, Discussion, Homepage, Reviews, Events, Live Chat. Users are directed to Robert Rodriguez Homepage tab. No maintenance. Users Critic the movie. Miscellaneous
  20. 20. Strategy (Cont.) USER Activity 2-5 posts by users on their fan page every hour this month. A lot of spam. Admins do not reply to any of the post. Handful of mentions by users.
  21. 21. Followers: 2,250 Following: 82 Listed: 112 By The Numbers Start Date: March 17, 2010
  22. 22. Informative updates. No responses. Links: posters, trailers, articles. Hashtag #Predators. Verified account. Trending Topics? 80 mentions the day before release Strategy
  23. 23. Update Frequency: By The Numbers