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Driven by new business processes and regulation, the need for data exchange between organisations is heavily increasing. As 'Trading Partners', companies exchange data using electronic messages or 'events'. The automation of this B2B communication is very different compared to the use of Enterprise Service Buses within an organisation.

This presentation will show different insights in protocols and message formats which are being used in business, from file transfer and EDI until AS2 with different XML dialects. Also security and integration with 'endpoints' are explained.

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  • All sorts of data exchanged...
  • In the most basic form, a VAN (value-added network) acts as a regional post office. They receive transactions, examine the 'from' and the 'to' information, and route the transaction to the final recipient. VANs provide a number of additional services, e.g. retransmitting documents, providing third party audit information, acting as a gateway for different transmission methods, and handling telecommunications support.
  • http://www.unece.org/trade/untdid/d06b/trmd/trmdi1.htmhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X12_Document_List
  • TODO: animationKost: veel leger dan prijs postzegel, geen manuele invoer, geen fouten, …
  • http://www.spec2000.com/http://www.mpxml.org/http://www.pcats.org/http://www.aftermarket.org/technology/pies.aspxhttp://www.taxml.org/http://www.iptc.org: NewsML, EventsML-G2, SportsML-G2, NewsML, NTF, IIM, IPTC 7901http://www.rixml.org/http://www.rets.org/http://www.agxml.org/http://www.acord.orghttp://www.opentravel.org/
  • http://blogs.gxs.com/keifers/2009/03/read-the-complete-long-tail-of-b2b-story-in-supply-chain-quarterly.html
  • “Biggest” of the 2 has FTP server
  • TODO: animation(too fully understand, requires understanding of public/private key)Message signingUsually not HTTP Basic AuthenticationNon-repudiation through signed acknowledgements (MDN)Network security: discussed furtherMessage level encryption vs. HTTP/SUsually same keypair/certificate for signing/encryption
  • http://www.sterlingcommerce.com/about/analyst-research/Magic+Quadrant+for+Integration+Service+Providers+2009.htm
  • Interesting & relevant blog: http://blogs.gartner.com/benoit_lheureux/
  • Flexiscale is British/EuropeRackSpace doesn’t have a real offering yetEasy and quick to provision
  • Coghead runs on Amazon EC2; was acquired by SAPOverzicht van vele cloud offerings: http://peterlaird.blogspot.com/
  • Solve360=Norada37signals: http://highrisehq.com/
  • Contract is defined by of Web Service Endpoint is generated by Salesforce and needs to be implemented; Salesforce outbound messaging does not allow to call web services with contract defined elsewhere
  • Google - Secure Data ConnectorWorkday – acquired CapeClearSalesForce / Force.com
  • Another example: WSO2 Cloud Services Gateway
  • http://tomuse.com/online-storage-backup-software.htmlhttps://www.unlimitedgb.com/sftp-hosting.html
  • http://blog.programmableweb.com/2011/01/03/api-growth-doubles-in-2010-social-and-mobile-are-trends/http://www.scribd.com/doc/13361024/Open-APIs-State-of-the-Market
  • From cloud to on-premise is often hardest...
  • 1 to many: e.g. Connected to X.400 => no seperate VAN supscription necessary
  • REST API: Tickets: search and listMessages: search, list and view detailsChannels: search and listCatalogue: search and listPush a message
  • Flow chart: to illustrate the steps through which data is transformed, routed and manupulated from source to destination.
  • Als metafoor: een connector is als een plug en een API als een socket
  • 2: atoms can be deployed in the cloud to Boomi’s data center or a 3th party data center such as e.g. Amazon ???? How does this work?
  • Atoms track state to ensure that only unique data is processed (dupl. Detection)
  • Library: built by a community, the AtomSphere ecosystem expandsVisual Integration Technology (point-and-click, drag-and-drop)Library of pre-built connectors and process maps
  • Monitor health and activity of all AtomsReview detailed logs of processesSubscribe to alerts that broadcast via RSS for proactive notification of failuresVia Managament Tab users can follow up integration process(es) executionsAssociated log and status notificationsRetry capabilities for messages which had an error during transit
  • High-availability also ‘self-healing capabilities’Concept of environments: to have the same integration process pointed to different locations (e.g. Test, QA, Production)
  • TODO: put graphical example, eg For example, a simple pipeline could connect to a source system such as SugarCRM using a SugarCRM Snap, retrieve select data, transform it using a series of functional Snaps, and then write it to a target DB using a DBWrite Snap.
  • SL SnapCenter: central command center for enterprises to build, deploy, manage and visualize the complex data flow through their integrated applications
  • All end points are HTTP compatible data services, providing a REST interface to SaaS applications from any web technology.
  • http://www.castiron.comhttp://community.castiron.com
  • https://supplier.intel.com/static/FileTransfer/http://partnerconnect.hubspan.net/
  • DataIntegration: More about synchronization, replication Consider everything as data sources and pull data (as opposed to push based events)Informatica:- PowerCenter Cloud Edition: PowerCenter on Amazon EC2- Pervasive: still at v9.2, v10 will bring cloud solutionStill on-premise, not in the cloud?- KapowSoftware: “screen scraping” approach to cloud integration (http://www.kapowsoftware.com/)- Scribe: focus on integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (http://www.scribesoft.com)
  • Jitterbit: open source project, also version as-a-service available, deployed on AmazonAppirio Cloudworks; very vague
  • http://blogs.msdn.com/b/biztalk_server_team_blog/archive/2010/10/28/changing-the-game-biztalk-server-2010-and-the-road-ahead.aspx
  • From Microsoft PDC10 – Microsoft BizTalk Server and Future of Integration
  • http://blogs.gartner.com/benoit_lheureux/http://blogs.gartner.com/daryl_plummerhttp://www.cloudappintegration.com/
  • B2B Integration in the Cloud

    1. 1. B2B-integration<br />in the ‘cloud’<br />guy.grets@i8c.be<br />brik.vanslambrouck@i8c.be<br />
    2. 2. Get acquainted with<br />B2B integration<br />Overall presentation goal<br />
    3. 3. Abstract<br /> Gedreven door nieuwe business processen en door regulering neemt de behoefte voor gegevensuitwisseling tussen organisaties hand over hand toe. Als 'trading partners' wisselen bedrijven massaal gegevens uit onder de vorm van elektronische berichten of 'events'. De automatisering van deze B2B-communicatie kent zeer belangrijke verschillen ten overstaan van de integratie door middel van 'enterprise service buses' binnen een organisatie.<br /> Tijdens deze avondconferentie verkrijgt U inzicht in de verschillende protocollen en berichtformaten die terzake worden toegepast, gaande van file transfer en EDI tot AS2 met allerlei XML-dialecten. Ook beveiliging en integratie met 'eindsystemen' wordt uitvoerig behandeld.<br /> De markt van B2B-integratie-oplossingen is overigens in volle evolutie. En met de komst van 'cloud computing' zal de wereld van B2B-communicatie nog drastisch wijzigen. Communicatie via de cloud, en met partners in de cloud, vormt een belangrijk toekomstperspectief !<br /> De sprekers geven de nodige achtergrond en leiden U, in één avond, door de boeiende evoluerende wereld van B2B-integratie al dan niet via cloud computing.<br />
    4. 4. Integration consultancy<br />ESB, SOA, BPMS, B2B, EAI, Composite Apps<br />Vendor independent<br />33 consultants<br />Part of the Cronos group<br />http://www.i8c.be<br />Who are we?<br />
    5. 5. The “waves”<br />1st: EDI and closed networks<br />2nd: From 2000 onwards: Internet & XML<br />3rd: 2010: Cloud & Integration-As-A-Service<br />Picture by Mila Zinkova<br />
    6. 6. Who to integrate?<br /><ul><li>CUSTOMERS
    7. 7. SUPPLIERS
    9. 9. GOVERNMENT
    10. 10. 3rd Party Hub</li></li></ul><li>B2Bi - B2B integration<br />Communication From tapes & floppies <br />Bisync, X25 and ISDN<br />To the Internet: FTP, SFTP, EDIINT AS2, ...<br />(Almost)Always event-driven, asynchronous<br />Via intermediary (ASP) or point-2-point<br />Intermediary: VAN, TDN (ASP, ISP) to Cloud<br />Message format<br />From EDIFACT, ANSI X12, HL7, SWIFT, TRADACOM, ..<br />To XML: UBL, OAG, CIDX, ...<br />Choreography: sequence of messages allowed<br />+Technical (n)ack, Functional (n)ack<br />
    11. 11. The 1st wave<br />Organization<br />B<br />Organization<br />A<br />Value<br />Added<br />Network<br />LOC+147+0090305::5’<br />MEA+WT++KGM:22500’<br />LOC+9+NLRTM’<br />LOC+11+SGSIN’<br />RFF+BM+933’<br />EQD+CN+ABCU2334536’<br />NAD+CA+ABC:172:20’<br />
    12. 12. Value Added Network<br />Routing (but nor format translation)<br />Each party has “mailbox”<br />Different transmission methods<br />Phone line, ISDN, Bisync, X.25, FTP, OFTP, X.400 mailbox, FTP, WebSphereMQ (IBM), ..<br />Trusted Third Party, e.g. audit information<br />Interconnect to other VANs<br />No translation or transformations<br />
    13. 13. EDI Message Standards<br />Message standards<br /><ul><li>UN/EDIFACT
    14. 14. ANSI X12
    15. 15. TRADACOMS
    16. 16. ODETTE
    17. 17. Industry Subsets</li></ul>Considerations<br /><ul><li>Every year new versions of EDI messages
    18. 18. EDI translator tools were quite expensive</li></li></ul><li>X12 & EDIFACT<br />
    19. 19. VAN setup<br />Back-end<br />Application<br />Back-end<br />Application<br />EAI<br />File (CSV)<br />Appl. adapter<br />Translator<br />Transform<br />VAN #2<br />X400<br />EDI<br />FTP Adapter<br />VAN<br />VAN connector<br />FTP<br />Mail<br />Dial up<br />VPN<br />
    20. 20. EDI<br /><ul><li>UN/EDIFACT & X.12 are a success!
    21. 21. Implementation is cumbersome (e.g. VAN)
    22. 22. OK for large organizations, not for SME’s
    23. 23. Rip-and-read-processing</li></ul>EDI<br />98%<br />95%<br />EDI<br />SME’s<br />5%<br />FORTUNE 1000<br />2%<br />
    24. 24. EDI Learned Lessons<br />Business semantics – stable standards<br />Standard transactions, messages and data elements<br /> e.g. UN/EDIFACT Directories (message building blocks)<br />Common, inter-changeable data element<br />BUT not specific enough:<br /><ul><li>Message Implementation Guidelines document exact usage of the messages</li></ul>Acknowledgement<br />Technical ack: means syntactically OK (CONTRL)<br />Functional ack: receiver received and understood message (APERAK)<br />Security: Value Added Network – Trusted 3rd party<br />
    25. 25. EDI: Codes & Numbers<br />Unique identification<br />Message: duplicate detection, electronic audit trail (message tracking)<br />Party: e.g. DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet)<br /><ul><li>Currency Codes
    26. 26. Measurment codes
    27. 27. Country codes
    28. 28. Location codes
    29. 29. ...</li></li></ul><li>EDI: TPA & MIG<br />Trading Partner Agreements (TPA)<br />Message Implementation Guidelines (MIG)<br />
    30. 30. 2nd Wave – Internet & XML<br />Decline of the VANs<br />Direct communication<br />But also upcome of the TDN’s, ASP’s, ...<br />XML as an alternative message format<br />Standardization of XML message formats<br />New protocols (on top of TCP/IP)<br />HTTP: Web Services, EDIINT AS2, POX, RosettaNet RNIF, ebXML ebMS, ...<br />File transfer: FTP, SFTP, FTPS<br />Mail: SMTP, AS1<br />
    31. 31. B2B Message Formats<br />
    32. 32. And more B2B XML standards...<br />
    33. 33. Too many B2B XML standards<br />“Long tail of B2B standards”...<br />EDI handles diversity with EDI Message Implementation Guidelines<br />
    34. 34. “New” B2B Protocols<br />Internet & TCP/IP de facto standard<br />Decline of X.25, X.400, Bisync, ISDN, ...<br />HTTP<br />XML over HTTP (Plain Old XML)<br />ebMS – ebXML Messaging, RosettaNet RNIF<br />AS2<br />File Transfer: FTP, SFTP, FTPS, OFTP, OFTP2, AS3<br />Mail: SMTP, AS1<br />Very limited use of Web Services and SOAP!<br />
    35. 35. EDIINT<br />EDI over the INTernet<br />Initiative within IETF<br />Apply existing IETF Standards<br />Adds retry, security (S/MIME), acknowledgements<br />Any payload: EDI, XML, binary<br />Applicability Statement<br />EDIINT/AS1: over email<br />EDIINT/AS2: over HTTP<br />EDIINT/AS3: over FTP<br />RFC 1123 Requirements for Internet Hosts<br />RFC 1767 MIME Encapsulation of EDI Objects<br />RFC 1847 Security Multiparts for MIME<br />RFC 2045 MIME Format of Internet Message Bodies<br />RFC 2046 MIME Media Types<br />RFC 2049 MIME Conformance Criteria and Examples<br />RFC 2298 An Extensible Message Format for Message Disposition Notifications<br />RFC 2616 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1<br />RFC 2821 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)<br />RFC 2822 Standard for the Format of Internet Text Messages<br />RFC 3370 Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) Algorithms<br />RFC 3798 Message Disposition Notification<br />RFC 3851 S/MIME Version 3.1 Message Specification<br />RFC 3852 Cryptographic Message Syntax<br />
    36. 36. AS2 & SFTP<br />EDIINT AS2<br />AS2<br />Server<br />AS2<br />Server<br />Message<br />PUT File<br /><ul><li>SFTP: file transfer over SSH (secure shell)</li></ul>FTPS: FTP over SSL/TLS not very popular<br />Message<br />SFTP<br />Client<br />SFTP<br />Server<br />Poll File<br />Poll File<br />GET File<br />
    37. 37. AS2 & SFTP Products<br />
    38. 38. Message Level Security<br />Authenticate<br />sender<br />Trust<br />Certificate<br />Public<br />Verify<br />Private<br />Receiver<br />Sender<br />Sign<br />Encrypt<br />Decrypt<br />S/MIME<br />(PKCS#7)<br />Public<br />Private<br />Trust<br />Certificate<br />Sign<br />Verify<br />MDN<br />Private<br />Public<br />Over unsecure protocols: HTTP, SMTP, ...<br />For non-repudiation: cannot deny sending/receiving the message<br />
    39. 39. VPN<br />Fixed links, e.g. MPLS<br />Network Security<br /><ul><li>IP filtering – Fixed IP addresses</li></ul>Hub<br />ISP/TDN/VAN<br />Rev.Proxy<br />Poll<br />Poll<br />Rev Proxy<br /><br /><br />www.cronos.be/b2b<br /><br /><ul><li>Via intermediary: TDN (VAN)</li></li></ul><li>Upcome of the ISP <br />The VAN reinvented: ISP<br />Integration Service Provider (ISP)<br />TDN: Transaction Delivery Network (~ ASP)<br />Support for Internet protocols<br />ISP: platform & consultancy services<br />Integration setup:<br />Analyse, design, develop, test integration scenario’s<br />You don’t get to touch “their” environment<br />Partner Onboarding: Take responsibility connecting other parties<br />Specific vertical solutions: closed groups, telco, VMI, ...<br />
    40. 40. ISP - Return of the VAN<br />
    41. 41. Market consolidation<br />Acquisitions<br />Sterling Commerce, ViaCore  IBM<br />ADX & SoftShare  Liaison<br />Mergers<br />Inovis/GXS merger<br />Partnerships<br />IBM partners with Hubspan<br />Microsoft partners with GXS<br />Oracle partners with E2Open and SPS Commerce<br />SAP Partners with Crossgate<br />
    42. 42. 3rd wave: Cloud Computing<br />
    43. 43. I<br />nfrastructure<br />Integration<br />What is cloud computing?<br />AAS<br />As-A-Service<br />Abstraction of the hardware<br />Don’t care where those servers are<br />
    44. 44. What is cloud computing?<br />P<br />latform<br />AAS<br />As-A-Service<br />Abstraction of the software<br />Don’t care: about OS, #servers, …<br /> Build or deploy my application on provided platform<br />
    45. 45. What is cloud computing?<br />S<br />oftware<br />AAS<br />Storage<br />As-A-Service<br />SAAS: Abstraction of everything<br /> Just want to use the application<br />
    46. 46. The Cloud stack<br />Desktop<br />Software<br />Platform<br />Infrastructure<br />Storage<br />
    47. 47. Some SAAS providers<br />Billing: <br />CRM:<br />Collaboration: <br />ERP:<br />HR:<br />Product & Price configuration:<br />Business Intelligence: <br />
    48. 48. 3rd wave: the Cloud<br />Connecting to the cloud<br />Connecting through the cloud<br />Integration<br />
    49. 49. Salesforce to elsewhere<br />Outbound messaging<br />Async<br />Secure<br />HTTPS<br />Supports X509 Client Certificates<br />Reliable, 24h retry<br />Only notifications<br />Info about objects that have changed<br />api<br />Earlier API version: only polling<br />Enterprise customers: Salesforce connectors for SAP and Oracle<br />
    50. 50. Cloud specific adapters<br />Tibco Salesforce Plug-in<br />WebMethods Salesforce Adapter<br />
    51. 51. Google App Engine to on-premise<br />Enterprise<br />Google<br />Google<br />AppEngine<br />Application<br />Public<br />Resource<br />on Intranet<br />Linux<br />“Reverse Invoke”<br />Secure<br />Data<br />Connector<br />“SDC<br />Server”<br />Fetch<br />Private<br />Resource<br />on Intranet<br />SignedFetch<br />SSL<br />Username/password<br />Resource<br />Rules<br />
    52. 52. Cloud as DMZ<br /><ul><li>Use cloud infrastructure as “DMZ”</li></ul>B2B<br />Server<br />AS2<br /><ul><li>Azure AppFabric Connect</li></ul>Relay<br />Service<br />BizTalk<br />Orchestration<br />& Adapter<br />WS<br />
    53. 53. Cloud as DMZ<br />BizTalk Server 2010 AppFabric Connect for Services<br />WSO2 Cloud Services Gateway<br />
    54. 54. File & message exchange<br />File-Transfer-As-A-Service<br />No focus on B2B but on either<br />Backup Single user/enterprise<br />Proprietary API’s or Tools<br />No SFTP-As-A-Service<br />No AS2-As-A-Service<br /><ul><li>Queuing As A Service:
    55. 55. Will AMQP standard be adopted?
    56. 56. Not ready for prime time</li></li></ul><li>API’s<br />Web Services: SOAP, REST<br />
    57. 57. 3rd wave: the Cloud<br />On premise <br />Cloud<br />Company A<br />Company B<br />
    58. 58. Babelway<br />Belgian company, founded in 2007<br />http://www.babelway.com<br />B2B Integration SaaS [multi-tenant]<br />GOAL:simplify B2B data exchange<br /> No system installation and maintenance<br /> No B2B software installation and maintenance<br /> Easy operations, easy conf. of connections<br /> 1 to many.<br />
    59. 59. Babelway – Solution Overview<br />3 Main Functions<br />Transport of electronic messages between 2 partners<br />Transformation of messages from an input to an output format<br />(Opt.) Storage of messages for a defined period of time. <br />2 Technical Parts<br /> Message <br />Processing Engine<br /> Web <br />GUI<br />
    60. 60. Babelway – Configuration - Channel<br />Channel = automatic data flow process between<br />Your system <br />Ext. System of B2B Partner<br />Incoming messages can be routed to a particular channel in function of content or metadata<br />
    61. 61. Babelway – Configuration - Catalogue<br />
    62. 62. Many comm. protocols are supported<br />HTTP/S (web) | FTP/S | SFTP | SMTP & POP3 (email) | AS2 | OFTP | SOAP | X.400<br />Babelway – Configuration - Gateway<br />
    63. 63. Multiple message formats are supported<br />XML | Excel | HTML | EDIFACT | X12 | TRADACOM | PDF | CSV | flat files<br />Babelway – Configuration - Messages<br />
    64. 64. Babelway –Transformation<br /><ul><li> Data validation
    65. 65. Data mapping
    66. 66. Drag and drop (choices, loops, ...)
    67. 67. XSLT (+ create own functions)
    68. 68. Java code
    69. 69. Lookup tables (+ auto. population)
    70. 70. Message signing
    71. 71. PDF creation</li></li></ul><li>Babelway – Admin. & Operations<br />Testing - test cases can be created and run to validate channel operations before deployment<br />Message Tracking<br />Tickets<br />Generated by multiple events<br />Messages can be manually corrected and resubmitted<br />Management – user account administration, notifications,...<br />Rest API – data interface<br />
    72. 72. Babelway – System Architecture<br />Amazon AWS EC2 and S3 Services (I-a-a-S)<br />
    73. 73. Boomi – http://www.boomi.com<br />Founded in 2000, acquired in 2010 by Dell<br />"Integration is a key element in Dell's future transformation into software and services," says Ray Wang, principal Analyst and chief executive officer at Constellation Research. "Companies like Dell, HP, and Cisco will need to be in software in order to grow."<br />Connects any combination of cloud, SaaS and on-premise applications with no appliances, no software, and no coding<br />Software-as-a-Service platform<br />No hw/sw to install or maintain, auto. upgrades<br />Accessible via any internet browser<br />Multi-tenant architecture<br />
    74. 74. Boomi – Cloud Integration<br />Salesforce CRM<br />NetSuite Leading vendor of cloud computing business management software suites. (ERP, CRM, Accounting, ...)<br />Taleo Talent Management and Recruitment Software<br />Peachtree Accounting and Financial Software<br />QuickBook Small Business Accounting Software<br />MS Dynamics GP ERP<br />Zuora online recurring billing and payment solutions for SaaS and subscription businesses<br />RightNow Cloud-Based Web Customer Services<br />Freshbooks Online Invoicing, Time Tracking & Billing Software<br />SuccessFactors Business Execution Software<br />...<br />On premise<br /><ul><li> Oracle E-Business Suite
    75. 75. PeopleSoft
    76. 76. SAP ERP
    77. 77. Siebel</li></li></ul><li>Boomi - Connection Classes<br /> ADP Employease, ADP Perspective, ADP HRB, Aprimo Marketing Studio, AS400, Autotask, AtTask, Centive, Coupa, DB2, Disk, ExactTarget, FileMakerPro, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Fishbowl, Google App Engine, Host Analytics, HTTP, HTTPS, Innotas, Intacct, Interspire, Intuit Partner Platform, JD Edwards v.7 Lotus Notes & Domino, MarketBright, Marketo MAS 200, MAS 500, MAS 90, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Versions 4x & higher, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Dynamics-Great Plains v.9, v.10, Microsoft SBF, MySQL, NetSuite Oco, Oracle CRM On Demand/ Siebel CRM On Demand, Oracle Database, OpSource Billing, Parature , Pivotlink, POP/SMTP, PostGres, QuickArrow, QuickBase , RedPraire On Demand WMS , RightNow, Salesforce-Pro/Ent/Unltd, Silverpop, SmartTurn, SpringCM, SQL Server, StrikeIron, SuccessFactors, Sugar CRM (On Site or On Demand) v.5.5, Taleo Business Edition, Twitter, Web Services,WorldAPP KeySurvey, Yahoo! Stores, Zuora <br />
    78. 78. Main component in Boomi integration<br />Represents an interface between 2+ systems on business proc. level<br />Composed of shapes <br /> connected <br /> like a flow chart<br />Executions can be <br /> event-based or schedule driven<br />(complex) scheduler<br />API to incl. event-driven integr. into your process<br />Boomi AtomSphere – Process<br />
    79. 79. End-points of a process<br /> Get data in or send data out<br />Enable communication with applications and data sources<br />On-premise applications - e.g. SAP<br />Cloud/Web-based applications – e.g. Salesforce.com<br />Data repositories – e.g. FTP, DB or an email server<br />Accomplish integration by abstracting the technical details of APIs and transportation protocols.<br />Boomi AtomSphere - Connectors<br />
    80. 80. Boomi – The Boomi Atom (1) ...<br />Lightweight dynamic runtime engine<br />Can be deployed<br />On a local machine in your network (on-premise)<br />access to internal resources or applications (behind the company’s firewall)<br />solves On-Premise-to-SaaS integration problem<br />In the BoomiAtomSpherecloud<br />connect with resources or applications accessible via the internet (e.g. web applications or FTP sites)<br />all computing is performed in the Boomi data center<br /> > No software or hardware needs to be installed.<br />for SaaS-to-SaaS integration<br />
    81. 81. Contains all the components required to execute an integr. proc. from end to end (incl. connectors, transformation rules, …)<br />Monitoring - Status and health of “all atoms” and integration processes Dashboard<br />Provides secure access to on-premise application(s) when deployed behind firewall<br />Boomi - ... The Boomi Atom (2)<br /> HTTPS <br />-128 bit encr.<br />
    82. 82. Build: ...<br />Visual Integration Technology (point-and-click, drag-and-drop)<br />Library of pre-built connectors and process maps<br />Boomi – Integrate in 3 steps – 1. Build<br />
    83. 83. 2. andDeploy integration process <br />Boomi – Integrate in 3 steps – 2. Deploy<br />Atom Name<br /> Atom<br />
    84. 84. 3. Manage all integrations from the AtomSphere platform.<br />Boomi – Integrate in 3 steps – 3. Manage<br />Atom Name<br />Atom Name<br />
    85. 85. Version control offers rollback of integration processes<br />Concept of environments is provided<br />Molecules - (Ent. Ed.) Atom version which provides<br />High-Availability - through Fault-Tolerance<br />High Performance - through intelligent Load-Balancing<br />Boomi – Extra Features<br />
    86. 86. Founded in 2006(co-founder and CEO G. Dhillon aka founder of Informatica Corp.)<br /><ul><li>Data integration platform, allows connectivity and robust transformations to web, SaaS, and enterprise data
    87. 87. No programming</li></ul>SnapLogic – http://www.snaplogic.com<br />
    88. 88. SL Server<br />Execution engine (security, logging, runtime, ...)<br />for complex data transfer and transformation tasks<br />pipelines are published<br />Can be installed <br />Local<br />Linux, Windows, Mac OS X<br />In the cloud<br />Rackspace, Amazon Web Service, <br />Private cloud<br />SnapLogic – Server<br />
    89. 89. SL Designer<br />Browser-based visual configuration tool (allowing drag-and-drop functionality)<br />Create and configure workflow pipelines connecting any system (no need for custom code)<br />SnapLogic - Designer<br />
    90. 90. Orchestration of Snaps that solve an integration path from end to end<br />Snaps are connected together in the Designer<br />Can be scheduled, triggered on-event or on-demand<br />Addressable by a simple REST URL<br />SnapLogic - Pipeline<br />
    91. 91. SL SnapStore - http://store.snaplogic.com/<br />Online store for snaps ( sw delivery model)<br />Snap <br />Certified connector plug-in for the SnapLogic Platform<br />Interfaces with applications to easily perform data operations without any custom code<br />Created by developers ( > SnapLogic API (SnAPI) and SDK)<br />for private use<br />to place for sale and download from the SnapStore<br />Cost-effective alternative to custom hand-coding<br />SnapLogic – SnapStore<br />AND/<br />OR<br />
    92. 92. SL SnapCenter<br />Enterprise level clustering solution<br />Allows easy conf. for 1+ SL servers to scale up parallel pipeline processing<br />Users build, manage and execute pipelines as on a single SL server<br />Cluster manages execution of pipeline behind the scenes in distributed env.<br />Higher throughput, higher # of integration tasks<br />Console’s tabs: overview, pipeline & server, events and history<br />SnapLogic – Architecture - SnapCenter<br />
    93. 93. SnapLogic – RESTful Architecture<br />
    94. 94. http://sl***.dyn.snaplogic.com:8088/<br /> __snap__/__static__/designer/SnapClient.html<br />SnapLogic – Live Trial<br />Free trial Snaps<br /><ul><li> Box.net
    95. 95. Google Analytics
    96. 96. Google Checkout
    97. 97. Jiggsaw
    98. 98. Netsuite
    99. 99. Peoplesoft
    100. 100. Quickbooks
    101. 101. Salesforce
    102. 102. Twitter
    103. 103. YouTube
    104. 104. ...</li></li></ul><li>Scalability<br />Handle data flows from any number of sources to any number of destinations<br />Performance monitoring and load balancing (clustered SnapLogic Servers)<br />Extensibility<br />Snaps and SnapStore => limitless connectors available<br />Usability<br />Browser-based UI<br />No coding needed<br />Read and write from any hosted or on-premise data source<br />Versatility<br />SL can be deployed on the desktop, in the cloud (public or private), or on-premise.<br /><ul><li>Deployment model supports developing on desktop, testing on inexpensive computing resources and deploying on highly scalable public/private clouds</li></ul>SnapLogic - Advantages<br />
    105. 105. - acquired by IBM <br />WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration<br />Pre-configured integration solutions for hundreds of leading enterprise and cloud applications<br />“Configuration, not coding" approach<br />Cast Iron<br />
    106. 106. Cast Iron: does 4 things<br />Connectivity - Connect to ent. apps, on-demand apps, databases, flat-files etc.<br />Transformation - graphically map data between source and target applications<br />Business Logic (Workflow) - graphically define the flow of data between source and target applications<br />Management-one console manages your integration, and have complete visibility to data flowing thru the appliance<br />
    107. 107. 2 deployment models:<br />in Cast Iron Cloud I-a-a-S<br />on Cast Iron integr. appliances Integr.On-Premise<br />WebSphere DataPower Cast Iron Appliance XH40: physical appliance to add to on-premise datacenter<br />WebSphere Cast Iron Hypervisor Edition: virtual appliance that can be installed on own hardware<br />Cast Iron – Product Solutions<br />
    108. 108. Cloud Apps and Platforms<br />BigMachines<br />Product Configurator, B2B eCommerce, Quoting and Proposal Software<br />GoogleApps<br />MS Dynamics CRM<br />NetSuite<br />Oracle CRM On Demand<br />PROS<br />World Leader in Pricing and Revenue Management Software<br />RightNow<br />Salesforce.com<br />SuccessFactors<br />SPS Commerce<br />Supply Chain Solutions<br />Taleo<br />On Premise<br /><ul><li>Agile
    109. 109. CA Clarity
    110. 110. JD Edwards
    111. 111. Lawson
    112. 112. Microsoft Dynamics
    113. 113. Oracle EBS
    114. 114. PeopleSoft
    115. 115. Siebel
    116. 116. SAP</li></li></ul><li>Cast Iron Studio<br />Cast Iron - Development<br />
    117. 117. Hubspan<br />Example of Intergration Service Provider that pretends to be Integration As A Service<br />Why not IAAS? No “self service”<br />
    118. 118. Data Integration in the Cloud<br />Informatica<br /><ul><li>Pervasive
    119. 119. Data Integrator available in the cloud</li></li></ul><li>More integration in the cloud<br />RunMyProcess<br />BPMS in the Cloud with integration options<br />Meddius<br />Healthcase specific<br />Workday SAAS<br />Enterprise Interface Builder (Based on CapeClear ESB which was acquired by Workday)<br />Packaged Integrations<br />Celigo<br />Focus on integration with NetSuite <br />...<br />
    120. 120. Microsoft IAAS announced<br /> Also this week, we disclosed an early peek into our strategy of “Integration as a Service” which begins to shed light on how we will be taking the integration workload to the cloud.  This is a transition we have already made with Windows Server and SQL Server (as we have released Azure flavors of these server products); and we are committed to following this same path with integration.<br /> Our plans to deliver a true Integration service – a multi-tenant, highly scalable cloud service built on AppFabric and running on Windows Azure – will be an important and game changing step for BizTalk Server, giving customers a way to consume integration easily without having to deploy extensive infrastructure and systems integration.<br />
    121. 121. Microsoft IAAS announced<br />
    122. 122. Summary<br />Integration As AService<br />Very promising<br />Interesting new players + market turmoil<br />Mix of in the cloud & on-premise<br />Software and Hardware appliances<br />Self-service (but someone’s got to do it)<br />1st wave: EDI & VAN<br />Old technologies aren’t gone yet, e.g. EDI<br />2nd wave: XML over Internet<br />AS2, SFTP, …<br />With or without Integration Service Provider<br />Many XML languages, too many XML dialects<br />3rd wave: Integration As AService<br />
    123. 123. Thoughts...<br />Cloud: re-invention of time-sharing?<br />IAAS: re-invention of the VAN?<br />Integration-As-A-Service market: turmoil<br /><ul><li> Big players to enter the market: Microsoft, ...
    124. 124. Acquisitions, mergers, takeovers...
    125. 125. Which vendors (ISP, integration) will reinvent themselves</li></ul>Oracle8i , Oracle9i, Oracle10g, Oracle11g, Oracle12c ?<br />Chief Cloud Officer?<br />
    126. 126. Hype and reality<br />
    127. 127. Questions<br />