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BYOD Security - 100% agentless (Zero-touch) and Zero-latency; Only tool that works at network layer (as opposed to on the device) discovering fingerprinting health-check for all personal devices and protecting corporate network from infected/malicious/compromised personal devices.

We also the only tool that complements MDM.

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  • i7 pregerine7 - Agentless byod security for Enterprises

    1. 1. Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    2. 2. Welcome to “Me” Enterprise How BYOD has changed the security map & how “Peregrine7tm” helps tackle it? Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com Manjunath M Gowda CEO, i7 Networks i7nw.com
    3. 3. WHY BYOD* MATTERS? Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com BYOD = Bring.Your.Own.Device to Work
    4. 4. • 90%of enterprises will use personal devices in Enterprise by 2014 - Gartner • 20%Savings: CISCO claimed. “We don‟t pay for it, and our users are happier.” • GARTNER: Enterprises that don't support BYOD are at competitive disadvantage Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    5. 5. SO WHAT IS STOPPING THEM? Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    7. 7. TOP 2 SECURITY HEADACHES? Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    8. 8. DARK READING – July 2013 Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    9. 9. BUSINESS IMPACT Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    10. 10. 79% business had a mobile incident last year alone – Checkpoint 600%+ growth in mobile malware in last 2 years 20 Mn+ devices jailbroken in just two months (Jan 2013) 18 Mn infected Android devices by end of 2013 71% mobile devices have OS / application vulnerabilities $500K+ cost per such incident $1.5Mn cost per such settlement Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    11. 11. 14different OS types & growing; Add all versions and models (phones, tablets)5 45% enterprises have more than 5 times as many personal mobile devices as they had 2 Years ago3 < 10% enterprises aware of all mobile devices accessing their network & servers3 27% of devices are „approved‟ by the company6 Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    12. 12. WHY TRADITIONAL TOOLS CAN‟T HELP HERE? Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    13. 13. • Perimeter security & not internal • Used to IT-owned devices and not personal devices • Used to take care of outside2inside threats; not for inside-out & inside-inside Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    14. 14. SO WHAT TOOLS DO EXIST TO SOLVE IT? Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    15. 15. 15 Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com MDMs, EPP Airwatch, MobileIron, Zenprise MAMs Bitzer, IBM, SAP, Good MDPs AT&T toggle, Divide, VMware MNAC i7Networks Device level n e t w o r k Mobile Security Tools Quadrant Server side
    16. 16. OUR VALUE PROPOSITION Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    17. 17. “We Protect the Enterprise Network” by - Detect & Fingerprint1 all personal devices - Prevent the malicious devices from connecting - 100% Agentless (Zero-touch) - Zero-Latency Deployment - Provide detailed Compliance Reports 1 Secure detection & fingerprinting (US patent pending) Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    18. 18. Continuous Monitoring Complete Visibility Endpoint Authentication Vulnerability and malicious assessment Granular policy enforcement Compliance Reporting Entry Verification – Corporate Wi-Fi or VPN? Allow Deny Compromised /Jailbroken/ Unauthorized/Unmanaged check Deny Deny Personal Devices
    19. 19. • Name • Screen caps • Demo Peregrine7TM
    20. 20. THE QUESTIONS WE ANSWER Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    21. 21. Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com • What devices are getting into the network? • Who do they belong to? • Are they infected? • Are they compromised or malicious? • How vulnerable are they? • What are they accessing? • What apps* are they running? • Can I control the access? • Can I get Compliance Audit reports?
    22. 22. i7 Networks; i7 Confidential Not just phones/tablets, we support all wireless devices.
    23. 23. HOW DO YOU DEPLOY? Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    24. 24. • 100% agentless and non-intrusive – Zero Touch • Complete off-line deployment – Zero-Latency • Just ONE probe* in the network • Supports: Wi-Fi / 3G/4G/LTE (VPN) Deployment
    25. 25. Current Product Status Available in two flavors: Just the discovery & control (allow/deny) module – deployed passively (out-of-band or ZERO-Latency) Both discovery and granular policy enforcement modules – deployed inline mode Beta version: Released mid of April, 2013 GA : 1.0 – end of July, 2013; 1.1 in Aug mid Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    26. 26. SO WHAT‟S UNIQUE? Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    27. 27. 4A (Attributes)  Discovery & Fingerprinting  Health Check  Discover Apps on the wire*,  Policy Enforcement 4D (Deployments)  100% Agentless (Zero-touch),  ZERO-Latency  SINGLE Probe,  Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE 4T (Threat-Protections)  Malicious & Intrusion Prevention  Zero-day Attack Prevention*,  Vulnerability Check  Check of anti-malware s/w 4K (Keywords)  100% Agentless  Patent-Pending Algorithms  Detailed Fingerprinting  Zero-Latency
    28. 28. THE TEAM Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com
    29. 29. Jeff Hunter Evangelist Peter Gilson CTO First Last CFO Jack Franklin CMO Heather Adler CEO Investors & Advisors 1st venture: acquired by Bluecoat (Jan 2010) Team together for second time
    30. 30. Questions? Copyright i7 Networks, i7nw.com manju.m(at)i7nw(dot)com manju_s7 i7nw.com in/manjunathgowda