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Cyber safety flyer# (2)


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Cyber safety flyer# (2)

  1. 1. ect School psychologists in nn sp i re ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN AUSTR ALIA (INC) Co INFORMTechnology Risksand Cyber SafetyApplied to ourselves and studentsBy Dr Julian Dooley, clinical psychologist and academicTechnology has become an integral component of social functioning, especiallyfor young people. The average teenager in WA spends up to 4 hours a dayonline in non-schoolwork related activities, such as, using social networkingsites, chat, playing games, watching TV and downloading music.The Internet provides many opportunities to increase knowledge and awareness in addition to enhance and developsocial relationships. However, it is clear that there are risks associated with the use of technology.In this workshop, Dr Dooley will provide a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and risks associated with theuse of technology for professionals and students.The workshop will include:• How the helping professionals can more effectively Date Friday 29 June 2012 use technology & deal with risks for themselves and others Time 1.00pm - 4.00pm• Addressing the relationship between online and For School psychologists, offline behaviours and potential impact on mental and social health administrators, student• Describing the profile of the most at-risk users & the services and support staff activities they typically engage in Venue Floreat Seminar Room• An interactive session examining and discussing protective safety strategies in addition to evidence- Cost $30 SPA members based approaches to responding to victimisation. $60 non SPA membersThe workshop aims to assist in improved understandingabout technology risks and cyber safety measures for the Pre-reading/ handout for participantsparticipants and in application for students in schools (for active CPD) and afternoon teabased on current research. provided. Register now online at www.spawa.orgDr Julian Dooley is the Associate Director, Sellenger Centre for Research on Law, Justiceand Social Change, Edith Cowan University. Dr Julian Dooley has: • Worked as a clinical forensic psychologist at the Cleveland Municipal Court Psychiatric Clinic, USA • Completed a PhD at the University of Melbourne - investigated the impact of traumatic brain injury on aggressive and violent behaviours • In 2009, authored a comprehensive review of cybersafety risks for the Commonwealth Government, which informed its cybersafety plan • Member of several national and international boards: the National Coalition of Children’s Resilience and Mental Health; the Australian University Cyberbullying Research Alliance; and the International Observatory on Violence and Schools