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  • Working is living The line between working and living becomes blurred. More and more work is accomplished in virtual space, and less in face-to-face meetings, but all forms of interaction will find their place in the working environment, making it a richer more productive place. The experience of working becomes in some ways more lonely, with a work force of free agents, and more connected, with group collaboration the rule. Consequently, workers will hunger for affiliation and identity affirmation. One of the most entertaining moments of the day came in the late afternoon, when breakout teams presented their visions of magazine cover stories for the year 2010. This was a synthesis of some of the major ideas presented during the day, and there were some flashes of brilliance in the headline writing. One presentation coined a term for what happens when teams tackle and solve tough problems. "Cydron," refers to a spontaneous happening in or during which people solve thorny problems. It's what happens when satori meets solution in a thought-space. As one quipster put it, it's a "brain rave." But what else will working, the process itself, become? A few thoughts: o Decision support technology will reach beyond white collar work to enable front-line workers in warehouses or on the retail floor to exercise judgement based upon hard information. o Spontaneous "brain-raves" will be generated. Mini think-tanks or brain trusts called Cydrons will pull together multi-disciplinary teams in virtual space to come up with creative solutions to problem. o However, there will still be a premium on those who can execute, rather than merely generate, creative solutions. o The Shut-Up revolution: Ubiquitous and high-bandwidth technology will create an unimaginably wired world. If every surface is not a computer, then most appliances will be. It will be essential for ordinary humans to utilize selective response measures, to be able to control who has access, at what level, when. o Attention-Divided Syndrome. Many participants felt that multi-tasking is self-limiting: it will become necessary for people to establish rigid rules about when and when not to use technology. One participant feared that instant-messaging-like technologies would create an epidemic of "glib, facile thinking. As the access to information grows, the premium placed on high-quality thinking will have to rise again." o The macho of overwork: for many workers today, long hours are a badge of honor. Due to the human need to be valued in a group, by a group, even by Supermoms, this is not likely to change. o Some felt that the necessity for cooperative, collaborative work was overplayed. "The Pontiac Aztec is an example of what happens when the process is beautiful but the product stinks," says Bob Thomas of Accenture, currently co-authoring a book on geeks and geezers. "The Miata, on the other hand, was designed by a maverick. We must recognize the anti-collaborative spirit, the counter to groupthink, the unexpected corner from which brilliance sometimes flashes." We want to create a new business, calling it FOTO, because it represents a new way of thinking that's going on in the business world as well as in life. People are moving faster, and they want things that will respond to them faster. The first thing we decided to do was visit the people who are recreating the world of work. We called on some twenty companies, took pictures, looked at how they were working, what they were using, the kind of work they did, who did the work, what their attitudes were, and what their spaces looked like. We found some amazing stuff, like, in San Francisco. Their offices were furnished from Home Depot with some doors atop sawhorses. While large corporations and new businesses in the 1970s and '80s emphasized efficiency, it became clear to us that passion was more important in the late 1990s. Passion, we were beginning to learn from our own experience, will deliver the great ideas--and that's what these entrepreneurial businesses thrive on. So we focus to small businesses, a growing market for furniture that's not well served. We wanted to show these young firms that we understand how they work, their culture, and their attitude. Our first step was to focus on work-style or lifestyle imagery in our online selling tools. The online store was the first thing we created to show our brand and give easy access to our products. Going beyond existing self-service online stores, we made sure there was a human being at the other end of the transaction, someone who knows about office planning and furniture needs who becomes a partner in setting up your office. To create a bond with our customers, we supplied them with information on ergonomics, things you can get in a hardware store, ideas about office planning, and interviews with designers. When you're selling furniture online, the most common comment is, "I want to touch it, feel it." So we knew we needed a store, a clean and simple low-cost space just like any start-up (the Herman Miller RED store/office opened this summer on 15th Street, between Eighth and Ninth Avenues in Manhattan).
  • With over thirteen years of global marketing experience, we offer the following services to our clients: We strategically collaborate with designers and manufacturers identifying, visualizing and articulate opportunities to create new revenue. We often expand into new categories and channels, we find the best path To commercialize the opportunities for maximum market impact. Our teams are entrepreneurial design and business professionals with expertise in marketing, business strategy, branding, graphics and industrial design. Product solutions – Our vision--offer you a turnkey service for manufacturing and delivery. we saw the need to deliver more than "just a great design", many companies do not want or have the in house ability to develop or to produce their visionary ideas. we translate visions into products - Tangible dreams. we provides a full-product service, including mechanical engineering, tooling (from rapid-prototyping for limited series to hard tooling for high volume mass production) and subcontracting mass production as well as delivery and import. We have in house bilingual professionals to co-ordinate and keep a project on deadline and within budget. We pay attention to quality control. Our extensive network of contacts through our design services means we can find the right manufacturer for your product at a fraction of the price to send and have your own representatives living Asia. we is your link to production in Asia. Our service is targeting: + Pure service companies with a need for tangible products for their brand strategy. + Companies without design, development or production resources. + Image products for the big brands or fashion branches (limited series). + Companies who are selling one off event-products. + Companies looking to manufacture in Asia. Global Marketing Strategy Development Marketing & Business Plans Assessing Market Potential and Product Opportunities Negotiation Strategy Coaching - Getting the Best Deal For All Participants Multinational Sales and Marketing Materials Cutting Edge Design & Copywriting Services. Our services are for you if: You need a marketing plan that produces results You need new ideas for promoting your business You need a realistic assessment of the market potential for your product or service You need marketing materials to support sales in countries outside the U.S. We can help you: Develop a well-thought-out marketing plan to guide you to reach your target Plan and design marketing materials that speak clearly to your target audience Develop and implement ways to increase profits--without increasing expenses Taiwan Good Design Products Selection, organized by the China External Trade Development Council (CETRA), is a key event in Taiwan. The Selection offer to promotion and prestige to well-designed and innovative products.The aims of the Selection are to encourage manufacturers to use good design to raise the quality and value of new product, and to enhance the image of Taiwan's manufacturers goods. In ultimate terms, consumers of products made in Taiwan enjoy both good design and the fruits of quality manufacturing.  
  • FOTO marketingplan linkedin 2013

    1. 1. FOTODesign-driven, tech-savvy, environmentally conscious businesses define the new marketplace of the twenty-first century.(Metropolis Magazine, January 2002)
    2. 2. High Market Growth Area Enterprise Office Furniture Market •The world office furniture marketTraditional Design Technology Advanced worth about $33 billion dollars Allsteel •32% annual growth in USA, 24% in Steelcase/ Japan and 10% in European home office Pathway furniture market for the next 4 years Haworth Turnstone •About 60% of office furniture market is from FM and is expecting no growth till 2004 60%market share HermanMiller •The significant growth area is in SoHo Knoll A3 & Home Office Products. It’s trend is toward cheaper & simpler products (Low-Growth Area) •Distribution channels will be the determine factor for growth & HON TeknionDNA consumer acceptance Izzydesign •The US office furniture market is Bush Office DWR dominated by 6 companies and took O’Sullivan Depot IKEA away more than 50% of market FOTO •The E-Process has profound impact on the office furniture market and will continuous it’s trend Hi-Growth Area (2002-2005) SoHo Market
    3. 3. Workplace Transformation •Streaming Audio & Video •E-mail | V-mail •Voice Activated Technology •Wireless Communication •Broadband | Security | VPN •Video Conferencing|virtual meetings •Home | Office •Platform | Exchange •Smart IP phones Blurring •Intelligent Agent •Portable Computer •Dramatic Increase Technology •Digital Input Devices (written/ voice) of Telecommuter •Bluetooth Technology •Dynamic Team Environment Hardware •Flat Monitor| whiteboard •Complete Application & Service •One Stop Outsourcing Technology ASP/ Offering •Network is Designed to Fulfill •Simple Procurement Furniture •Real Time Data Accessibility Process Ware Specific Customer Needs --No & Space Planning •Dynamic Flexibility Excess Overhead •No Internal Resource •100% Operations Uptime Required Guarantee •Strategic Alliances with •High-speed Best of Breed FOTO Application & Service •Multiple Fiber Connections Providers •Wireless Access Points •Managed Services •24x7 Monitored Designed for the Medical Industry WorkplaceTransformation Operations •Expert Support Hotline New HR •Industry Knowledge •Network Services accessBIG is positioned to Challenge •Security Technology deliver new and cutting edge technologies for the Modern Change Management •Last Mile Connectivity Healthcare Service Providers •Geographical Clustering Learning & Training •Telecommuter (137 million)•Part-time Employee (5 million) •Self Managed Workteam •Free Agents •Global Collaboration •Largest Growth of Workers •Knowledge Sharing •On-site Concierge (age 16-24) •Skill Sets | Certification •Work|Live Balancing (well- •Help Desk | Computer being) Training •Well Being Development
    4. 4. “EVEolution”The busy, creative, unfussy, energetic professional women makesher own choices in her Work, her Life and her Play. She isconfident and unpretentious. She has limited time, and wantsmore accessible, better quality, comfortable, younger and morecolorful choices that can be efficiently located and attractedshopped. She is adventurous and eclectic in her taste. TheProfessional Women --- or the Baby-Boomer Women’s home is awork in progress. They don’t just buy furniture, they grow theirown colorful environment, bit by bit, EVOLVING.
    5. 5. FOTO (GenX)
    6. 6. Letting Design Create The Future
    7. 7. Growth Strategy Map Open Process Network WorkPlace Partners Hybrid Transformation Leveraging Products Design Outsourcing Strategic Innovalue Leverage FastFOTO Alliances Knowledge base Growth Growth Strategy E-Business Customer Value Technology Net Works Proposition Networking Club Collaboration Value Platform Chains
    8. 8. Collaborative Team• Novatrend is an innovalue implementation firm, we excel unexpected but relevant results…• Members: – Development Strategist, Nick Young, C.K. Chang – Product Design, Dale Fahnstrom, Michael McCoy, David Van den Branden – Marketer, Nick Young (NovaTrend) – Design/Engineering, K.R. Shei Principle of Re2 Inc. – Manufacture, (China/Taiwan) – Promoter, CETRA – The eTrading Hub for Illuminating Opportunities (Milan, London, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Taipei) under the National Design Award & G-Mark Brand . From Concept to Manufacturing to Consumer, this collaboration focus onSOHO environment, a highly mobile and knowledge exchange work place.• A Office Workspace system provides integrated solution for 1 to 4 people.The design concept incorporates the best of PAN, IP Telephony and includingvoice, data, and broadband connection conjunction with a flexible piece offurniture that has storage and work surface on one side and a versatile writing orprojection surface on the other.
    9. 9. Customer-centric Leadership "CEOs will be rebadged chief experience officers. Now to lead the charge to better understanding the demand customers place on the organization, CEOs must address demand side issues and the companys ability to react to market shifts."Clever; High quality; Innovative; Friendly; Fun (CHIFF)