I360 Franchise Weekly digest september 19th to 25 2011


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i360 Staffing & Training Solutions is a vocational training institute started in 2008 with the aim of reducing the gap between employers’ expectations and the available talent pool, by providing necessary training to improve employability.

i360 is an eminent name facilitated by the promoters of Unicon Investment Solutions. With number of operational centres across India & constantly expanding, i360 is a fast paced Training Solutions Company, offering industry specific custom designed courses to the students/ corporates.

Our courses have evolved after intensive R&D and market research. Since we understand the requirement of the organizations and capabilities of the students, therefore, we try to bridge the gap between the employer and the employee. Students can experience effective and easy learning at i360.

We believe in following stringent and unimpeachable principles. With the distinctive mixture of right aptitude, motivated and devoted team we yearn to serve world class qualitative education. Their skill and dedication is adding to the success of the company. i360 also assures bright career assistance to every promising student.

Considering the continuous and remarkable growth in Finance & Accounting, Retail sectors, i360 is offering different courses in Financial Accounting, Retail Management, Call Centre Training, IELTS, Career Development, Spoken English and various other courses for corporates.

"There are plenty of employment opportunities available and they are expected to grow faster than the average." Ms. Sonia Nagpal cited a study by ICRA, which states that up to 25 crore(rpt) skilled workers would be required over the next 12 years to cater to the demand in 20 high-growth sectors and the unorganized segment.

Companies want to recruit employees with proficient managerial and communication skills. Therefore, keeping these points in mind i360 is offering various courses to the students and corporates. After completion of these courses one can explore the opportunities available in the market. In the learning atmosphere of i360 student can groom their personality and learn many fruitful things under the guidance of competent and resourceful faculty.

i360 does have multilevel corporate engagements; starting from student placements to trainings to academic endorsements. All these associations directly or indirectly add value in a student's career. Presently, students of i360 are working with brands like Vodafone, Airtel, Pantaloons, Haldirams, Unicon, Asian Paints, Erricson to name a few…

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I360 Franchise Weekly digest september 19th to 25 2011

  1. 1.                September 19‐ 25, 2011  How to Improve Your Voice to Speak With Confidence A confident and expressive voice plays an important role in being effective while presenting or delivering aspeech. When you speak with confidence, you use your voice expressively to effectively get your messagedelivered to the audience.Studies on effective communication show that how you use your voice can account for up to 38% of the messageyou are conveying depending on the circumstances. Although, it is not always that high, it will convey a messageabout you and your speech over and above the words that you speak e.g. a weak timid voice can lead the audienceto conclude that about you also, or a lazy diction and the audience may conclude that you are lazy or dont care.Your voice reflects your feelings. When you feel confident, your voice tone will reflect this. Self-confidence inspeaking comes from being well prepared, practiced and knowing that you have a topic you care about and thatwill be of interest and benefit to your audience.There are actions you can take to improve your voice, the sound of your voice and help to overcome the effectthat nerves can have on it;1. PhysiologyHow you feel affects your body language and posture. If you lack confidence, your physiology is different to thatwhen you are confident and this adversely impacts your voice quality.The good news is that if you take a confident stance of standing up straight and tall and you look up and out, youwill not only appear more confident but also feel more confident. Your voice will reflect this feeling when youspeak.2. Lubricate Your VoiceWhen the nerves kick, it can cause your mouth and throat to feel dry. To prevent this, drink some lukewarmwater. A couple of small glasses are probably all that is needed to stave off a dry croaky voice. Too much watermay cause you other challenges.3. RelaxLearn and use techniques that will help you relax before you go up to speak. For example, stretching helps relievetension. Also, just before you start to speak, a few deep breaths before you go on will also help relieve anxietyand overcome the tendency to rush in and speak too fast because of nerves.
  2. 2. 4. PracticeWhile practicing your delivery, also include voice practice. Your voice should complement and support yourspeech. When you practice, try using pauses to emphasize important points in your speech. Also, vary the tone,pitch and speed of your speaking using your everyday conversation as guide i.e. as they fit in with what you aresaying.Try video recording your practice to identify areas that may need to be improved. Reading aloud from a bookwhile emphasizing the emotions in the text will help in overcoming any speaking voice bad habits you mayidentify.To speak with confidence, an effective speaker will not concentrate on his voice but on delivering the speech withbelief and conviction. He will rely on his practice and other pre-speaking actions to ensure that his voice isexpressive and confident.Learning English Will Help You Gain Skills and Enhance Your Knowledge One of the best possible things you can do to improve yourself and make you more appealing to your current andfuture employers is to learn a second language. Learning any second language can and will have many benefits,but learning English as a second language could have benefits that are far beyond any other possible choices,possibly far beyond what you can even imagine learning a second language would do for you. Completing thedifficult task of learning English as a second language will not only make you more capable of connecting andcommunicating with millions and millions of people worldwide, but it will also open up many more opportunitiesfor you to continue to further your education. If the saying, "knowledge is power" is true, then your true key topower could be learning the English language.When you finally have a good grasp of the English language, youll have access to almost unlimited resources forlearning anything imaginable, on just about any topic that you can think of. Books, magazines, newspapers andtrade publications can all offer incredible amounts of information but most of these valuable resources may onlybe published in the English language. The amount of information that you could amass from the above mentionedsources on any given topic could take you years of study to get through, but that amount of information probablypales in comparison to the information available on the same topic located on the internet. There are millions ofpersonal, professional and educational websites on the World Wide Web and many have tremendous amounts ofvaluable information to share, but as was the case with books and magazines, many of the internet’s resources arealso only available in English. If youve got the motivation and persistence that it will take you to gain mastery ofthe English language, the doors of learning are so wide open for you that there is really nothing that you wont beable to accomplish if willing to apply that same amount of hard work and dedication to other areas. LearningEnglish will also open the doors wider for understanding the world of computers.There are very few jobs out there today that dont, at least, require some computer skills and there are many jobsthat are totally dependent on your level of proficiency with a computer. The majority of computer programs todayare available only in English, so if you have had any intention of pursuing one of the many careers that involve
  3. 3. the use of computers or if working in the computer field has any interest for you, then learning English as asecond language is a must for you.There are very few things that you can do that will enhance your education, build knowledge and open new doorsfor you as much as learning English as a second Language will. So many people worldwide are speaking Englishalready, and a good majority of the rest is either already learning it or considering learning it. Whatever yourcurrent situation is, there is likely to be an option out there for learning English that will fit into your schedule andyour budget. There are even several very reasonably priced options available for you to learn English as a secondlanguage online, from the comfort of your very own home. With all the opportunities that learning English willopen up for you in the area of your career alone - possible promotions at your current job and potentially moreexciting and higher paying jobs with future employers - can you really not afford to find a way to learn English asyour second language.Call Centre Training, scope as a prospective career.  The increasing importance of customer feedbacks, the drive of companies to work harder to solve customergrievances and the advent of globalization have given birth to a highly expanding business in India- call centers.With India arising as an opening economy and a hub for call centre and outsourcing companies, another field isemerging as a new educational course i.e. call centre training. With the growing number of call centers, thenumber of employees required for these call centers is also increasing. An individual, who may be a fresher or anexperienced person, can get a job in these call centers by receiving proper and effective call centre training, beingconducted by i360 Staffing and Training Solutions. BPO is offering jobs in large numbers. Moreover, it’s hard toget the pink slip if you are working for the BPOs. If employees don’t perform well, they are simply shifted to adifferent process or sent back for retraining.Eligibility and other personal attributes required to apply in a CallCentre 10+2 in any discipline from a recognized school Great fluency and confidence of speaking English and the other required languages Computer proficiency and knowledge about various softwares and languages in computer which may also be taught at the time of training. A call centre applicant must be willing to work at odd timings as most of the call centers are working for multinational companies and operate in the night hours according to Indian Standard Time {IST}. The timings of the shifts in this field are very flexible and is not limited to a fixed time only, therefore an applicant desiring for a job in call centers should be flexible and ready to work according to various shifts timings allotted to him.
  4. 4. BPO is offering jobs in large numbers. Moreover, it’s hard to get the pink slip if you are working for the BPOs. Ifemployees don’t perform well, they are simply shifted to a different process or sent back for retraining.  Ten reasons why you should join a BPO: 1. One can earn a quick buck and lots of it. The companies provide excellent remuneration packages compared toother industries.2. No technical qualification required but if you have then it would help you understand the technical part ofprocess quickly.3. No investment needed to upgrade you unlike many other professions.4. One’s communication skills can be greatly improved. Many shysters end up as articulate dudes. The callcenters run Personality Development Programmers free of cost along with regular voice & accent training.5. You can actually imbibe a lot of knowledge depending on the industry you are working for, i.e. insurance,finance, accounting, telecoms, auto, computer hardware etc. The companies also provide internationalcertifications for the industry trainings.6. You may be made to undergo the six-sigma and other quality control programmers hugely in demand in thecorporate world.7. You get good food for free and lots of recreational activities like gym, swimming pool, billiards, Internet forfree. Also, one gets free home pick up and drops in AC cabs.8. The work environment of most of the international call centers is truly world class. Also, most of theinternational BPO firms insure their employees for free. Plus, there are parties and get together at excellent hotelsand discs on weekends all paid by the company. Camping tours are also arranged by the companies at hill resorts.9.There are open feedback sessions during training which help you to know your strengths and weaknesses. Youalso learn team building skills and management.10. Working in a BPO also helps while applying for a Visa to a foreign country. It gives you added points andhelps if you are planning to immigrate as you are already familiar with their culture.