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i360 Staffing & Training Solutions is a vocational training institute started in 2008 with the aim of reducing the gap between employers’ expectations and the available talent pool, by providing necessary training to improve employability.

i360 is an eminent name facilitated by the promoters of Unicon Investment Solutions. With number of operational centres across India & constantly expanding, i360 is a fast paced Training Solutions Company, offering industry specific custom designed courses to the students/ corporates.

Our courses have evolved after intensive R&D and market research. Since we understand the requirement of the organizations and capabilities of the students, therefore, we try to bridge the gap between the employer and the employee. Students can experience effective and easy learning at i360.

We believe in following stringent and unimpeachable principles. With the distinctive mixture of right aptitude, motivated and devoted team we yearn to serve world class qualitative education. Their skill and dedication is adding to the success of the company. i360 also assures bright career assistance to every promising student.

Considering the continuous and remarkable growth in Finance & Accounting, Retail sectors, i360 is offering different courses in Financial Accounting, Retail Management, Call Centre Training, IELTS, Career Development, Spoken English and various other courses for corporates.

"There are plenty of employment opportunities available and they are expected to grow faster than the average." Ms. Sonia Nagpal cited a study by ICRA, which states that up to 25 crore(rpt) skilled workers would be required over the next 12 years to cater to the demand in 20 high-growth sectors and the unorganized segment.

Companies want to recruit employees with proficient managerial and communication skills. Therefore, keeping these points in mind i360 is offering various courses to the students and corporates. After completion of these courses one can explore the opportunities available in the market. In the learning atmosphere of i360 student can groom their personality and learn many fruitful things under the guidance of competent and resourceful faculty.

i360 does have multilevel corporate engagements; starting from student placements to trainings to academic endorsements. All these associations directly or indirectly add value in a student's career. Presently, students of i360 are working with brands like Vodafone, Airtel, Pantaloons, Haldirams, Unicon, Asian Paints, Erricson to name a few…

Join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/i360Institute
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Connect with us on linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/i360-staffing-&-training-pvt.-ltd.

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I360 Franchise NewsLetter August 2011

  1. 1. ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIEDwww.i360training.in
  2. 2. FRANCHISE & SUPPORT 1. Signed 6 New Centres Kolkata (West Bengal) Delhi (Shakarpur), Bhubaneswar (Orissa) Srinagar (Jammu &Kashmir) Rajpura (Punjab), Baroda (Gujarat)MARKETING and OPERATIONS 1. Participated in FRO- Ahmedabad and Indore 2. Launched i360 Talent Search Examination 2011 at all centres 3. CRM setup completed and internal roll-out completed for Partner Response ManagementACADEMICS 1. New Product Launch: CMA plus with Office 2010 2. Launched Student Portal with various features incorporated - Chat, White papers, Articles, Newsletters, Industry Snapshots 3. Conducted Trainer, Student Quiz and Product Assessments 4. Took student feedback to improve the delivery, wherever required, and to check training effectiveness 5. Internal Training - Team-Building 6. Online options available now for students to check the marks/gradesOZONE 1. Added two new clients Isango, Dnata. 2. Megha Todi- Top Performer (Achieved 100% target for the last quarter).
  3. 3. Conflict Management.When your ideas or views clash with someone one’s ideas or when there is a communication gap between you and yourcolleague or boss then the tense situation that arises is called conflict. When you enter a corporate world you must beready for such situations that may arise from nowhere and affect your career. Through this article you will be able to get adeep understanding of how things function in an organization, at a minute level. This understanding will help you toidentify the signs of a possible conflict and will provide you with tools to deal with it.Types Of Conflict:> Task Conflict: Conflict over the matter and the goals of the work assigned to you.> Relationship Conflict: Conflict based on the relationship you share with your colleagues or your seniors in organization.> Process Conflict: Conflict over the process or method used to complete the work or task given to you.Causes of conflict.> Poor Communication: This situation can arise because of various reasons , like semantic barrier ;i.e. you say something and the person listening to you or interacting with you perceives something else. Poor communication also means inability of sharing your ideas or views with the person next to you or with you seniors in the organization.> Lack of Openness: if you are not open to criticism, new ideas or the changes that take place within the organization then it will lead to a conflict. Openness also means transparency. It is said transparency is the first rule of management.; you need to be clear and plain in what you think and whet you project , if you have a difference inside then you will have conflict outside as well.> Failure to respond to employee needs: this is a very simple and well known phenomenon; if an employee’s needs are not fulfilled then he will feel dejected from work. He will fail to put his heart and soul in his work.How to tackle a conflict?It is easy to start a conflict and it’s easier to end a conflict. The conflict and its resolution are directly related to personalitytraits of one or more than one individual. A conflict can be tackled down easily by identifying the personality traits and byapplying them in practical field.OWL Collaborating I win, you win.Owls highly value their own goals and relationships. They view conflict as a problem to be solved and to seeksolution that achieves both their goals and the goals of the other person. Owls see conflicts as a means ofimproving relationships by reducing tensions between two persons. They try to begin a discussion thatidentifies the conflict as a problem. By seeking solutions that satisfy both themselves and the other person,owls maintain the relationship. Owls are not satisfied until a solution is found that achieves their goals and theother person’s goals. They are not satisfied until the tensions and negative feelings have fully resolved. Turtle Avoiding You bend, I bend. Turtles withdraw into their shells to avoid conflicts. They give up their goals and relationships, they stay away from the issues over which the conflict is taking place and from the persons they are in conflict with. Turtles believe it is easier to withdraw from a conflict than to face it.Shark Competing I win, you lose.Sharks try to overpower opponents by forcing them to accept their solution to the conflict.Their goals are highly important to them, and relationships are of minor importance.They seek to achieve their goals at all costs. They are not concerned with the needs ofothers and do not care if others like or accept them. Sharks assume that conflicts aresettled by one person winning and one person losing. They want to be a winner.Winning gives sharks a sense of pride and achievement. Losing gives them a sense ofweakness, inadequacy and failure. They try to win by attaching, overpowering,overwhelming, and intimidating.
  4. 4. Teddy Bear Accommodating I lose, you win.To Teddy Bears, the relationship is of great importance while their own goals are of littleimportance. Teddy Bears want to be accepted and liked by others. They think that conflictshould be avoided in favor of harmony and that people cannot discuss conflicts withoutdamaging relationships. They are afraid that if the conflict continues, someone will gethurt and that would ruin the relationship. Teddy Bears say “I’ll give up my goals and let youhave what you want, in order for you to like me.” Teddy Bears try to smooth over theconflict out of fear of harming the relationship.Fox Compromising You bend, I bend.Foxes are moderately concerned with their own goals and their relationship with others.Foxes seek a compromise; they give up part of their goals and persuade the other personin a conflict to give up part of their goals. They seek a conflict solution in which both sidesgain something; the middle ground between two extreme positions. They are willing tosacrifice part of their goals and relationships in order to find agreement for the commongood.I hope with this understanding of corporate ‘sam dam dand bhed’you will be able to deal with situations more efficiently and effectively.With this understanding you will be able to develop and maintain healthyrelationships not just at professional level but at personal level as well.Wishing all the very best to all of you for your career and jobs.by Raghav SharmaPR Executivei360 Staffing & Training Solutions i360staffing.training@gmail.com
  5. 5. Daniel Adhlakha Vidhi MehrotraOne word to describe your personality? One word to describe your personality?Sensitive UnpredictableYour hobbies ? Your hobbies?reading, writing Listening MusicFavorite holiday spot ? Favorite holiday spot?Kashmir Mysore & OotyYou find God in? You find God in …?nature EveryoneWhat makes you angry What makes you angryMale chauvinism Dishonest peopleIf you were written about in the newspaper on the If you were written about in the newspaper on thefront page, what would the headline say? front page, what would the headline say?Vidhi wins bookers for India ( I hope I do that Tehelkasomeday) If you won 1 Crore in the lottery what would youIf you won 1 Crore in the lottery what would you do with that amount?do with that amount? Would buy a villaOpen a shelter home for rape victims What do you do for fun when you are notWhat do you do for fun when you are not working?working? Play with my daughtertake long walks, write, read ( I might sound boringbut yes reading and writing is fun for me!) What would be the one thing you would like to change about yourself?What would be the one thing you would like to My honestychange about yourself?I would want to worry less and relax more. I get If you are invisible for a day what will you do?unnecessarily bothered by useless things. I”ll spy on peopleIf you are invisible for a day what will you do? About i360?travel to the space Healthy working placeAbout i360?Its fun here…new things to learn…nice people toknow…I hope the journey is long and interesting!
  6. 6. Identify the object in the picture. Who so ever is first to guess the correct answer will get a prize.Rainbow is for YOU; therefore, try to add colors of yourinnovation and creativity by writing an article, poem or anyexperience. Your contributions will be rewarded. ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED Your contribution is valuable. Please write your feedback about Rainbow and mail your entries by the end of every month to pr@i360training.in