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What does i-snapshot do?


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i-snapshot is useful sales resource management tool that gives field sales teams and managers the tools to be sucessful.

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What does i-snapshot do?

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  2. 2. What is i-snapshot? i-snapshot provides an easy and quick reporting method for field sales teams, allowing them access to real time comprehensive data on their sales activity and performance.
  3. 3. How does it do this? i-snapshot gives the field sales team the tools they need to become more successful. The team can complete their reporting via SMS on normal mobile, or a new Smartphone App.
  4. 4. The real time data is then used to form comprehensive reports to give an overview of sales performance and activity. These reports are available online via an online dashboard and can be emailed to your inbox regularly.
  5. 5. Other Features • Mapping/Journey Planning • Last Visit Reminders while in the field • Improved Analytics • Mileage Reporting • CRM (stands alone or integrated with existing systems) All theses features are designed to make life easier for you and your sales team.
  6. 6. i-snapshot is right for you if… • You are spending hours and hours on admin each week • You are unsure of how your sales team are performing • You are not getting the most from your existing system • You want to replicate best practice across the team • You want to improve your management skills • You want to increase the effectiveness of your sales force • You want to increase sales
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