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  1. 1. Preso F.A.Q. amanda blum @howlingzoe •Slides will be available 7 minutes after I’m amanda@howlingzoe.com done speaking. Yes, really. areyousociallyacceptable.com www.slideshare.net/hzp •I really do try not to curse. If you are easily offended… well, this is Portland. •Current user track: Michael Fields: New and Exciting Ways to Organize Your WordPress Powered Website. Sounded interesting and he has bigger hair than me. •No, I have no idea why they continue to allow me to speak at these things. I think it’s a title X thing. •Of course its mine. WHY would anyone do this to their hair on purpose? #omfgihatepowerpoint Amanda Blum @howlingzoe areyousociallyacceptable.com
  2. 2. WPClients: How to Plug Your Clients Into Their WordPress Sites Or… How to Keep Clients from fucking up the sites you build them Cause they always will. Every freaking time. #omfgihatepowerpoint Amanda Blum @howlingzoe areyousociallyacceptable.com
  3. 3. you're dreaming. no really, dude. i'm imaginary Also?: Delicious!
  4. 4. client negligentus Also known as: The dunce, the delegater, the bargainer, Realtor, underwriter of your future vacation home and children’s college education.
  5. 5. Don’t teach “WordPress”. Make it goal oriented.
  6. 6. Handling Tips for Care & Feeding • How to accomplish specific tasks. • How to reach certain areas of site • No theme options • Hardwire widgets into theme • Utilize Custom Post Types • Hack admin • Hide Admin Panels • Screen Options
  7. 7. Handling Tips for Care & Feeding • Offer path to support • Create a videocast or “help” section • Keep in contact • Consider processes in house & sustainability of site..can client “reasonably” use site • Managed hosting environment • Be ethical. Be, be, be ethical.
  8. 8. client conundrus Also: The note taker, type “A”, “most likely to succeed”, excellent credit rating
  9. 9. Teach Broad Concepts Utilize analogies. Also: pictures and hand gestures.
  10. 10. Handling Tips for Care & Feeding • Posts v pages (clients LOVE pages) • Categories v tags • Widgets v plugins • Sidebars • Add additional help info to admin • “Recommended reading” – forums, books, twitter, google, wpbeginner, etc. • Hide Admin Panels, screen options – release over time. • DCG- create folders • User roles
  11. 11. client hemmoroidus Also known as: The self starter, the know-it-all and “that guy”.
  12. 12. client hemmoroidus
  13. 13. Handling Tips for Care & Feeding • Give 2 accounts- admin & “admin” • Budget for training • Budget for maintenance • Managed hosting • Referral (“you should ask @andrea_r or @nacin, they love helping people”)
  14. 14. Everything in life really boils down to: Expectations & Signage
  15. 15. “People always tell you who they are. You just have to believe them.” -Oprah (more or less)
  16. 16. “You create the parameters of every relationship in the first 5 minutes. One you set them, its almost impossible to reset them.” -Nana
  17. 17. Generally Speaking • Set good expectations: write good contracts. – specify deliverables – flexible timelines – client requirements (copy,images, hosting, ecomm gateways) – Go through your contract and remove all adjectives and subjectives. • Avoid spec
  18. 18. Generally Speaking • Cover Your Ass (and theirs) – specify deliverables – flexible timelines – client requirements (copy,images, hosting, ecomm gateways)
  19. 19. Generally Speaking • Cover your ass (and theirs) – utilize project management software. Basecamp/freshbooks/skydeck – Never send emails after 9pm • Money- get paid via benchmarks. • Back that blog up
  20. 20. Generally Speaking • Man up – Don’t disappear – Educate the client – Participate in community education/community – Create documentation for turnover – Admit failure, accept personal responsibility, avoid excuses – Blame frontpage.
  21. 21. Generally Speaking • Be a partner – Never send emails after 9pm – Clients are not friends. They are people you are friendly with. – Remember…. People have been burned. And again. And again. – Be reasonable about ROI.
  22. 22. “You create your value. Unless it’s ridiculous.” -me
  23. 23. On behalf of myself & Lucy the Wonderdoberman, we thank you and #unicornsalute you www.phxwordcamp Not as good as portland, but still better than birmingham #omfgihatepowerpoint Amanda Blum @howlingzoe areyousociallyacceptable.com
  24. 24. amanda blum @howlingzoe amanda@howlingzoe.com areyousociallyacceptable.com speakerrate.com >amandablum #omfgihatepowerpoint Amanda Blum @howlingzoe areyousociallyacceptable.com