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Stephano, Multimedia class

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  1. 1. Simple Origami Yacht Stephano Multimedia Class 
  2. 2. Start off with the color side facing down
  3. 3. Fold it along the line shown above and you should get the following
  4. 4. Fold it again along the line shown above and you should get a smaller triangle like below.
  5. 5. Now unfold the paper and you should see the creases like so
  6. 6. Cut along the horizontal crease as shown by the line above. You should then have the following.
  7. 7. Fold the paper into half along the vertical crease. The cut side should be facing you.
  8. 8. Now fold the bottom half to meet the center.
  9. 9. Open the top half like so.
  10. 10. And fold it under along the vertical crease.
  11. 11. Fold part of the bottom half under so that you can have a flat bottom on your yacht.
  12. 12. Fold the right tip up to complete your yacht.
  13. 13. There you have it, a simple origami yacht!