Hyrell Overview Webinar


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Hyrell is a cloud based applicant tracking and recruiting management system that reduces the frustrations of hiring by automatically attracting, evaluating, scoring and processing applicants helping you deliver better hiring results.

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Hyrell Overview Webinar

  1. 1. Online Hiring,Powered by Hyrell
  2. 2. Online Hiring SystemsWhat is Hyrell?Hyrell is a cloud based applicant tracking andrecruiting management system that reduces thefrustrations of hiring by automatically attracting,evaluating, scoring and processing applicantshelping you deliver better hiring results
  3. 3. Online Hiring Systems“ATS” just isn’t enough…ApplicantTrackingSystemApplicantAttraction Evaluation TrackingCommunication ProcessingSystem
  4. 4. Online Hiring SystemsPosition Advertising & Branding
  5. 5. Online Hiring SystemsApplicants provide more than a Resume
  6. 6. Online Hiring SystemsProcess Driven, Systematic Approach
  7. 7. Online Hiring SystemsPre-Ranked, Scored Applicants
  8. 8. Online Hiring SystemsCommunication & Collaboration
  9. 9. Online Hiring SystemsCustomization and Reports