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Hyrell Fast-Start User Guide

  1. 1. Online Hiring,Powered by Hyrell2013 | Fast-Start User Guide
  2. 2. Online Hiring SystemsWhat is Hyrell?Hyrell is a cloud based applicant tracking andrecruiting management system that reduces thefrustrations of hiring by automatically attracting,evaluating, scoring and processing applicantshelping you deliver better hiring results2013 | Fast-Start User Guide
  3. 3. Online Hiring SystemsPlatform Features:Cloud-Based PaperlessRecruitingPre-Written JobTemplates LibraryAutomatic FreeAdvertising on LeadingInternet Job Boards5-Button ApplicantProcessingCollaboration with HiringManagersStreamlined ApplicantCommunication2013 | Fast-Start User Guide
  4. 4. Online Hiring SystemsElectronic Applicant File Includes:Contact InformationPre-Scored Responses to Job-Specific QuestionsResume and ReferencesAutomated Interview SchedulingOn-Boarding InformationElectronic Archiving2013 | Fast-Start User Guide
  5. 5. Online Hiring SystemsAccessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositionsLog-In To Your Online Hiring Center2013 | Fast-Start User Guide1. Login To Your HiringCenter2. Remember To BookmarkThe Address12
  6. 6. Online Hiring SystemsMy Hiring Center… A Recruiting Activity DesktopAccessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions2013 | Fast-Start User Guide1. Click “Open Positions”To See All Open PositionsAnd Applicant Traffic1
  7. 7. Online Hiring SystemsMy Open Positions … Applicant Traffic At-A-GlanceAccessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions2013 | Fast-Start User Guide2. Applicant Traffic Report1. List Of Open Positions1 2
  8. 8. Online Hiring SystemsApplicant Queue… Applicant Information At-A-GlanceAccessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions2013 | Fast-Start User Guide1322. Applicant Scores1. Applicants – Click ToOpen File3. Processing Buttons
  9. 9. Online Hiring SystemsApplicant Sources… Track Where Applicants Found Your PostingAccessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions2013 | Fast-Start User Guide122. The Referral ReportAllows You To See WhereYour Applicant Traffic IsComing From1. Click The Referral ReportButton
  10. 10. Online Hiring SystemsApplicant File… One Stop Information ShopAccessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions2013 | Fast-Start User Guide1433. Forward A File To AFellow Manager1. Contact Information4. Processing Buttons2. Applicant Score2
  11. 11. Online Hiring SystemsThe HOLD Button… Keeps Them WarmAccessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions2013 | Fast-Start User Guide11. Click the HOLD ButtonOn The Processing ButtonsBar At The Bottom Of ThePage2. An Email Will PopulateWith The Applicant’sInformation That Will SayThat You are StillInterested2
  12. 12. Online Hiring SystemsThe VERIFY Button… Checks References Without Typing2013 | Fast-Start User Guide11. Click the VERIFY ButtonOn The Processing ButtonsBar At The Bottom Of ThePage2. A Menu Will Appear ToAllow You To Send Pre-Written Reference CheckEmails2Accessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions
  13. 13. Online Hiring SystemsThe INTERVIEW Button… Fully Automated Scheduling2013 | Fast-Start User Guide11. Click the INTERVIEWButton On The ProcessingButtons Bar At The BottomOf The Page2. A Menu Will Appear ToAllow You To Select TheType Of Interview AndAvailable Days And Times–The System Will EmailThe Applicant To ConfirmThe Interview2Confirmed Interviews CanBe Linked To Your OutlookCalendar!Accessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions
  14. 14. Online Hiring SystemsThe INTERVIEW Button… Links With Outlook2013 | Fast-Start User Guide11. Click the INTERVIEWCALENDAR Button2. Requested InterviewsShow As Red Link UntilThey Are Confirmed,Confirmed InterviewsShow The Applicant’sName As A Blue Link Tothe Applicant’s File2Accessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions
  15. 15. Online Hiring SystemsThe REJECT Button… Dear John,…2013 | Fast-Start User Guide11. Click the REJECT ButtonOn The Processing ButtonsBar At The Bottom Of ThePage2. A Menu Will Appear ToAllow You To Send Pre-Written, Nicely WordedRejection Email, ProvidingCourteous And EffortlessClosure2Accessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions
  16. 16. Online Hiring SystemsThe HIRE Button… Find The Perfect Match!2013 | Fast-Start User Guide11. Click the HIRE ButtonOn The Processing ButtonsBar At The Bottom Of ThePage2Accessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions2. A Menu Will Appear ToAllow You To Click “Yes”To Inform All OtherApplicants That ThePosition Has Been FilledOr Click “No” To NotifyThe Applicant You WishTo Hire, But Also KeepThe Position Open
  17. 17. Online Hiring SystemsLeverage The Library … Use Our Pre-Written PositionsAccessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions2013 | Fast-Start User Guide1 1. Click On Library FromThe Top Navigation Bar2. Click The Templates Tab23. Clicking ADD UnderAssign Locations3 NOTE: This functionality isfor Level 1 Users only andrequires additionalpermissions. If you havefurther questions, speakto your administrator
  18. 18. Online Hiring SystemsLeverage The Library … Use Our Pre-Written Positions2013 | Fast-Start User Guide11. Select Your LocationFrom The List2. Click ASSIGNLOCATIONS At The BottomOf the Window And thePosition Will Be Sent ToYour Library2Accessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions
  19. 19. Online Hiring SystemsPosting And Un-Posting … As Simple As 1, 2, 32013 | Fast-Start User Guide22. Check Your Location5. Clicking A GREEN PostPin Initiates A New Posting3. Click The Post Pin ForYour Desired Position34. Clicking A GREY Post PinUnposts An ExistingPosition And Sends AllApplicants A Notice ThatThe Position WasTerminated541 1. Click On Library FromThe Top Navigation BarAccessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions
  20. 20. Online Hiring SystemsAutomatic, No-Cost Advertising2013 | Fast-Start User GuideUpon Clicking The PostPin, Your Job Posting WillImmediately Be Sent ToMajor Internet JobBoards – Such SimplyHired And Indeed. InAddition You Can PostYour Open Position ToCraigslist Or Any OtherAdvertising Media ByClicking The Instant AdLinkAccessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions
  21. 21. Online Hiring SystemsAutomatic, No-Cost Advertising … Just Click To Create An Ad2013 | Fast-Start User Guide11. Click On CREATE AD2. Click COPY TOCLIPBOARD23. The Link To The PostingIs Already In the Ad3 Paste AdvertisementAnywhere – On Your Blog,Website or Social MediaPagesAccessing YourHiring SystemProcessingApplicantsOne-ClickCommunicationManagingPositions
  22. 22. Thank You.2013 | Hyrell System User GuideFor Additional Information Visit Your Hiring Center TodayOr Email: support@hyrell.com