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5 Design Tips to Visual Content


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5 Design Tips to Visual Content

  1. 1. S Design Tips “ro Crraearre / z- i' 1-3 'nu , .i l W . La s K. Fora YöuR Business | Å' t "h I ' f, ;z ä› . M f, i « i' › x ii . i i' .
  2. 2. Thanks WA? 0g å 4.1 T" 5 _. . 'Vi x i ' ⁄ i f at. . ' a' , i t, â«, -a', L:'M a . ka. « u. « s4 k. . F. " . res? Our average attention span is [i iii; Fi? ?? now Shorter than 2; I According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the average attention span of people has dropped from ITZ seconds in '2000 to 8 seconds in 20l3. S : f: 'âfâ af' n e i Ja. if*: ⁄.<'> »ws v; »M- i. . ; v45 »az-oa . ung« ævr attention span of 7? “ca
  3. 3. What with the increasing volume of things that we're exposed to on a daily basis, espacially on the internet
  4. 4. As such, it has neveR been moRe impoRtant to have Ci'i"i'i“xC§C'i-ä't/ '3 uset f°c. 'l'36i7'iil"ig'ir'(, ii design For your online content i
  5. 5. I i i i ⁄'ö r f⁄#" p e i l ' . ... * -v * f" , I . i ; Å ' i di'. _ CaptuRe gouR audience = v (not goldflsh) WiTh these i simple and cool design tips to r. fig; ling; 3*- _ f? :iijülâ *w r; : i Ett ,3.L«-«. “ç_? g' ; ø 1.' . g q' usb, væ: 3 - en . _a›, . ,2;v, 3.* W, "t t P9' i 331:1 et 'F ; tit *aiçfert* . rf-é f. ›. :› v1-, l- 'w r. u* i. v' . J i- . r. ) r?
  6. 6. Be A Fan of Fonts TheRe is moRe to life than Comic Sons. ABCDEFGHIJK LM HO ; PECS T U V W Z (mand 001m! ! sToUT. Joterman. Fapgrusu)
  7. 7. when finding the right" typeface, consider the toi 'i what aRe gou tRglng tcásag? , › It's not about the pretty letters. it's about deliveriñya message. who is going to Read lt? More than just being attractive, the choice of font needs to speak ' to your audience in a personal level. How aRe theg going to Read it? People use a variety of devices to access online content. Make sure your typefaces are readable on giant displays and mobile phones alike.
  8. 8. t Ki *fi Don't Get Stucl< in Using stock photos has become a widely accepted practice. So much so that everything looks. .. Same. Famiiiar. Boring.
  9. 9. To step out of this rut. . Avoid using a single stock photo for your online content. r. « 'i K? r ; M435 r: 9:2« e FCO'. 8 61H
  10. 10. On the other hand, it's also a good idea to have seemingly random and candid photos as part of your online content. Take pictures of your *ri colleagues. team gatherlngs. even client meetings - anything ly, that will give 't e customers insight into your work lite.
  11. 11. "Fear the Filter" Instagram Filters are great - iF you're a teenage girl trying to improve her sselfie. Your products and services deserve more than that.
  12. 12. Filters are meant to enhance photos, but it usually ends up distorting it more. online content needs to be crystal cear. You don't want your audience squinting their eyes out just to see what you're trying to show.
  13. 13. Calm Dolnm on 'time Call-To-Actlon lt is important for your online 'N content to have a CTA. A But lt is still more important for 'f' i ' your online content to have Give your audience what they clicked for, whether it's information, entertainment, or anything else. Don't bombard them with CTAs in every other sentence.
  14. 14. Ideally. your content should only have one call-to-octlon with an optimized design. Avoid having a million different buttons that lead to several other offerings. Keep the design consistent throughout so people can easily spot them.
  15. 15. Put the Spotlight on Your strengths. It's really quite simple - less IS more. : i / Of course you want Å But püttlng your visiting customers to know aboutyourx number of products. everything in a single page makes for a confusing and stressful experience.
  16. 16. :si Design isntjust , vi about aesthetics. , It's about knowing where to place information and how to connect everything together for one cohesive structure. Focus on the most important aspects if your business and highlight that in your content.
  17. 17. How you display the content on your site is just as important as what you display.
  18. 18. In addition. visual content is sociai-media-ready and sociai-media-Friendiy. Images get the most engagement on social media, more than links or texts. lt also has higher chances of being shared.
  19. 19. In ZOIS. . Having impressive design is simply sianari: ë'”t'l6.i"i<6'l3l2'lgl
  20. 20. Please click on the links below! i. Maria Rica Lotik WH iágthesGbaroness 'gl i ricavâiverzdesigncom i l' www. verzdesign. com 6543 6568 i l