The 5 Most Power Covert Hypnosis Techniques


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The 5 Most Power Covert Hypnosis Techniques

  1. 1. The 5 Most Powerful Covert Hypnosis Techniques To truly master the art of covert hypnosis, years of dedication and correct application is required since it’s such a broad and complex subject. This is no surprise since covert hypnosis means having to access people’s unconscious mind and altering the way they behave and think. Some popular covert hypnosis techniques used to align someone’s behavior and thoughts to the desired outcome of the hypnotists, are explained below. Begin Learning How To Master Covert Hypnosis Today 1) Hot Words Hot words are words that are intended to incite deep emotions in people, and as a result, there’s a stronger connection between the hypnotist and their subject. Take these two sentences for example:  “The cat succumbed to the fire.”  “The kitten burned to death.” Now both of the above statements are pretty grim, but the latter has more impact on an emotional level because of its hot words – Kitten, burned and death. Hypnotists know how to implement these hot words to form a strong bond unconsciously with their subject, while doctors do the opposite and avoid using hot words to refrain from any emotional connection to their patients. Therefore, hot words are simple yet powerful tools that when used in the right context and at the right time, can have a very strong impact. 2) Action Accelerators If you want to encourage someone to take action faster, you must use action accelerator words that are implemented in your hypnotic messages to play on the subject’s unconscious mind.
  2. 2. Words such as now, fully, instantly, suddenly, quickly and immediately, are all words to apply pressure and as a result, your commands or suggestions will be better responded to by the subject. Knowing when to use action accelerators are just as important as the context you’re using it in. The factors that make it effective are the character you’re using the technique on, the context and the situation both of you are in. You may also be interested in my other articles: Top 7 Special Conversational Hypnosis Techniques and 10 Trance Signals In Covert Hypnosis. 3) Law Of Reverse Effect The conscious and unconscious mind both serve different purposes, the former is for making decisions and enjoying experiences while the latter is used for more complex everyday decisions and taking action on those decisions. The law of reverse effect creates a psychological effect where belief is instilled in the subject’s mind that they can make something easier by internalizing a procedure or make it harder by externalizing it. So the general consensus is the harder you attempt something, the more likely you are to fail. For instance, when you first begin learning how to ride a bike, it was difficult because you had to pedal while maintaining balance and steering all at the same time. However, once you actually know how to ride a bike, your mind organizes the set of complex procedures and everything just becomes natural to you. 4) Presuppositions If you want to lead your subject to believe certain things which makes them more prone to your commands and suggestions, you should implement presuppositions. These are linguistic assumptions that cleverly words a sentence to that it’s based on situations that are assumed to be true.
  3. 3. The following phrase has three presuppositions: “Fortunately, today there are seats at the back of the cinema.”  The first presupposition is mentioning that there’s a back, so there must also be a front.  The second is by saying “fortunately”, there’s a value judgement about the situation.  The third is by saying “today”, it’s implied that on other days, there’s no spare seating. This is just an example of basic presuppositions, and they can get more complex and once you stack three or more on top of each other, it’s very difficult for the subject to consciously break down what’s being said, therefore it’s harder for them to interrupt your conscious suggestions. 5) Stealth Tactics Stealth tactics consists of planting ideas within someone’s unconscious mind without running the risk of their conscious filtering function rejecting it. Doing this successfully means that your interactions with that person will become much more powerful. Take for example the following analogy for stealth tactics – You have to find a way past armed and dangerous guards to get into the top secret base. Bringing back-up and forcing your way through will be too much effort and too risky. The more intelligent option would be to sneak in during the night. Now how that relates to the human mind is that it’s also protected by a guardian, and in order to get past that guardian, you must use a subtle and non-forceful approach. Stealth tactics allow you to bypass the mind’s guardian in such a way that will go unnoticed and non-resisted. Click Here For The Highest Rated Covert Hypnosis Guide