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Windows 8 dddd (beekelaar)


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Windows 8 dddd (beekelaar)

  1. 1. Windows 8Disk Deduplication Deep Dive Ronald Beekelaar Virsoft Solutions Schiphol, 19 jan 2012
  2. 2. Introductions• Presenter – MVP Security – MVP Virtual Machine Technology – E-mail:• Work – Security consultancy – Virtualization consultancy – Create many VM-based labs and demos – Software to optimize, manage and run VM – Maintain four datacenters world-wide • Running Hyper-V labs for customers (MOC, training and demo purposes)
  3. 3. Objectives• Discuss one interesting new aspect of Windows 8: Disk Deduplication
  4. 4. What is Disk Deduplication ?• Goal: – Use less storage space• Method: – Ensure that identical content in multiple (large) files is only stored once• Is block-based, post-process, transparant solution
  5. 5. Standard deduplication modes• "Source" – Prevent transferring data, if duplicate • Used by Remote Differential Compression• "Inline" – Perform deduplication when data is written • Used by NTFS file compression • Write process is slowed down• "Post-Process" (or "Background") – Perform deduplication later, in background, when idle • Used by Windows 8 Data Deduplication
  6. 6. Other methods to save disk space• SIS (single-instance-store) in Win2000 – Is file-based, not block-based• NTFS file compression – Is inline, not post-process – Much more CPU intensive• NTFS hard links – Is not transparent – Is file-based, not block-based
  7. 7. NTFS Hard Links• Multiple file entries pointing to same data• Manage – Create: mklink /h link.ext target.ext – List: fsutil hardlink list file.ext• Is not transparent – Edit one hardlink file, also changes other files• Windows uses thousands of hard links (!) – Good reason not to touch C:Windowswinsxs
  8. 8. Windows 8 dedup architecture• Is file-system filter driver – Coordinates between file entry, regular storage and chunk storage• Dedup service (ddpsvc) runs jobs to deduplicate files
  9. 9. How does Windows 8 dedup work?• Dedup service recognizes common chunks in files, and places those in Chunk Store – In System Volume Information folder• Dedup filter driver ensures that applications read correct file content• File "size" (= content length) does not change in Explorer – Explorer reports "size-on-disk" as 4 KB
  10. 10. How does Windows 8 dedup work?
  11. 11. Windows 8 dedup details• Dedup works per volume – Also works on portable disks – Dedup does NOT work on C: (Windows) volume• Chunk size is 32-128 KB (average 80 KB)• By default – Chunks are compressed in chunk store • Avoids re-compressing compressed files (zip, etc) – Dedup service ignores files < 64 KB – Dedup service ignores files changed in last 30 days – Dedup service ignores NTFS encrypted files
  12. 12. Savings?• Depends on file content of course• Microsoft reported averages: – General: 50-60% savings • Documents: 30-50% saving • Application library: 70-80% savings • VHD library: 80-95% savings
  13. 13. Performance?• Write has no direct performance hit – Dedup operations are done post-process• Read has a ~3% performance hit (if not in cache) – Due to more disk head operations – Compare with disk fragmentation• Windows caching is dedup-aware (!) – Dedup improves caching efficience
  14. 14. Reliable?• My opinion: Yes - 100%• Data is check-summed – Means: invalid data is detected• Operations are crash consistent – Means: can interrupt/crash operation at any time without losing data• Data is self-describing – Means: it can be read without external data• Popular chunks (>100x) are stored multiple times – Means: avoids creating IO hotspots on diskJanuary 20, 2012 NIC 2012
  15. 15. How to enable Windows 8 dedup?• Install Data Deduplication role service• Start Data Duplication Service (ddpsvc)• Powershell – import-module Deduplication – help dedup – enable-dedupvolume D: – set-dedupvolume D: -minimumfileagedays 0 • Default is 30 days – start-dedupjob D: -type Optimization • Use Unoptimization to undo – get-dedupjob – get-dedupstatus – get-dedupmetadata
  16. 16. Questions ?• Thanks for your attention