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Hypermedia SMS solutions - Why SMS

  1. 1. SMS SolutionsEli Keren, VP Marketing and Sales I
  2. 2. Agenda About Hypermedia SMS marketing overview Hypermedia SMS solutions Customer business cases2 I
  3. 3. About Hypermedia Provider of innovative Mobile Network Access solutions, based on HyperGateway™ platform  Voice  SMS messaging  Business applications Customers in more then 70 countries  Corporate  Governmental Network of partners and OEMs Founded in 2002, HQ in Israel3 I
  4. 4. Hypermedia Market Presence Serving customers in more than 70 countries worldwide Norway Sweden Denmark Hungary Iceland Romania Russia •Belgium Poland Ukraine Canada Ireland Switzerland Netherlands Germany Czech United KingdomFrance Montenegro USA Portugal Italy Serbia Spain Macedonia China Japan Bahamas South Korea Morocco Israel Nepal Mexico Jamaica Ivory Coast Mali India Taiwan Guatemala Senegal El Salvador Nicaragua Venezuela Thailand Colombia Nigeria Cameroon Kenya Singapore Ecuador Brazil Indonesia Peru Mozambique Bolivia Australia Paraguay Chile Uruguay South Africa New Zealand Argentina4 I
  5. 5. Mobile Solution Platform - Key features Two size chassis: 3U & 6U Modular Scalable Integration ready Redundancy support Resiliency Web management and control5 I
  6. 6. Business Enablement Applications HyperMessaging™ - Vertical SMS messaging business applications. Bulk SMS for marketing and mass communications HyperConnect™ - CallBack / Call Through via WEB-SMS. HyperMobile for mobile end users HyperOffice™ – IP-PBX on board, Call Centers, Billing, Voice recording, call center support for push dialing and more.. HyperMobile™ – client based mobile applications (Apple App Store..) Integrated Open PC-Server6 I
  8. 8. SMS Marketing SMS - the fastest growing communication media world wide  2.3 Trillion SMS were sent in 2010 Clear advantages in marketing  Inexpensive (cheaper than voice)  Large quantities in small period of time  Not stopped as SPAM – SMS is read as it arrives  Generates impulse response  Not intrusive as a solicitation phone call  IMR – Interactive Message Response8 I
  9. 9. Sending SMS in Large VolumeThrough SMS Aggregator Using CPE Hardware- SMS Gateway Subcontractor who buys large  Trough your own hardware volumes (5M >>>) of SMS and resells in smaller quantities to  Large SMS volumes sent directly to customers cellular operators wirelessly Aggregator connected directly to the cellular company core network (SMSc) with a IP connection9 I
  10. 10. SMS Aggregator vs. In-house Gateway SMS Aggregator In –house SMS Gateway Privacy & security of data   IMR   Ability to work with several   cellular operators Build your own services and   interactive campaigns Price Cheap for very large Small quantities-same as quantities aggregator. Mid quantities - cheaper Rate of sending High Lower10 I
  11. 11. SMS Aggregator vs. In-house Gateway SMPP SMS SMS Reseller aggregator Mobile HTTP operator SMSC SMPP/HTTP/APIEnd User SMPP/HTTP/API/Campr GSM/3G/CDMA RUIM I
  12. 12. Target Vertical Markets for SMS Usage Marketing /sales and promotions eFinance – secure transactions in eBanking Security and Authentication – 2-3 factor authentication for Web and Physical access Transportation – secure transport and IMR Call centers Health – secure auto medical data and medication notices Fund raising and NPO’s – small donations and information Vending machines and automatic sales – charge of sale to SP bill Political voting Surveys I
  14. 14. Messaging Platform Key Features 4 to 12 GSM – SMS Ports 3U 8 to 32 GSM – SMS Ports 6U Two way SMS Master Slave Topology Centralized SMS management SIM server - Centralized SIM management Advanced LCR & Routing Groups Open platform for integrated SW HW solution An easy-to-use API which enables third party apps. Seamless integration using: SMPP and HTTP GSM worldwide use (850/1900- 900/1800) WEB management and control14 I
  15. 15. Topology  Bi-directional SMS messages (send/receive)  Proprietary campaigns application  Developers’ API  SMPP or HTTP integration15  3rd party SMS application support I
  16. 16. Messaging InterfacesSMPP • (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) – Industry standard protocol • Fast and efficient for high volume exchange over TCP/IPHTTP • Provides flexibility and simplicity • Help developers efficiently add SMS functionality to any projectDeveloper API • Enables development of 3rd party applications that utilize Hypermedia messaging. • Platform independent (based on a text protocol over TCP) • Only requires that the application have access to TCP/IP sockets.SMS Campaigner • Targeted at creating advanced SMS campaigns for enterprises and service providers • Supports creating and sending SMS campaigns; billing, alerts, advertisements, scheduling.16 I
  17. 17. Log and Status17 I
  18. 18. Scheduler18 I
  19. 19. Hypermedia Competitive Advantages Throughput  Largest port granularity in the industry (N+32 in M/S and up..)  Highest number of SMS sent from a single systems (300K in 24h) Customer install base  Largest install base in SMS Gateways  Top global account customers Flexibility and modularity  Built in Campaigner application with IMR capabilities  Upgrade GSM voice Gateways to be used as SMS Gateways  Expand solution with SMS service applications  HyperGateway can include IP-PBX and call center  SIM server capable19 I
  21. 21. Application: Two-factor authentication Customer US Social Security Description • Social Security user accessing the SS website for services is required to enter user name and unique ID number. • Once initial credentials are entered, a One Time Password (OTP) is generated through SMS text message for added security. Sent every time the user tries to access the web. Benefits • Data privacy. Database not shared with cellular operator. • Security. Two factor authentication ensures the service and funds are provide to the right person. • Operations are steam lined and better service provided.21 I
  22. 22. Application: Loan sales & debt collectionCustomer Secure that Loan (UK) - the fastest growing consumer loan company in the UKDescription • An SMS is sent to target audience with an attractive interest rate loan, requesting a quick to secure the loan at favorable rates. • Collection reminder also conducted through messaging, boasting the lowest default rate in the UK.Benefits • Competitive edge through faster sales process and better profitability. • Security – The company secured database is not shared with the service provider and/or SMSC. • Improved customer service with lower operational costs.22 I
  23. 23. Application: Small quantity SMS campaigns Customer SMS Corporativo Description • Small company selling small packages for SMS campaigns predominantly to Spanish speaking countries. • Offer services to SMB’s requiring infrequent SMS campaigns Benefits • Can offer better priced campaigns than through SMSCs.23 I
  24. 24. Customer – Fund raising and health informationCustomer Foundation for Crohn’s disease & Ulcerative ColitisDescription • The foundation sends SMS message to potential donors • Average donor pledges $5 – $25 and confirms payment via return SMS. • System also used for notifying members on new medications, medical information, conferences and eventsBenefits • Outreach to a wide audience of small donation donors. • Cost effective telemarketing solution. • ROI of less than one month. • Security – privacy of donors and patients not shared with the service provider and or SMSC.24 I
  25. 25. Application: eCommerce & political campaignsCustomer Tedexis - offers mobile marketing solutions, political surveys. Implements multiple applications, connected through the HyperGatewayDescription • Inform about discount sales and specific promotions. • Send events invitations. • Communicate launch of new products and services. • Send tips and recommendations related to the advertised products.Benefits • Quick and effective mass marketing tool compared to other forms of marketing. • Security – end user list and contact details are protected and not shared25 I
  26. 26. Application: TransportationCustomer A London-based taxi and limousine with over one thousand vehiclesDescription • Customer ordering a taxi receives SMS message with ETA, name of driver and number of cab. • When passenger gets in to the cab - responds with return SMS (IMR) to confirm that pick up has been completed.Benefits • Improved customer service. • Improved operational efficiency of dispatching and management over fleet.26 I
  27. 27. Summary – Messaging Solutions Hypermedia provides field-proven messaging solution implemented in a range of industries. Multiple business benefits  Better customer service  Improved operational efficiency  Enhanced marketing & sales outreach  Superior data protection and security Key technological advantages  Maximum flexibility  Highest SMS Gateway throughput27 I