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The Mobile Native Cloud -- an extensible computing model for the Post - PC Era


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Each wave of computing changes not only how applications are made, and the economics behind them, but our concept of what they can be.

The Post - PC Era is defined by the rise of 10 BILLION mobile devices converging in a global cloud that is social, service oriented and massively scalable.

By looking at Post - PC as a medium that is distinct from the PC and Web, we can envision new types of 'native' experiences that are dynamic, data-driven and media rich.

This presentation looks at the ramifications of this wave, including key industry trends and a real-world case study of a series of applications built upon this model.

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The Mobile Native Cloud -- an extensible computing model for the Post - PC Era

  1. 1. The Mobile Native Cloud © 2013 Client Cloud Content Context by Mark Sigal
  2. 2. About Me Platform Builder: Hardware Devices (Tribe), Management Systems (Rapid Logic), OnlineVideo (vSocial), Social Networking (, Mobile Apps (Unicorn Labs) Real-World Anchored: Diverse customer base (Macmillan, Disney, Ford, IBM, K-12) Co-Creation Model: Proven, replicable approach to outcome-driven innovation MIDDLEBAND, Inc. - © 2013 • • •
  3. 3. The Big Picture: An Era of Disruption Signals the Dawn of a New Age “It is August, 1927, and Al Jolson is industriously, unwittingly, engaged in the destruction of one great art form and the creation of another…In four short years, the ‘talkie’ will completely subsume the silent movie.” – from ‘The Speed of Sound’ by Scott Eyman MIDDLEBAND, Inc. - © 2013
  4. 4. Understanding Waves of Computing MIDDLEBAND, Inc. - © 2013 Each wave of computing changes how applications are MADE, the ECONOMY that drives them, and our concept of what they can BE. Mainframe: Batch jobs, complex number crunching PC: Desktop applications, client-server scale computing Web: Web based services, Internet scale economy Post - PC: Composite applications built around client + cloud; native experiences are push-button programmable for multiple screens
  5. 5. The Mobile Native Cloud Re-Thinks Content as Dynamic, Data-Driven & Agile • Client + Cloud Hybrid: Built around an intelligent runtime model that partitions local ‘client-side’ application logic, and remote ‘cloud-side’ content, settings and layout. • Application Templates: Runtimes can support 1000s of content-driven “workflows,” which can be Games,Activities, Interactive Media, Puzzles, Information Feeds, Calculators, etc. • Data-Driven: Instrumentation of app logic fuels personalization, rewards, analytics & assessment. • Card Centric:Templates are structured as ‘card-like’ entities, meaning new apps are assembled like a deck of cards.Abstraction enables templates to be re-purposed without engineering. • Social: Cards are share-able between peers, enabling new forms of viral distribution. MIDDLEBAND, Inc. - © 2013
  6. 6. What are Cards? A ‘Universal’ Media Container Format MIDDLEBAND, Inc. - © 2013 • Broad Adoption:Twitter, Google,Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn all embracing this approach. • Well-Defined Card Types: Photos,Videos, News Items, Maps, Offers, Recommendations. • Messages with Payloads: Message-oriented services are the new distribution channel; cards are messages with a Presentation Layer, Payload Player, and Social + Analytics handles.  • Cross-Platform + Portable: Cards are shareable + model is extensible to iOS,Android & HTML (fits within the logic and flow of Touch,Text andVoice-Driven Services).
  7. 7. • Deep Content: Inspired by trusted early learning series brand -- 100M+ books sold • Unified System: Storefront >> Personalized Play >> Rewards >> Assessment • Dynamic Fun: Hundreds of games, millions of outcomes; hosted by animated dog • Jaw-dropping Conversion Rates: 20% of free users convert to paid users! Case Study: Macmillan Publishing Early Learning Series + Storefront MIDDLEBAND, Inc. - © 2013 The fact that an enterprise-scale solution built on this model has been ‘in the wild’ for some time, underscores the viability of the approach.
  8. 8. Why Now? Proprietary Content is the New Real Estate MIDDLEBAND, Inc. - © 2013 Commoditization of content has translated to a slow death in multiple industries, while those with differentiated content grow and thrive.
  9. 9. Who Needs This? B2C Content Marketing • Retail Chains (Starbucks; Home Depot;Target) • Fashion (Nike;Abercrombie & Fitch; Gap; Harley-Davidson) • Consumer Products (P&G; Johnson & Johnson; Unilever; PepsiCo) • Media Brands (Disney;Time-Warner; Comcast; News Corp.) Companies that have well-honed brand narratives, multiple product offerings, young audiences and/or a geographically disperse footprint: MIDDLEBAND, Inc. - © 2013
  10. 10. B2C Content Marketing Market Companies are looking for native marketing formats that achieve the balance between acquisition, engagement, retention and awareness. MIDDLEBAND, Inc. - © 2013
  11. 11. Who Needs This? Mobile Native Training + eLearning • Retail Chains (Starbucks; Home Depot; Macy’s) • Technical Sales (Cisco; Oracle; HP; DuPont; IBM; Merck) • Indirect Channels (P&G; Caterpillar; GE; PepsiCo) • Financial Services (Wells Fargo; Chase; Liberty Mutual) Companies that have lots of remote employees, young employees, complex product offerings and/or diversified channels: MIDDLEBAND, Inc. - © 2013
  12. 12. Corporate Training Market • Big Market: $60B/year spent on corporate training ($800-1,021 per employee) • Tech Enabled Learning: One-third instructor led, two-thirds tech enabled • Era of Continuous Learning: Specialized skills, multi-domain enrichment, multiple career tracks, institutionalizing best practices • Informal Learning: Spending doubled (relative to 12%YOY spend increases) Percent of Training Spending Allocated to Learning Tools and Technologies MIDDLEBAND, Inc. - © 2013
  13. 13. Concluding Thoughts • 10 Billion Device Disruption: Post PC driving innovation across Client AND Cloud • A Series of Game Changers: iPhones, iPads, Chromecasts & Netflix are Emblematic • Market-Driven, Iterative Approach: Mobile Native Cloud represents a Fresh Take • Comprehensive Platform: The model includes Core System + Application Templates + Storefront + Cloud based Content Management System (CMS) eBooks 2010 eLearning 2012 Games + Exercises 2011 Mobile Native Cloud 2013 Evolution of a systems model MIDDLEBAND, Inc. - © 2013
  14. 14. The Middleband Project Connect.