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Notes from PICNIC 08


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Notes from PICNIC 08

  1. 1. PICNIC 2008
  2. 2. MULTI TOUCH AD WALL The multi touch ad-wall allows people to navigate maps, seek out in-depth advertising & editorial information and organise content in real time…
  3. 3. RFID
  4. 4. AUGMENTED REALITY Trailers Ad placements Editorial
  5. 5. eART
  6. 6. UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING Adam Greenfield: The long here and the big now Ubiquitous technology denoted by ‘U’ U = capable of receiving, sending & processing U is being embraced by SE Asian countries, South Korea in particular S. Korea already have a uSewerage Pipe and are building ‘uSongdo’ – the world’s first fully U town RFID driven
  7. 7. UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING (continued) People less influenced by physical space, moreso by the networks laid over these spaces Evidence of this in geotagging: nobody is unique Twittr helps us visualise all of the possibilities of the universe at once: Schroedinger’s cat Currently too many grey areas Though data is constantly mapped and visualised, we don’t yet have it HERE and NOW Ubiquitous Computing will be realised when everybody and everything Twittrs
  8. 8. CeNSE: CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM OF THE EARTH HP working on nanotechnology that senses *everything* Yes, everything Not only will this technology act as the catalyst for Ubiquitous Computing, but it will extend our own senses too
  12. 12. BLOF Holland’s most successful band over last decade have bucked the trend for declining music sales. Lessons they have learnt: Extra content doesn’t work New formats don’t work Higher quality doesn’t work … but creating a story around albums does work. Latest album: ‘Umoia’ involved collaberating with international artists for each song in their native country. Then content was created throughout the process around this. Result: 2 TV documentaries, cd, dvd, live album, restaurant, live VJ tool at Pickering House, CO2 offset company…
  13. 13. SLOW COMMUNICATION The mobile phone is like the fast food of technology: convenient and useful, but a rubbish experience. MIT’S distance lab predicts a return to slow communication.
  14. 14. SOCIAL OBJECTS “ Facebook has led us to take two steps backwards” – Linda Stone Importance of Social Objects Dopplr is a good example of how it should be done Social objects that exist in a mobile space will prosper most
  15. 15. URBAN PLAY Control and ownership of urban and physical spaces Non invasive, surprising Attempted ARG equivalent: ilovebees
  16. 16. TRENDS “ One person’s romance is another’s affair” Generation Xtacy First time research shows people valuing time over money Coffee is now an $80bn/year industry Energy drinks didn’t exist before 1996; 250 introduced in 2006 alone Business opportunities in trends
  17. 17. TRENDS (CONTINUED) Africa as key area for investment; noted by Chinese companies already Rise of ‘Africa 2s’ Mobile phone as cash equivalent for safe credit transfers Mobiles responsible for Mugabe’s power share Mobiles used as immobilisers Interesting ground for research into needs and wants
  18. 18. SUMMARY / THEMES Mobiles as a utility. All data and platforms have to become mobile. Mobile as a sensory tool. True interaction to occur in slower environments. Tampering with reality to steal attention increasingly important – on or offline. (particularly in environments where people are so controlled by networks) Comms to be increasingly data driven (artistically or not) Need to explore possibility of moving RFID into realms of experiential play Simple is good We’re on the right track. And a long way ahead of a lot of the field.