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Tokaido 53 walk


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Tokaido was one of most important route from Edo (Tokyo) to Kyoto in Japan.
Edo period. (1603 – 1867)
It has 53 stations. I walked from Nihonbashi to Kawasaki by foot. It took about 6 and half hours.

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Tokaido 53 walk

  1. 1. Walk  on  Tokaido Hiro  Yoshioka  #0   @hyoshiok   May  9th,  2014  at  1000  Speakers   Conference  in  English.  #1000eng
  2. 2. Tokaido •  One  of  most  important  routes  in  Edo  period.   – Edo  period.  (1603  –  1867) hNp:// File:Tokugawa_Ieyasu2.JPG
  3. 3. Tokaido •  From  Edo  (Tokyo)  to  Kyoto  in  Japan.   hNp:// %C5%8Dkaid%C5%8D_(region)  
  4. 4. Tokaido hNp://  
  5. 5. Tokaido •  Tokaido  has  53  sta^ons.   •  From  Nihonbashi  (Tokyo)  to  Sanjo  Ohashi   (Kyoto).   •  The  route  is  almost  same  as  Japan  Route  No.  1
  6. 6. Nihonbashi The  origin  of  Japan  Route  at  Nihonbashi
  7. 7. Walk  on  Tokaido  by  foot •  Traveling  Tokaido  by  foot  must  be  fun.   •  The  first  sta^on  is  Shinagawa.  (2  miles  from   Nihonbashi) Old  Tokaido  map  near  Shinagawa Keihin  Kyuko  at  Yatsuyama  bashi
  8. 8. Shinagawa  sta^on.  2  miles  from  Nihonbashi.  2.5  miles  to  Kawasaki
  9. 9. Tama  River Tama  River  and  Rokugo  bridge.  The  boundary  between  Tokyo  and  Kanagawa.  
  10. 10. Tokaido  by  walk •  I  walked  from  Nihonbashi  to  Kawasaki.   •  It  was  less  than  20  km  and  took  about  6  and   half  hours.   •  Fun.  J   •  Why  don’t  you  walk  on  Tokaido?   •  hNp://