Security and Programming Camp 2011, Programming Course 2011/12/17


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Security and Programming Camp 2011, Programming Course 2011/12/17

  1. 1. セキュリティ&プログラミング キャンプ 2011 実施報告会 Hiro Yoshioka@hyoshiok,
  2. 2. Agenda Self Introduction (自己紹介) Security & Programming Camp
  3. 3. Who Am I? Self-introduction Hiro Yoshioka, よしおかひろたか  Security & Programming Camp, programming course  YLUG Yokohama Linux Users Group, member  Kernel Code Reading Party, host カーネル読書会主宰  Study-Groups Study Group, host 勉強会勉強会主宰  Technical Managing Officer at Rakuten  楽天技術理事  DEBUG HACKS (in Japanese) ISBN 978- 4873114040
  4. 4. Security and Programming Camp Security and Programming Camp  Sponsored by IPA (Information Promotion Agency)  For under 22 years old  5 days camp Security Course and Programming Course●
  5. 5. Why I want to make a camp I want to meet young programmers. 若いプログラマを発掘したい。  Sharing fun experience.  楽しさを共有。  I want them to be a hacker. ハッカーを育てたい  …  Crazy idea  Programming course is since 2008.
  6. 6.  Instructors are Top-notch Hackers. We provide world class environment. 講師はハッカー、世 界最高水準の環境を提供した。  People centric approach. 人中心のアプローチ
  7. 7. programming course 2011 Programming Language Class  ruby as a case study  Instructors/learning assistants are top-notch hackers, ruby committers   practical course and workshop
  8. 8. Camp Meeting many people who has similar sense of value and interests. 同じ価値観、興味を持つ人と知 り合う  It is very difficult for students to find friends who like programming in their high school but they can meet such people in the camp.  You are not alone.  You can meet hackers (master). You can make peoples (social) network and be a member of community. Technology, knowledge are less important.
  9. 9. Hacker-Centric Culture Hackers Value  Access to computers should be unlimited and total.  All information should be free.  Mistrust authority – promote decentralization  Hackers should be judged by their hacking, not criteria such as degrees, age, race, sex, or position.  You can create art and beauty on a computer.  Computers can change your life for th better.
  10. 10. Community Keep in touch Attend study groups ( 勉強会 ), conference, meet up, face to face meetings Be Open Write Blog/twitter #spcamp
  11. 11. What I have learned There are a lot of guineas/hackers in Japan. Fun. Community creates new value. Keep doing in ten years, you will find something.  It is good. I got many things, values.
  12. 12. My ambitious I want to grow as a engineer.  wanna be a hacker I want to change the corporation and the society.  collaborate with the community  エンジニアに必要なのは少しの勇気とちょっとした行動力  many our engineers contribute the community  世界一のエンジニアをいっぱい輩出したい~ I want to empower engineers and make better world. :-) I want to make a hacker-centric culture in Japan. Love and Peace
  13. 13.  Hack Our Society
  14. 14. Appendix
  15. 15. Value for Corporation Innovation makes money Only Hacker makes Innovation Therefore Corporation needs Hackers You have to convince your manager, executives the hackers value.
  16. 16. Programmers Skills Reading Source code Testing Debugging Skill is ability to do. What you know something does not necessary mean what you can do it. ス キルと知識の違い。スキルはあることを出来る能力。 知っていても、それを必ずしもできるとは限らない。 You have to practice them. Training is important.
  17. 17. Adding more (ease your life) Smile (laughing) Sleeping eating/drinking
  18. 18. Master/Apprentice Master – life time learner Apprentice – learner Find your master.  Learn how to learn.