Ciklum iphone portefolio februar 2011


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Et udvalg af apps producceret hos CIklum i Ukraine

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Ciklum iphone portefolio februar 2011

  1. 1. Ciklum Project OfficeMobile References IOS SELECTED PROJECTS Berlingkse Business For iPad An iPad application developed for the oldest Danish newspaper The application has a very stylish look and sophisticated navigation. The user can easily browse through the latest news, article sections, flick through photos of the day, and get instant access to stocks data. Project technical specification:  Feeds load from 7 different sources  Core Data for data base management  Multi-threading Hummba Cool things that you can do with hummba on your iPhone:  Upload Geo Tagged Photo’s (breadcrumbs)  Create Geo Tagged routes (footprints)  Update your status and location live  Keep in touch with friends.  Share all your hummba experiences, through Facebook  Hummba is your own personal virtual tour guide. Download over 100 FREE audio guides from the most popular destinations around the World.  View a live stream of what your friends are doing, their locations and their pictures. Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Ciklum Project OfficeMobile References HeatMapz An iPhone application acting as a guide to Zurich night life and entertainment. Check out in which clubs your friends are now partying, check-in a club, rate an event and add photos to it – this is just a small part of what the application is able to do! The fun part about the app is couponing – you can trade free stuff with your friends and then it is possible to redeem the coupons at a bar for free drinks. The Weakest Link The Weakest Link is a logical trivia game owned by BBC. This is another of our successful development projects. However, there have been quite a lot of considerable changes from the customer during the project run. But that is normal in our experience to constantly have changed requests from the customers. These just need to be managed appropriately. This was the case with the Weakest Link, and in the long run everyone was happy: the customer was happy with our performance and the team was happy with the work they have done. Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Ciklum Project OfficeMobile References Vipera iPhone UIE Vipera is a unique user interface technology for enabling mobile banking on the low-end mobile handsets. Project technical specification:  The project developed for our client was targeted for the banking sector.  The project is an interface engine that is capable to build different apps from different JSON files.  The client has developed their own mark-up and navigation language that was processed on the project.  The engine is very flexible and easily customizable. v2.0 The application developed for British Yellow Pages agency. The application retrieves data from the server in a JSON format and displays relevant information on device, e.g. “all Pubs near me” or “Indian restaurants in Glasgow.” Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. Ciklum Project OfficeMobile References CASUAL IOS MOBILE GAMES Bobby Carrot Forever An amazing, award-winning, successful and fun-to-play game that has been developed for FDG Entertainment ( Later a lite version of the game has been produced.  15+ hours of game play  6 worlds, 72 levels  Custom developed AI and UI Babel Words Babel Words is a word game developed for our French client PlayinTV ( This iPhone game was fully developed within 5 weeks. TweezleLab  An entertaining and cute Tetris-like game.  Another PlayinTV ( game.  High scores table sends and receives results from the server. Brain-o-Meter Developed for FDG Entertainment ( In this game the player is promised to get the maximum brain training impact in the minimum time. The game concept is based on the latest scientific research and tests both sides of the brain simultaneously. Page 4 of 4