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April 24 Meeting Notes


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Master Mind Notes Apr 24

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April 24 Meeting Notes

  1. 1. April 24, 2010 Amberton Transformers Meeting April 24, 2010 Jamie Hylan Lyon Whitman Conference Room Suite 600 Jack Kearney Amberton Tower Mike John Frederick Fitzpatrick Steve Frisch Howard Sanford Sent “can’t make it notes” Issues we discussed - Back to basics. - Monthly emails from Vernon (Vernon Value of the Week) - Every entry in Account Pro gets email. - What readers of e-mail remember vs what the desired goal was. - Example of Vernon to utilize promotional materials - of several kinds. - By what means does Jamie get credit for orders placed - Are they benefitting from your contact list - The kind of support provided by Marketing support companies - Catalogues – Vernon - email support – does direct mail piece serve as sale or as target for follow up. - Touch market is that each touch is only a piece of a powerful approach to 4144 N. Central Expy name recognition. Suite 600 - Testimonial letters to alternative DBA’s are really testimonials to the person Dallas, Texas 75204 214.264.3189 and can be abstracted for use in their promotional activities. Fax 214.923.2043 - Use of the Small Business Marketing Bible and the accountability element. - What is the systematic aspect of accountability – each month developing a P.O. Box 3001 marketing plan. Longview, Texas 75606 903.372.8360 - Reset – next month items to focus upon- - Small business marketing bible - Specific Projects - Elevator speech - Accountability
  2. 2. JF comments: Ask a question that stimulates to do what they should be. (consistent focus on what your already know to do) Share a challenge that someone else can help me with. How to develop simple points; maybe only one point. Systematizing the process reduces the amount of energy necessary to implement the agenda At a point in the meeting each member should discuss a specific problem they have … to see what others can help in what you can do better, particularly those things that are stumbling blocks. Why do prospective clients (business owners) want to refer a proposal to someone who may not have the appropriate expertise. Most small business owners are isolated and are hesitant to trust someone else on key issues. Where brush fires overwhelm the marketing of the business. Don’t be your business but part of your clients business. But you must be able to be sincere, there has to be a “trust” factor to get opportunity to sell your function (gather some little bit of information from prospect’s business or personal – birthday, anniversary of company founding). Focus on Business Contact Manager in Outlook 2007 (home, professional) Accountability Commitments made: - Jamie o - Jack o Send link to Lon’s company 4144 N. Central Expy o Name of the book Suite 600 o Schedule Lon Dallas, Texas 75204 214.264.3189 - Mike Fax 214.923.2043 - John - Hylan P.O. Box 3001 o send out the format for the marketing plan Longview, Texas 75606 903.372.8360 o send out instructions for how to present and issues stimulated whether related to the marketing plan or not. Accomplishments to be achieved for next months meeting
  3. 3. - Understand the preconditions for use of Microsoft Business Contact Manager - Install Microsoft Business Contact Manager - Learn how to use - Present elevator speech - Revisit business planning from Small Business Mktg Bible Notes by Hylan 4144 N. Central Expy Suite 600 Dallas, Texas 75204 214.264.3189 Fax 214.923.2043 P.O. Box 3001 Longview, Texas 75606 903.372.8360