POLARIS App Player Introduction


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POLARIS App Player Introduction

  1. 1. Polaris® App Player Confidential to Infraware Technology, Inc. Copyright © 2013 Infraware Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Copyright 2013. Infraware Technology Inc. All Right Reserved. 1. Overview 2. Polaris® App Player 3. Available Devices 4. Compatibility & Limitation 5. Automated Verification of Apps 6. Expected Effects 7. Service Scenario 8. Demo. Table Of Contents 2
  3. 3. Copyright 2013. Infraware Technology Inc. All Right Reserved. NativeApps Overview Polaris® App Player is a middleware solution to play Android application on non- android devices. Any Device & OS (RTOS, Brew, Linux, Android, TIZEN, WebOS, Windows, bada, Symbian …) Polaris® App Player (Portable Android Framework) Android Applications ★ Stable and lower cost devices, based on any OS and already-developed legacy S/W. ★ Easy to gather applications and developers using Android Eco- system ★ Portable, High-performance, Well defined UI Framework based on Android. J2MEMIDlet ★ Polaris® App Player is also downloadable application, so you can make any type of services.
  4. 4. Copyright 2013. Infraware Technology Inc. All Right Reserved. Features/Specifications of PAP 4  Middleware/Player − Direct App Launch The user can launch an android application directly through not only Android Home, but also native platform’s application manager.  Android Compliant − Compatible with Android Version 2.3 Gingerbread (Software level compatibility) − Android applications from both android SDK and NDK (with some restriction) − 2D/3D Graphics, Networks, Database (same as android) − H/W acceleration of OpenGL ES ( depends on target device specifications.) − Connectivity (WIFI, BT), Sensors (Gyro, GPS, etc)  depends on target device specifications. − Media player supported  codecs depends on target device specifications.  All Android Tools for developers can be used. − Most of APK from Android SDK and NDK could be working on Polaris® App Player without modification.  Downloadable Applications available in Application Store − Download and install a lot of applications, which are available on the specific application store , public site, or SD card.
  5. 5. Copyright 2013. Infraware Technology Inc. All Right Reserved. Smart phone IPTV settop box Windows Tablet Brew MP • App player for Linux (TIZEN and LIMO) • Settop box to support pre- integrated Android apps. • Android Player (alpha) is ready for Windows 7 PC & Tablet. • Android Apps can be played on Brew MP. (MSM6270, QSC6075) Planned • Ubuntu • Firefox • Windows phone 8 Ported Platform 5 Available devices for Polaris® App Player TIZEN
  6. 6. Copyright 2013. Infraware Technology Inc. All Right Reserved. Compatibility & Limitation 6 Polaris® App Player can support about 80~90% of original android applications without re-compiling or modification. About 10% of applications need to be re-compiled. And there might be an application which needs to rewrite the source codes to be run on Polaris® App Player . Restrictions - A few of apps should be re-compiled with Polaris® App Player NDK to executed on Polaris® App Player , because the native binary code from gcc (compiler for Android) is not 100% compatible with each other compiler. We have tools to detect whether the apk needs to re-compile or not. - Do not support Apps using the native API related to some Linux kernel functions, such as, fork, exec, and so on. - Widgets are not supported (Apps that are only meant to be widgets are not supported. Apps that include widget functionality as a secondary feature are allowed.) - Launcher Intent is not supported, Because there is no Launcher. (for example, startActivity(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_MAIN).addCategory(Intent.CATEGORY_LAUNCHER));) - Do not support Apps using the Android API level Bluetooth, Call, and SMS functions - NFC related features are not supported
  7. 7. Copyright 2013. Infraware Technology Inc. All Right Reserved. Automated Verification of Apps for Polaris® App Player 7 Polaris® App Verifier will generate the report which shows the compatibility with Polaris® App Player. To verify the compatibility, Polaris® App Verifier will process both STATIC and DYNAMIC verification automatically. To check • Size of apps • Use permission • Use device • API (including native lib) • And some patterns not allowed in Polaris® App Player Dynamic Verifier To check (in real device) • Install/Uninstall • Execution with some proper input (so, applications may be run automatically) • Unexpected exceptions. • Failed access to resource. One of followings • PASS – Executable, Compatible with Polaris® App Player • CHECK - Need to check manually • FAIL – NOT compatible with SELVAS APK Static Verifier Reporting
  8. 8. Copyright 2013. Infraware Technology Inc. All Right Reserved. Expected Effect • A lot of applications can be serviced in early stage of new platform (device) • They do not need to develop the default applications for each platform. Platform & Manufacturer • One Source Multi Use. Only one Android version of application can be serviced to the other platforms. (lower development cost) • Time to market for minor platforms. Application Developer • They can have experience to new platform (device) with legacy services and applications without delay. User
  9. 9. Copyright 2013. Infraware Technology Inc. All Right Reserved. Service Scenario for TIZEN (A) ■ Using PAG (Polaris® App Generator), A large number of TIZEN Phone applications, which are migrated from Android, can be published in the short period. ■ The converted applications can be played with PAP (Polaris® App Player), which should be downloaded at once. APK TIZEN (.tpk) TIZEN Appstore PAG TIZEN • PAP will be installed once before the one of converted applications is run. PAP • Application (APK) is developed using Android SDK. • Application (APK) will be converted to TIZEN TPK using PAG. • Converted APK (that is, TPK) will be played using PAP which maybe already installed in TIZEN device.
  10. 10. Copyright 2013. Infraware Technology Inc. All Right Reserved. Service Scenario for TIZEN (B) A large number of downloadable applications make the smart phone more competitive. Applications can be supplied with very low effort, because they are already available in Android Eco-system.  Call  Messages  Phonebook  Photo  Video  Camera  Bluetooth  Alarm  Memo  Music Player  Settings  Polaris® Store Native S/W of phone A large number of Android Apps downloadable from application store. More applications using the Polaris® App Player
  11. 11. Copyright 2012. Infraware Technology Inc. All Right Reserved. Demo. • Demonstration of Polaris® App Player for TIZEN is available on YouTube Infraware Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/infrawareinc) – POLARIS App Player (for Embedded Devices ) (http://youtu.be/iv_St5vnsU4)
  12. 12. Contact Point About This Document Hyeokgon Ryu (gonryu@infraware.co.kr) 6F Juho B/D 49-4 Banpo-dong Seocho-gu Seoul, Korea / Mobile +82 10 9014 8826 Office +82 2 6003 8801 Thank you