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Android to TIZEN conversion service


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Android to TIZEN conversion service

  1. 1. POLARIS® App GeneratorAndroid To TIZEN Converting ServiceConfidential to Infraware TechnologyCopyright ©2013 Infraware Technology Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 2Table of Contents Background Service Overview Conversion service scenario Scenario in the device Expected Effects Business model Future Plan Demonstrations Appendix
  3. 3. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 3Background■ The rich number of Applications is very important factor which makes the smartphone morecompetitive.The smartphone’s market share, applications anddevelopers are in direct proportion.(More applications, more devices, then more developers.)market shareApplicationsAndroid 75%iPhone 15%Android 700,000iPhone 700,000(Oct, 2012)
  4. 4. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 4Approaches of Other Platform■ To get a rich number of applications in early stage of new smartphone platform, Androidand iPhone developers should be joined to new smartphone’s eco-system, and the Tools orGuides for easy migration of applications should be provided.Windows 8Provides the Porting Guides fromiOS, and Android.Blackberry 10BlackBerry provides a variety ofdevelopment languages andruntimes designed to fitdevelopers skills and pre-existingcodebase.Android Runtime &repackaging ToolPorting guides from iOS, Android NDK.
  5. 5. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 5PAG Overview■ The most effective way to migrate Android app to TIZEN.■ Android APK is automatically converted (generated) to TIZEN TPK, which can be uploadedto TIZEN store, downloaded into TIZEN device, and executed as same as TIZEN app.■ PAG utilizes PAP (POLARIS® App Player) for playing apps, and PAV (POLARIS® App Verifier)for verifying apps. (The introduction to the Products can be seen in Appendix)App Store DevicePOLARIS®App PlayerGeneratingPOLARIS®App Verifier• Running an Android App (orapplications generated fromPAG) on non-android devices,such as, TIZEN.• Converting an Android APK toTIZEN TPK.• Can upload to TIZEN Appstore,and download/install in the TIZENdevice, same as other TIZENapplications.• Running these app usingPOLARIS® App Player, which isalready installed in the Deviceonce.• Verifying automatically fortesting Android App.• Verifying the compatibilitywith POLARIS® App Player.• This automatic tool canshow where the APK can berun on the PAP or not.Verifying Playing
  6. 6. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 6Conversion Service Scenario■ Automated converting from Android APK to TIZEN TPK in a few minutes.Android To TIZEN Service①APK Upload②Verification Report③Test TPK(To check manually)④TPK (Signed)TPK(or URL fordownload)POLARIS® App VerifierGeneratingFrom APK into TPKApp Store⑤ Upload TPKDeveloperPAIDTest TPK(or URL fordownload)VerificationAPKManagement(POC)
  7. 7. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 7Scenario in the DeviceApp StorePAPPOLARIS®App PlayerGenerated fromPAG• Download• PAP will be installed oncebefore the one of applicationsgenerated from PAG is goingto run.Download & InstallExecutePAPInstalled ?Download & InstallPAPLaunch PAPwith argumentsNOYESDevice
  8. 8. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 8Scenario for Developers View■ Additional cost for publishing to TIZEN will NOT be expensive in point of view of both timeand human resource.■ Developers who work in Android eco-system just do as they usually did. (programming,testing, and debugging using Android Tools.)Programming(Using AndroidSDK)Testing(on Android Device)TestingOn TIZEN DeviceConvertingUsing PAGPublish toAndroid Store Publish toTIZEN StoreAPKTIZEN StoreCustomize & debugdebug Customizing required for each appstoreU+앱마켓
  9. 9. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 9Compatibility & Restrictions■ About 80% of applications will be converted without any efforts.■ The other applications may be required to be modified from original Android app. Access to device’s critical data (email, contact, calendar) are not supported. Widgets, Wallpapers, Homescreen and Launcher Intents are not supported. Background Services are not supported. Push notifications when app is not active are not supported yet.⇒ Push API which is integrated to TIZEN push framework will be provided. Linux file systems in root (/proc, /sys, /dev, etc) are not supported. Linux kernel functions (fork(), exec(), etc) are not supported. Accessing some device settings is not supported. Some media formats are not supported. (depends on the device) API level control of Telephony, SMS, Bluetooth, WIFI, Camera is not supported.(Invoking App is supported.) Google Service Framework is not supported. (In-app purchase, Google Ads, GCM,Map API, Application Licensing, Automatic Updates, Authorization, AndroidBackup Service, Google+, etc)⇒ API for IAP, Ads, Updates, Application Licensing, Messaging, which are integrated to TIZENframework, will be provided.Restrictions
  10. 10. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 10Expected Effects (1) – for TIZEN Eco-systemA rich number of applications can be uploaded to the TIZENappstore.– The simple & easy migration from Android to TIZEN.– A lot of applications can be published to TIZEN app store (not 3rd app store)in early stage of TIZEN platform.Virtuous Circle of Eco-system– A rich number of applications makethe people use the TIZEN devicewithout lack of applications.– More people buy more TIZEN device.– A lot of devices enable the developermake Applications for TIZEN.
  11. 11. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 11Expected Effects (2) – for DevelopersTime to market for the beginning stage of new Platform(such as, TIZEN)– No big efforts required to publish to TIZEN, if you have Android app.One Source Multi Use.– One Android application can be serviced/published to the other platforms.Lower Costs for multiple platform– You don’t need to develop and update for each platform, that means, youneed to know only one programming language and environments.
  12. 12. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 12Demo.You can find the PAG beta service on the web site.– http://pag.polarismobile.comYou can find the video clip for PAP on the Youtube.–
  13. 13. Contact Point About This DocumentHyeokgon Ryu ( Juho B/D 49-4 Banpo-dong Seocho-gu Seoul, Korea / Mobile +82 10 9014 8826 Office +82 2 6003 8801Thank you
  14. 14. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 14AppendixIntroduction to Infraware’s Product- POLARIS® App Player- POLARIS® App Verifier
  15. 15. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 15NativeAppsPOLARIS® App Player■ POLARIS® App Player is a middleware solution to play Android application on non-androiddevices.Any Device & OS(RTOS, Brew, Linux, Android, TIZEN, WebOS,Windows, bada, Symbian …)POLARIS® App Player(Portable Android Framework)Android Applications★ Stable and lower cost devices, basedon any OS and already-developedlegacy S/W.★ Easy to gather applications anddevelopers using Android Eco-system★ Portable, High-performance, Welldefined UI Framework based onAndroid.J2MEMIDlet★ POLARIS® App Player is alsodownloadable application, so youcan make any type of services.
  16. 16. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 16Features/Specifications of PAP16 Middleware/Player− Direct App LaunchThe user can launch an android applicationdirectly through not only Android Home, butalso native platform’s application manager. Android Compliant− Compatible with Android Version 2.3 Gingerbread (Software level compatibility)− 2D/3D Graphics, Networks, Database (same as android)− H/W acceleration of OpenGL ES ( depends on target device specifications.)− Connectivity (WIFI, BT), Sensors (Gyro, GPS, etc)  depends on target device specifications.− Media player supported  codecs depends on target device specifications. All Android Tools for developers can be used.− Most of APK from Android SDK and NDK could be working on POLARIS® App Player withoutmodification. Downloadable Applications available in Application Store− Download and install a lot of applications, which are available on the specific application store , publicsite, or SD card. Downloadable− PAP can be downloadable application.There is no dependency of existing nativeplatform.
  17. 17. Confidential and proprietary material for authorized persons only. 17POLARIS® App Verifier■ POLARIS® App Verifier will generate the report which shows the compatibility withPOLARIS® App Player.■ To verify the compatibility, POLARIS® App Verifier will process both STATIC and DYNAMICverification automatically.To check• Size of apps• Use permission• Use device• API (includingnative lib)• Restrictions forPOLARIS® AppPlayer• And somepatterns notallowed inPOLARIS® AppPlayerDynamic VerifierTo check (in realdevice)• Install/Uninstall• Execution withsome proper input(so, applicationsmay be runautomatically)• Unexpectedexceptions.• Failed access toresource.One of followings• PASS – Executable,Compatible withPOLARIS® AppPlayer• CHECK - Need tocheck manually• FAIL – NOTcompatible withPOLARIS® AppPlayerAPKStatic Verifier ReportingContinue toConversion