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A sample usability reccomendations

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User Experience Reccomendations By Hyena Labs

  1. 1. User Experience Advice for By
  2. 2. Preliminary analysis in the categories of learn-ability/ usability/ IA/ task flow analysis etc, reveals inherent flaws in the system – namely in the areas of learn-ability, usability, task completion rates, IA and visceral appeal areas - visual design and presentation Improving User Experience Homepage Home page – Content The main user group sections is not prominent on the home page. Impact : User may miss the information & they may not know what is the objective of the site. The user will not be able to complete the major tasks if they miss these information.
  3. 3. Improving User Experience Homepage Home page – Content The purpose of the site & the major user tasks that the users can perform is not highlighted upfront. Impact : Users will not know what are the services provided on the site, what tasks they can perform on the site and henceforth the se uncertainties will lead to negative user experience.
  4. 4. Improving User Experience Homepage Home page – Search The home page search is not intuitive. Search is restricted to the options already available in the drop down menus. Users can not type search keywords at all. The “GO” button is not designed well. “Full search options” link is designed as an Action button moreover it should be termed Advanced search options as per industry practice. Impact : Users will not be able to find the required information easily. These unintuitive features present on home page will affect the branding of the site.
  5. 5. Improving User Experience Agencies & Marketers Agencies & Marketers – Content The Marketers free joining section, Discount on agency membership & other most important business lead generation information is placed at the bottom of the page. Impact : User have to scroll down to see this information, they may miss this information which will lead to loss of leads & business.
  6. 6. Improving User Experience Marketer Registration Marketer Registration – Data representation The registration form is not intuitive with the form elements. Required fields are not highlighted as per industry standards. Multiple country from elements are present, without country drop down. The validation for Post code, Telephone, mobile & Fax from elements is not proper, it accepts alphabets. Impact: Users will find the form long & cumbersome to fill. After registration there is no confirmation message displayed however welcome e-mail is send to the user mail ID. This interaction approach will hamper the user experience with the business.
  7. 7. Navigation The visited link is of the same color as the non visited links. The current displayed page links are active, the same page is refreshed when the user clicks on the respective links. Impact: Users will be clueless about the links they have already visited. Improving User Experience Idea of the month
  8. 8. Content : The user survey results does not have a clear heading. Survey results has the heading of survey question. Impact: The user will get confused by the survey results. Improving User Experience User satisfaction survey
  9. 9. Improving User Experience Login Page Content: Forgot password & new registration feature is not present in both the login sections. The first login section dos not specify the type of login it belongs to, whether it is Agency login or media login . Impact: Users will not be able to retrieve their password easily if they forget it. The absence of type of login will confuse the user in which Login section he should enter his credentials.
  10. 10. Improving User Experience Idea Forum Content: The name “FORUM” suggests that the user can view & submit ideas. There is no clue where the user can submit his ideas. Impact: Users who are interested to submit there ideas will be dissatisfied by absence of Idea submission upfront.
  11. 11. Improving User Experience Search for opportunities Search: The search feature is not user friendly. The basic search options is missing. It is difficult to switch between Demographic search & Affinity Targeting Search as the links are not working. The calendar validations are improper, it is accepting dates in reverse order. i.e. From 03/02/2031 to 17/09/2008 Impact: Users will not be able to find the required information easily as it becomes more challenging to match the advanced search options to the present information in the data base.
  12. 12. Improving User Experience Idea Basket Interaction : The number of items already added in Idea basket is not displayed upfront. There is no confirmation message when an Idea is added. A lot of white space is present in the table. There is no data related to the time when the idea was added. Impact: Users have to view the idea basket to find out how many ideas they have added. The absence of idea addition confirmation will leave the user clueless about his actions.
  13. 13. Improving User Experience Opportunity Addition Interaction : There is no indications on how the user can Add his opportunities on the site. Impact: Users will look for this feature & when they will not find it upfront they will get frustrated & this will lead to site abandonment.
  14. 14. Improving User Experience PayPal Context Interaction : The context of Pay pal window display on clicking on Pay Pal image is not understood. How Pay Pal is related to Get Me Media site is not shown upfront, how the users benefits by using Pay pal on the site etc. Impact: Users will be unaware about the Pay pal context & they may not use it for transaction as they don’t know that this can be done on the site. Such lack of information on the site will affect business easily.
  15. 15. Improving User Experience How to use site Content: There is no images used in the help section, on how to use the site. Screen shots with steps to follow would be more helpful here in making the user comfortable with the steps. Impact: Only use of words will not really help the users in making him comfortable while working on the site. The site help section could be made more helpful by using RIA & intuitive images.
  16. 16. Our Key contribution in enhancing the user experience is: Usability Engineering : Our experts will conduct various studies like market analysis, competitor analysis, expert review of website and will come up with design recommendations. Techniques like rapid prototyping will help in iterating the design to match user and business needs. HyenaLabs will also conduct various user centered activities like interviews, contextual inquiry and user testing. Web 2.0 Concepts: Features like blogs, forums, expert speak section can be developed using Ajax, JavaScript. This will make the site dynamic and interactive. Recommendations
  17. 17. Visit our site for more information on UX, Social Media & Technology Thank you For User Experience advice contact us: [email_address]