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IHA 2013 World Congress: IPCC: Climate change: Four dimensions for hydropower


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Dr Fredolin Tangang, Vice Chair, International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Hydropower is influenced by climate change, but it can also contribute to alleviating the problem. Panellists will present and discuss four aspects of these relationships:

Science and uncertainty relating to the impact of climate change on hydrology;
Reviewing the relationship between hydropower and the natural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the river basin;
Methods and incentives to use hydropower to offset GHG emissions from more carbon-intensive sources of energy; and
assessing the role of hydropower infrastructure in the face of increasing floods and drought.

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IHA 2013 World Congress: IPCC: Climate change: Four dimensions for hydropower

  1. 1. Dr Fredolin TangangInternational Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)Special Report on Renewable Energy Sourcesand Climate Change MitigationPresented at theIHA 2013 World Congress
  2. 2. Special Report on RenewableEnergy Sources and ClimateChange Mitigation(Example of cover with picture and white background)
  3. 3. The current global energy systemis dominated by fossil fuels.Shares of energy sources in total global primary energy supply in 2008
  4. 4. RE capacity has been increasing rapidly in recentyears.140 GW of new RE powerplant capacity was built in2008-2009.This equals 47% of allpower plants built duringthat period.
  5. 5. Lifecycle GHG emissions of RE technologies are, in general,considerably lower than those of fossil fuel options.
  6. 6. RE deployment increases in scenarios with lowergreenhouse gas concentration stabilization levels.
  7. 7. SREX (2012)
  8. 8. Projectedreturn periodsfor a dailyprecipitationevent that wasexceeded onaverage onceduring a 20-period in1981-2000
  9. 9. Preparations for AR5 enters final stage (Approval session 23-26 Sept 2013)