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Create yourself your_perfum


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Published in: Technology
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Create yourself your_perfum

  1. 1. Do you dream to create yourselves your perfum ?Dear Sirs,Who has never dreamt to create his or her perfume ?Would you like to try and make your perfume by makig amixture of several perfumes, so that you can obtain a pleasantperfume and until you can reach your objective ?We propose you to create directly yourselves your perfumethank to an plants and flower oil set. It consists of makingseveral mixtures with plant and flower oils, to obtain yourperfume.It’s also possible to choose the perfume flask (flask form, glascolour, spray, lid)For further information don’t hesitate to contact us to0664964404.All information or cost estimation question is to be treated byus with the biggest discretion.Don’t hesitate to contact us to the following electronic , but also by calling to (+33)(0)664964404 ;
  2. 2. To download our information and technical files, we invite youto browse our forum opened and available everyday and 24 hon 24 :http://hydroculture.monforum.netFor security and protecting reasons you must be subscribedwith a good electronic address and to wait for an activatingelectronic address. In the part “Professionnels” vous can findthemOtherwise you can also go on our virtual server, opened fromthe Monday to the Friday, from 10 O’Clock to 19 O’Clock. Enterin your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc…)the address without http:// nor wwwIn the directory “PUBLIC” you can find our pdf technical andpresentation files.Yours Faithfully, Laurent CHERET SAS Kloutchi Hydroculture et Murs Végétaux8 impasse du Languedoc - F- 57525 TALANGE - Tél. : +33/6 64 96 44 04 - Fax : +33/9 56 99 51 94
  3. 3. RCS Metz TI 521 181 826 - TVA Intracommunautaire : FR65521181826 - N° de Gestion : 2010 B 164 TVA Grand Duché du Luxembourg : LU24100077 Domiciliation bancaire : Société Générale Grand Est : 00149 00020062416 E-Mail: