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Hobbyist level

  1. 1. Now You Can Join The HYDROPONICS REVOLUTION That Saves You Time And Money While Increasing Your Yields Hobbyist Bundle is: TM l Specially designed for use with all hydroponics, soil and sphagnum growing mediums. l Developed for use with any and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT or flood and drain growing systems. l You’ll get guaranteed bigger yields over any and all other feed programs, formulas or charts. l Bigger and more consistent yields. l Fast, easy and simple mixing so you save time. l Bigger Yields Flowering System is the only flowering TM system that takes care of your entire plant from roots to the very top of your flowers and everything in between. l No-Risk 100% Guarantee or your money back. Turn page for more information è
  2. 2. H i, it’s Big Mike here. I haven’t met you personally, but I bet I can But, Big Mike, How Can It Be That The System Totally Revolutionizes describe you pretty well. Hydroponics Gardening? You’re a resourceful, Let’s remember…you wanted to be a grower, not a chemist. free-thinking person whose You don’t really want to fool with meters, calibrations and all friends and family see you as those foul-smelling pH adjustment chemicals… stuff that will burn your skin and puts little holes in your shirts and pants no forward-looking and someone matter how careful you are. who is open-minded. And that’s exactly why I’m betting you’ll join with Advanced Nutrients to create a new generation of growers who’ll stand the hydroponics industry “good ol’ boys club” on it’s head and prove what those hydroponics “experts” said couldn’t be done, actually has been done. It’s the hydroponics equivalent of Putting A Man On The Moon, and Took A Total Of 109 Man Years to develop. Let me be a bit more specific... remember how you’ve had it drilled into your head that your plants will suffer or even die unless you spend lots of money and time using pH meters, ppm meters, pH up and pH down? The Hobbyist BundleTM and the Flowering System are designed Well it’s not true; you can by a team of PhD plant scientists who’ve spent years discover- now slay the pH-PPM dragon ing the secrets of how your plants grow and bloom. You get ex- for good. actly the right ingredients for larger, more potent flowers. Here’s how, with this Being once a grower for over 20 years of my life, I realize Hobbyist Bigger Yields your pain, so I worked together with our 12 scientists and Bundle and any of the their army of research assistants and created a Nutrient Flowering System that helps you grow massive, astounding new 5-in-1 Base Nutrients. flowers without having to fiddle around like meter-addicted Because together they have lab rats when all we really want to do is put nutrients into a new built in proprietary water, listen to the pump hum, and kick back while our plants technology called pH- deliver gold coins into our hands. PerfectTM that automatically The team and I worked our “butts off” testing all kinds puts your nutrient solutions combinations of edgy formulas, proprietary compounds, chelates and secret stuff, I’d be a fool to tell anyone about, pH and PPM into the “sweet because then our competitors would try to copy us just spot” for optimum growth and like they’ve always done ever since we designed the first flowering. Eliminating the professional approach to hydroponics nutrients. need for you having to fool And my biggest fear today? Other nutrient companies are around with pain-in-the-butt going to wreak havoc on everyones’ crops because they’ll pH and PPM metering and be forced to compete with unproven technology (I don’t adjustments. è
  3. 3. Hobbyist have to tell you, some companies may never figure out this BUNDLE™ technology) and they’ll try and sell you their undeveloped “copycat formulas”. standardize your products. You use just 4 ml per liter for the Systems base nutrients No More pH-PPM Metering Or Adjusting, and 2 ml per liter for all supplements. So It’s All Done For You mixing and using them is ridiculously simple and quick. Here’s how easy it’s going to be for you, if the water you I’m proud you’ve chosen to experience use to mix your nutrients has a pH between 4.5 and 8.5 (and the power and simplicity of the weight- that’s pretty much everyone’s shattering Bigger Yields Flowering water) then you’ll never have System™, so you just plug and play, go to balance your pH or for that have fun, and watch your flowers get matter ever add a single drop significantly more valuable than you ever of pH up or down to your thought possible. reservoir. You’ll have to agree that really makes growing a whole lot easier for you, doesn’t it? From roots to shoots and “... join with Advanced everything in between, your Nutrients to create Hobbyist Bigger Yields Bundle contains the four proven a new generation of formulas that will deliver precise nutrition to every part growers who’ll stand the of your flowering plants… hydroponics industry • VooDoo Juice beneficial mi- crobes. Hundreds of university “good ol’ boys club” studies have shown that big- ger roots equal bigger yields. on it’s head and prove VooDoo Juice produces an what those hydroponics enormous root mass during your flowering cycle and that “experts” said couldn’t means your plants will support bigger flowers. VooDoo Juice be done, actually has also makes your plants’ roots been done.” grow faster so your plants will inhale the maximum amount Big Mike of nutrients quicker for larger, faster-growing flowers. • B-52 contains a unique blend of 9 different B vitamins Here’s something you should be aware keeping your plants healthy and driving hard during rapid of, I’ve staked my entire company on the flower formation. revolutionary new formulas you hold in • Big Bud, watch as your flowers swell up week after week. your hands right here, right now, inside Your Bigger Yields Bundle contains legendary Big Bud, the this box. bloom booster containing the perfect ratio of flower building So here’s my promise to you, and you can L-amino acids and other awesome ingredients that power up take this to the bank: you buy this Hobbyist flower metabolism and production. Bundle™ box, along with one of our base • Overdrive bloom enhancer, you’ve always wanted to max- nutrients, right now today, follow the out your flowers at the end phase of your bloom cycle, and easy instructions, and you are absolutely that’s why we’re giving you Overdrive absolutely free. You use positively 100% guaranteed to get bigger it in the last two weeks of bloom phase so your flowers really yields while spending less time metering, “pack on the weight”. mixing and measuring your nutrients. PS- If your hydroponics store tries to sell Here’s The Bottom Line you somebody else’s nutrients, ask them if those other nutrient feeding programs, wheels, schedules or whatever give The bottom line is the mighty band of scientists and research you the Systems pH-Perfect™ rock solid assistants have succeeded in liberating you from ever having performance, a 100% Money Back Bigger to care about pH or PPM again. Yields Guarantee, and free products. As if that wasn’t enough... they also figured out how to n
  4. 4. DISCOVER HOW THIS EASY WAY OF BOOSTING YOUR PLANT’S ROOTS GETS YOU BIGGER HARVESTS! You’re about to discover how easily you can enlarge the Plus, microbes help oxygen to penetrate more into power dimensions of your plant’s roots and guarantee your roots … capture nitrogen … and help pump more yourself bigger harvests with custom-designed microbially phosphorus into your plants. active supplements ... The question has now These powerful supplements become…what is the best way create ideal root zone to install beneficial microbes environments better able to into your hydroponics root intake nutrients … resist stress zone? and diseases … and your roots To answer this question, stay stronger because beneficial Advanced Nutrients scientists microbes break down old root   conducted a multi-phase VooDoo Juice enhanced control plant material, providing nutrition research project on a unique Root mass of tomato plants, same seed, same while enabling roots to repair age,same number, harvested after 42 days of suite of beneficial microbes themselves and create new tissue. growth. Plants on left received VooDoo Juice. contained in VooDoo Juice.
  5. 5. They discovered, when used as directed, VooDoo Juice provides: GROWER LEVEL Faster-developing roots on your seedlings, transplants HOBBYIST l and clones l Your roots have more branching, root density and root Most hydroponics companies save money mass on costs by hiring a third-party company to bulk produce/bulk combine microbes l Increases in your root size up to 117% without testing them for specific plant l Faster, more efficient intake of nutrients; saving you appropriateness or microbial compatibility. time and money Not only that, but their process includes l Your plants give faster growth, larger flowers a generic view of microbes. For example, when someone talks about the microbe l Your roots are more resistant to heat, stress, drought, “bacillus subtilis,” that strain name is really nutrient burn and other common problems just the tip of the iceberg… it’s exactly like Not All Beneficial Root Microbes saying “General Motors” to describe a car, and you have no idea if it’s a Pontiac or a Formulas Are Created Equal Chevy. You know beneficial microbes will help your plants, but And if it’s a Chevy, it could be either a it can be confusing when you go to the store and see so Malibu or Corvette. So if you’re lucky, you got many of these formulas made by different manufacturers. the Corvette – but you’re still left guessing The obvious question is which one will give you the best if your Corvette has the 430 hp motor or if bang for your buck? it’s a ZR1 Corvette with the 620 horsepower The answer is that there are two very distinct processes motor! That’s how much difference there is manufacturers use when they want to offer microbes between individual types of “bacillus subtilis” products ... microbes. Obviously we absolutely make sure VooDoo Juice microbes are always the ZR1 Corvette with 620 horsepower motor, not the Chevy Malibu! Here’s How It’s Done... l Advanced Nutrients hires the sharpest mi- crobiologists in the world. One of them is especially impressive: she has three Ph.D. degrees! We have a team of scientists test- ing and breeding hundreds of sub-variet- ies of bacillus subtilis and other beneficial microbes in a continual research program. In fact over the last two years VooDoo Juice’s root-producing abilities have been increased by 117% l Specific beneficial microbes work bet- ter with certain plants than others. That’s Make the direct connection between larger, more powerful why we put so much time and money roots and bigger, more valuable buds. into our breeding program. We’re driven to find the needle in the haystack of mi- crobes that work absolutely the best for the plants you grow l Our scientists demand that we buy them turn page ¾
  6. 6. rates and we have to ensure total uniformity and maximum GROWER LEVEL colony forming units (CFUs). After breeding, the microbes are taken to the evaporation tower and dried, and then all HOBBYIST eight strains in VooDoo Juice are carefully recombined l To ensure VooDoo Juice has very long shelf life and superior viability, VooDoo’s microbes are put into hibernation with an “antagonist” compound that keeps the microbes dormant until you mix VooDoo Juice into a nutrient reservoir and the antagonist is diluted l As soon as the antagonist is diluted, VooDoo’s microbes immediately exit dormancy, replicate quickly, and burst into action for you by wrapping themselves around and penetrating into roots, creating flower-boosting hormones, and increasing root size and function The bottom line is: VooDoo Juice feeds your roots so you get safer, healthier plants, and more aboveground growth of larger, mega-potent flowers. It’s a basic but important step you can easily take today to upgrade the health and productivity of your garden immediately. VooDoo Juice Benefits VooDoo Juice contains designer microbes created by leading microbiologists. These VOODOO JUICE BENEFITS superstrain microbes fatten, strengthen and supercharge your roots , and the result is more valuable harvests. STRONGER SAFER all the expensive, precision equipment PLANTS needed to identify each microbial strain’s FASTER special characteristics and compatibility GROWTH with each other that make them “Super- BIGGER Strains.” That’s why our microbes are also extremely fast-replicating so they quickly YIELDS colonize root zones for rapid results (Yes, we test for fast versus slow replicating mi- l crobes) VooDoo Juice is not outsourced. We’re the 117% only hydroponics nutrient company in the ROOT MASS world manufacturing all our microbial products ourselves with a full-time Ph.D. INCREASE microbiologist personally supervising all aspects of production at all times. (The same is true for our Piranha and Tarantula Bigger roots that more than double in mass are the foundation root zone products) for faster growth and bigger yields. l Each microbe strain is individually bred (not in a bunch of vats or tubs) in a pur- pose-built 10,000 liter breeding reactor. This is a very critical, time consuming step, but it’s necessary because different strains of beneficial microbes breed at different
  7. 7. Frequently Asked Questions GROWER LEVEL HOBBYIST QUESTION: Will VooDoo Juice make my roots too big? MIXING DIRECTIONS: Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 1 through 2 ANSWER: Your roots will get much bigger, but only in the most of your flowering phase, and during weeks 1 efficient way for your root zone so you get larger harvests. through 2 of vegetative growth. QUESTION: If I use VooDoo Juice, why would I use your Tarantula beneficial microbes and your Piranha beneficial fungi GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: formulas too? Hobbyist, Expert, Professional and Grand Master Growers ANSWER: Each of these three products contains unique beneficial microbes that contribute to the healthiest root zone so your plants grow better via different pathways. The individual microbe formulas in these three products combine “I live in the desert near Tucson. in a synergistic fashion with your roots and each other to I grow outdoors and two big provide even more root enhancement and protection. problems are heat and dry, sandy QUESTION: Does your previous version of VooDoo Juice work soil. After using VooDoo, the plants with your new version? were wilting a lot less and their color was much better. When I ANSWER: Yes, our previous VooDoo Juice works well in all removed them at the end of the types of gardens and systems, and is compatible with our season, their roots were better stronger new & improved version of Voodoo Juice. Always than any plant I’ve ever grown. I’m store our beneficial microbes formulas in a cool, dark place to sold.” extend shelf life. Jorge, from Pima County, Arizona QUESTION: Is VooDoo Juice compatible with an all-organic fertilizer program? ANSWER: Yes, VooDoo Juice, Tarantula and Piranha are organic Company Founders’ NO-RISK, supplements that work perfectly in all-organic gardening (and all other types of gardening). 100% Money Back GUARANTEE VooDoo Juice was specifically built for growers just like Fast Facts you, who have very specific demands and expectations from your hydroponics needs. When you use VooDoo Juice it must perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will PRODUCT TYPE: mix easily and quickly into your reservoir and deliver the Beneficial Bacteria Root Booster goods you’re looking for. GARDEN TYPES: What’s more..., VooDoo Juice will work every time for you VooDoo Juice has been specially designed for use with all using any and all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums. soil growing mediums. VooDoo Juice has been developed VooDoo Juice has been developed for use with any and all for use with any and all hydroponics, aeroponic, NFT, hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. growing systems. We guarantee it! And when you use VooDoo Juice you’ll never have to WHEN TO USE: risk even one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as Early Veg Phase, Early Flowering, Cloning, Transplanting, always if for any reason you’re not absolutely delighted Growing from Seedlings we’ll refund all your money back it’s that simple. As always, dedicated to your gardening success.
  8. 8. GET THE BIGGEST YIELDS FROM YOUR BLOOM BOOSTER Most likely, you’re one of the 91.7% of growers who use bloom boosters every bloom cycle, because you want to be sure your boosters give you the biggest yields possible for your garden ... to be precise ... you look for bloom boosters that give you: l Larger, heavier, denser flowers l Flowers with more essential oils, aromatics, terpenoids, phenols and other potency factors l Measurable, significant increases in overall harvest weight and market value
  9. 9. But most bloom boosters don’t measure up to these called amino acids (which are building GROWER LEVEL goals. In fact, until recently poorly-absorbed forms of blocks of proteins, terpenoids, phenols phosphorus and potassium (P and K) were the main and alkaloids). This means you want HOBBYIST ingredients in most bloom boosters. to give 20 “L-form” amino acids to your Worse, almost all bloom boosters have incorrect ratios plants, with especially important doses or types of phosphorus and potassium. Most provide of L-tryptophan, L-Cysteine, L-Glutamate double the amount of phosphorus to potassium. That’s and L-Glycine. not useful. Your plants need much more potassium than Why the special emphasis on these phosphorus during bloom phase. four L-form amino acids? Here’s why: And when too much phosphorus is dumped into your Your plants utilize L-tryptophan to plants, it creates a potential for phosphorus toxicity that create an important floral growth works against flower production and overall plant health. hormone called indole acetic acid (IAA). Not only that, your crops may taste harsh so they hurt Boosting synthesis of IAA creates larger your throat and lungs. flowers with more potency. L-Cysteine provides sulphur, and along with L-Glycine is a prime element in formation of an internal plant protectant Potassium And Phosphorus compound called glutathione. Plants respond to bloom phase stress by making Are Only Part Of The Real Story glutathione, which has a number of functions including helping plants deal There’s a lot more to fueling bigger flowers than giving with heat stress, other environmental your plants correct ratios and types of potassium and stressors, and free radicals. phosphorus. Because many hydroponics nutrients Studies show floral production revs up most when your provide no amino acids, and because plants get the full range and correct forms of substances indoor gardening is inherently stressful You need a bloom booster proven to make your buds bigger and more valuable. turn page ¾
  10. 10. to plants, tissue samples show many 20% GROWER LEVEL YIELD INCREASE plants have glutathione deficiency ... BIG HOBBYIST slowing metabolic functions ... and ... results in lower yields. BUD Now that you know the crucial role amino acids play in floral production and overall plant health, it’s important to have the L-form of amino acids rather than the less-complex “D” form aminos. This is because your plants’ cells need all 20 amino acids, but even the bloom boosters that do provide amino acids, 10% contain aminos that are hard for your plants to create or absorb, because they’re less water soluble, called D-aminos. Make Your Flowers HYDROPLEX Bigger By Helping KOOL BLOOM Your Plants Breathe, SUGAR DADDY Metabolize And Produce 0% BIG BUD ABSOLUTELY DELIVERS LARGER YEILDS For this reason, please remember, only Big Bud absolutely delivers larger yields than any competing THAN ANYCOMPETING BLOOM BOOSTER! L-form amino acids are the ideal forms bloom booster! for easy absorption and proven yield increases. phosphorus create larger flowers, and that L-form amino You’ve seen how bud builder product acids help plants make larger, better-formed flowers that research shows that precise and carry more potency and value. appropriate ratios of potassium and The bottom line is ascorbic acid, all 20 L-form amino acids, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium are found in the correct ratios in the easy-to-use liquid bud potentiator created by our scientists called Big Bud. Here’s what you’re guaranteed to see when you use Big Bud: l More flowers l Bigger flowers l More potent flowers l Flowers with higher market value l Liquid formula for easier mixing and absorption When you look at the facts and see the results, you agree that Big Bud offers you a convenient, reliable way to deliver a unique suite of bud potentiator ingredients into your flowering plants. Get Big Bud today and feed L-aminos and other plant maximizing ingredients to your Get yourself the world’s most popular and plants and you’ll see larger, richer, more glistening flowers legendary bud builder that put the BIG in your in less time than ever. buds!
  11. 11. “When I used the other bloom Fast Facts GROWER LEVEL booster, the PPM would spike. The HOBBYIST damage was clear, and once I had PRODUCT TYPE: Bloom Booster to flush everything. Since I started GARDEN TYPES: using Big Bud my friends keep Liquid Big Bud has been specially asking: what’s your secret?” designed for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum, and soil growing mediums. Claude, from Mobile, Alabama Big Bud has been developed for use with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. Frequently Asked WHEN TO USE: Questions Peak bloom phase. MIXING DIRECTIONS: QUESTION: Can I use Big Bud as my only bloom Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 2 booster or should I use it with other bloom through 4 of your flowering phase. boosters you recommend? GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: ANSWER: Big Bud can be used as a stand-alone Hobbyist, Expert, Professional and Grand bloom booster and you will see bigger buds as a Master Growers result. Additionally, our research shows using our COMPANY FOUNDERS’ NO-RISK, 100% bloom booster series (Bug Ignitor, Big Bud, Bud MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Candy and Overdrive) will result in even larger and If for any reason you’re not absolutely more market-valued products. delighted, we’ll refund all your money QUESTION: Will I have problems with overfertil- back it’s that simple. ization when I use Big Bud with your potent base nutrients? ANSWER: Our scientists have designed customized Company Founders’ NO-RISK, programs for each of our base nutrients so you use 100% Money Back Big Bud as directed by the base feed chart and get bigger buds with no worries about nutrient burn. GUARANTEE Big Bud was specifically built for growers just like you, who When you use Big Bud as part of the Bigger Yields have very specific demands and expectations from your System, the System is configured to balance pH hydroponics needs. When you use Big Bud it must perform and PPM to optimum levels so you don’t have to be flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly into concerned about them. your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re looking for. QUESTION: Why does Big Bud come in a liquid What’s more..., Big Bud will work every time for you using any formulation? and all hydroponics, sphagnum or soil growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponic, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters ANSWER: The liquid formulation provides more and continuous liquid feed growing systems. We guarantee it! absorption and is easier for growers to use. And when you use Big Bud you’ll never have to risk even one QUESTION: What can I count on as regards the penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any crop size increase that Big Bud gives me? reason you’re not absolutely delighted we’ll refund all your money back it’s that ANSWER: Depending on your strain, growing simple. conditions and what level you are on in our Bigger As always, dedicated to your Yields System, you could see as much as 27% increase gardening success. in harvest weight from Big Bud.
  12. 12. ARE YOUR PLANTS MISSING OUT ON THIS COMMONLY IGNORED, YET INCREDIBLY VITAL SECRET TO GETTING BETTER HARVESTS? Plus, IT BOOSTS YOUR PLANT’S STRENGTH, IMMUNITY AND OVERALL HEALTH TOO! You’re already giving your plants the best environment fuels flower growth.) ... B1 strengthens plant and nutrients possible, but did you know you may need immune systems to avoid disease and stress ... vitamins too? activates Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR), In fact, scientists tested identical clones side by side which is what happens in humans when a in identical systems. The clones are fed the same diet, vaccination produces an increased immune except that half of the clones receive a vitamin that the response to future disease attacks. Plus, B1 other clones do not receive. assists in root development so your plants get more nutrients faster, and are more resistant to Both sets of clones were closely monitored during shock from transplanting or cloning. growth and after harvest with scientists taking plant tissue samples to measure plant metabolism, nutrient wHY YouR plANTS NEEd absorption, and overall plant health. Plus, total yield size, EXTRA B VITAmINS FoR quality and essential oil content are also measured. Using statistical analysis and other criteria, scientists determined SuRVIVAl ANd pRoduCTIoN As you can if the vitamin had any effects, and if so, what those effects see, B vitamins are. are absolutely essential. Truth How B VITAmINS ImpRoVE is: your plants YouR plANTS ANd YouR YIEld can’t synthesize Fortunately our scientists have repeatedly run hydro- enough B ponics tests showing many B vitamin benefits for your vitamins from plants, including: the nutrients you feed them ● Folic Acid helps plants maintain healthy metabolism fast enough to and DNA and upgrades the weight and quality of your get fast growth, harvest. But because folic acid breaks down easily earlier maturation, (especially under intense lighting), it’s a good idea to stress/disease supplement with folic acid in your plants. resistance, and ● Vitamin B5 is essential because without sufficient B5, heavier, more plants die, grow slowly, or are susceptible to stress potent harvests. disorders and pathogenic diseases. Enough said! When you ● Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) helps your plants use and create provide additional carbohydrates so your plants have enough energy for vitamins, your strong growth and production of flowers and essential plants have less oils. It also helps your plants’ use of phosphate (which metabolic work to do
  13. 13. and they use more of their nutrients for growth and floral production because they don’t have to make B vitamins “I had a complete feed GROWER LEVEL themselves. Plus, studies show when plants are stressed (which is when they most need B vitamins), that’s when program with high-end HOBBYIST they are least able to make their own vitamins. nutrients. But something was In fact, there are several stressful times in your plants life missing. I found what I lacked when they need extra B vitamins, like when your plants with B52. Now I have stronger are seedlings, new clones, transplants or flowering ... when plants and more weight in my you’re using CO2 augmentation ... and when your plants harvests.” are under other stresses like seed production, extreme Randall, from Missoula, Montana temperatures, or pest and disease attacks. IS THE LACK OF ESSENTIAL VITAMINS HOLDING YOU BACK FROM YOUR BEST HARVEST POSSIBLE? Vitamins help plants grow stronger and more vigorous. Maximum blooms are heading your way. turn page ¾
  14. 14. A B VITAmIN FoRmulA THAT BooSTS YIEld Too? B-52’s GROWER LEVEL Scientists discovered a B vitamin formula PROVEN BENEFITS HOBBYIST is an ideal platform for vitamin-rich components that double as yield-boosting substances. For example, our B-52 formula 45% INCREASED RESISTANCE contains kelp and seaweed extracts which TO STRESS & HEAT contain a variety of compounds, including auxins that increase cell replication and stimulate roots and stems. Plus, several INCREASED EFFICIENCY OF NUTRIENT UPTAKE 0% INCREASED YIELD B-52 IMPROVES YOUR PLANT’S B-52 pumps up your plant’s stamina, energy and productivity so you get larger harvests. PRODUCTIVITY AND HEALTH studies show B vitamins, combined with seaweed and kelp extracts, assist in floral development and ripening, with increases in floral weight and potency as much as 31%! Combine this with the crop protection provided by: ● Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): Enhances systemic resis- tance so your plants are less susceptible to com- mon grow room diseases that often disguise themselves as nutrient disorders while insidiously harming your crops. ● Vitamin B3 (Niacin): An essential substance that contributes to your plants’ metabolism and other basic life functions. Insufficient amounts of B3 lead to slow growth, poor yields and lowered disease re- sistance. ● Vitamin B7 (Biotin): Involved in enzymatic activity, carbohydrate energy production and amino acid Your plants benefit from the best scientists, the synthesis. All three of these areas are implicated in best labs and the best research in the world. the basic health and productivity of your plants.
  15. 15. YouR B VITAmIN FoRmulA INCludES plANT NuTRITIoN FREQUENTLY GROWER LEVEL FoR HIGHER YIEldS ASKED QUESTIONS HOBBYIST Compounded with the B vitamins mentioned above, B-52 contains humates and other sources of plant nutrition that QUESTION: Why do I need to are more easily absorbed by your plants because they are give B-52 to my plants when I administered with B vitamins. And these substances aid am already feeding them a high- the transference of B vitamins into your plants. nutrition fertilizer? With B-52, you can feed either the roots or foliarly, which ANSWER: Plants can make B vitamins makes the healing, stimulating and protective effects of from some fertilizers. But, they expend energy and nutrition to make the B vitamins immediately and completely available to your vitamins. When you provide B vitamins plants. Plus, B-52 works in all types of growing systems in B-52 your plant a ready- and root zone material, including aeroponics, rockwool, made vitamin source ... your plants can soil, coco coir, hydroton, ebb and flow, and all the other focus on floral production. hydroponics gardening methods. QUESTION: I’ve heard that B-52 is really good for young plants. Is this true? FAST FACTS ANSWER: Yes, B-52 is definitely a powerful anti-stress tonic that increases survival of transplants, seedlings and PRODUCT TYPE: clones. B Vitamin Supplement. QUESTION: I am growing all-organic. Can I use B-52? B-52 BENEFITS: • Better Survival Rate For Seedlings, ANSWER: We make the only all-organic Transplants, Clones B vitamin supplement, called Organic B, • Plants More Resistant To Stress And Disease which you should use if you’re growing only organically. • Increased Growth And Yield • Stronger Roots For More Nutrient Uptake GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Company Founders’ NO-RISK, Hobbyist, Expert, Professional and Grand Masters 100% Money Back Growers GUARANTEE WHEN TO USE B-52: B-52 was specifically built for growers just like you, who have Any time plants are under stress, especially during specific demands and expectations from your hydroponic needs. early growth, cloning, transplanting and flowering. When you use B-52 it must perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly into your reservoir and deliver the GARDEN TYPES: goods you’re looking for. B-52 has been specially designed for use with all What’s more..., B-52 will work every time for you using any and hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums mediums. B-52 has been developed for use with any and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. and all hydroponic, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, We guarantee it! flood & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid And when you use B-52 you’ll never have to risk even one penny feed growing systems. because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any reason you’re not absolutely delighted we’ll refund all your MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: money back it’s that simple. Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 3 through 6 of your As always, dedicated to your flowering phase, and during all weeks of vegetative gardening success. growth.
  16. 16. Kick Your Flowering Plants Into Overdrive, and Get Yourself a PRIZE-WINNING FINISH You’ve spent lots of time, money and electricity for size and weight, as well as obvious changes in several weeks of bloom phase ... your plants have been the morphology (appearance, shape, density and blooming several weeks ... they’re showing signs of structure) of your flowers. As peak flowering ends, finishing and being ready for harvest within 1-4 more your plants enter late flowering phase. During this weeks. But it feels useless to wait because your flowers phase, flowers make slight gains or are in a holding won’t get much bigger during those final weeks. At best, pattern, almost like suspended animation ... only adding another 1-6% in weight and size ... On the other hand, you remember that whatever weight and size gains they make may come at the expense of floral quality, as essential oil structures degrade. In some cases, you just harvest your crops. Continued investment of time, materials and money doesn’t seem worth it. But you’ve never been a quitter, and you’re open to a way to overdrive your crops so they come up bigger winners at harvest time. Latest Scientific Discoveries Energize Your Plants Internal Clock to Get Bigger Yields Floral production is nature’s plan for your plants, and it’s hardwired into them. But you can work their flowering cycle to get bigger yields ... It starts when you flip your lights to 12 hours, putting your plants into their flowering schedule (determined by genetics and nature). You witness the schedule visually as you see the tiniest floral structures emerge a few days after you flip to 12 hours. Over time, your flowers swell up, fill in, change their appearance, gain aroma, taste, and develop essential oil structures during your peak flowering phase in the middle trimester of blooming (the precise timing & length depends on the plant strain you’re growing). During peak flowering you see the biggest gains in
  17. 17. Sadly, sometimes, flower quality declines at this GROWER LEVEL point. Soon, it’s obvious you need to harvest. It’s HOBBYIST all part of the natural time-clock built into your “This crop was the plants ... but ... the good news is you can now create a more productive finishing phase for your strongest I’ve ever plants. had. It had to be the Overdrive.” Help Your Plants Jeb, from Tulsa, Oklahoma Achieve Maximum Production One way to rejuvenate your yield potential dur- tantly, if your plants are provided the ing the final trimester of blooming is to give your typical form of nitrogen (ammoniacal plants a special form of nitrogen called nitrate ... nitrogen) during blooming, it can cause Yes, you’ve heard nitrogen is a bad thing during them to channel energy into stem and bloom phase, but that turns out to be a bit inac- leaf production rather than into floral curate. production. Plants do need nitrogen during bloom phase But when they’re given nitrate, they (just not as much as the veg phase). More impor- use it to create enlarged floral structures Your plants will hit a home run in the last inning! Overdrive is your only bud builder created specifically for late season use so you get larger, more potent harvests and increased production at a time when most plants have stopped producing. turn page ¾
  18. 18. instead of stem and leaf. Also important Put Your GROWER LEVEL is stimulating the growing tips of each plant stem that go dormant in late Crops Into Overdrive HOBBYIST bloom phase (the reason why your buds stop gaining size). It’s the same Plus, giving your plants a 1-3-4 dose of properly- thing that happens when our human chelated NPK in late bloom feeds precise ratios of skeleton’s growth tips seal off around macronutrients needed to produce significant gains age 18, and after that we don’t get in flower size and potency when most other growers much taller. have given up and are just waiting to harvest. Scientists have now discovered Taken together, the combination of ingredients we can keep the growth going featured in Overdrive provide your plants: because folic acid, fulvic acid, nitrate, • Increased nutrient uptake & increased photo- potassium, phosphorus, magnesium synthesis and energy and ascorbic acid in late bloom phase revs up photosynthesis & restarts cell • Increased cell expansion & replication for larger replication and expansion at the ends flowers of your growing tips! • Increased creation of internal floral structures Make ‘em do their best for you. You feed Overdrive to your crops in the last few weeks of bloom cycle so you squeeze significant amounts of extra weight, value and quality from your late-bloom plants.
  19. 19. GROWER LEVEL and compounds for increased aroma, Some growers find that Overdrive HOBBYIST taste, potency and market value is especially useful in the following • Increased resistance to drought, heat, situations: stress, diseases, pests and end stage • When plants struggled earlier in exhaustion due to folic acid and other blooming & need to make up for it ingredients by putting on a lot of flower growth • Potential 9-23% gains in harvest weight fast and size during last trimester of growth • With varieties that traditionally do As you can see, using Overdrive is a more not produce large floral clusters, to sophisticated approach than what most bulk them up and make them fatter other growers are doing (just throwing the • When a grower learns they need to same bloom booster at their plants from get an extra large harvest from their week one of flowering until the day of crop due to sudden financial news, harvest). such as finding out that a new baby The simplistic idea that during bloom, is on the way all your plants need is an extra dose of PK, and the last couple of weeks of blooming is In all cropping situations, you procure just a waiting game without significant size, Overdrive now and use it in any weight and quality gains possible … this hydroponics or soil system to get a prize idea is now proven wrong. Using Overdrive, winning finish to your bloom season you make your plants accomplish what was that makes every minute, every watt, never before thought possible at the end of and every bit of your effort pay off more bloom phase. for you. PERIOD OF 7 WEEKS FLOWER SIZE & WEIGHT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 The Numbers Prove It! Without Overdrive, your crops stop producing size, weight and potency in late bloom cycle. But when you use Overdrive, your crops get a new spark of growth late in life, so they keep on producing for you far longer than they normally would. turn page ¾
  20. 20. Frequently Asked Questions GROWER LEVEL HOBBYIST QUESTION: I use your Big Bud with Connoisseur and “I can’t believe the get fantastic results. So why is Overdrive also very difference in taste. I’m useful for me? ANSWER: Big Bud is indeed a top-producing bloom sold.” booster and Connoisseur is a premium bloom base Jeb, from Tulsa, Oklahoma nutrients formula. But our studies find that bloom phase has sub-phases during which very specific types and ratios of ingredients are required. For plants in their last 2-3 weeks of growth, the ingredients in Overdrive are more effective at increasing crop value than Big Bud, which is used earlier in bloom cycle. And no matter what FAST FACTS base nutrients you use, Overdrive gives you increased late season production. QUESTION: I used Overdrive and it did not increase the size as much as it increased the potency, aroma PRODUCT TYPE: and taste. Is this a normal thing to expect? Late-Season Bloomer ANSWER: In some crops, depending on genetics, crop environment, grower skill, and other nutrients being OVERDRIVE BENEFITS: used, you might see both a crop size and a crop quality increase. In other situations, Overdrive will primarily Larger, Denser Flowers increase the percentages of essential oils, aromatics and More Essential Oils other value-adding compounds in your flowers. More Aromatics QUESTION: What about pH and PPM when I use Overdrive? More Taste ANSWER: If you are using Overdrive as part of our Bigger More Attractive Flowers Yields System, you have no need to be concerned about pH and PPM. Just use Overdrive as directed- the System Higher Market Price For Flowers is configured to balance all formulas together to be at the Larger Harvests ideal absorbability and strength. If you are using Overdrive without using the System, it can increase PPM by as much More Production Per Watt During Lasts Weeks as 200 PPM, and you would need to monitor your nutrient Of Bloom Phase strength accordingly. GROWER EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Company Founders’ NO-RISK, Hobbyist, Expert, Professional and Grand Masters 100% Money Back Growers. GUARANTEE WHEN TO USE OVERDRIVE: Overdrive was specifically built for growers just like you, who have specific During last trimester of bloom phase. demands and expectations from your hydroponic needs. When you use Overdrive it must perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily GARDEN TYPES: and quickly into your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re looking for. Overdrive has been specially designed for use What’s more..., Overdrive will work every time for you using any and with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums and all growing mediums. Overdrive has been developed hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters for use with any and all hydroponic, aeroponic, and continuous liquid feed growing systems. We guarantee it! drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, drip emitters and And when you use Overdrive you’ll never have to risk even one penny continuous liquid feed growing systems. because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any reason you’re not absolutely delighted MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: we’ll refund all your money back it’s that simple. Use 2 mL per Liter during weeks 5 and 6 or the As always, dedicated to your gardening success. last 2 weeks of your flowering phase.