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Advanced Nutrients thesystemmagalog

  1. 1. HOW TO GROW BIGGERBUDS A Brain Dead Simple System • Plus, GREAT News For Growers Who Want A Complete, “Done For You” Systematic Solution To Growing And Much, MUCH MORE! .................. Page 8 • The Japanese Engineering Breakthrough That’s Allowing Growers To Multiply Their Yields Within The Same Bloom Time! ........................ Page 14 • The “Secret” Grand Master Growers Have Used To Win Every Major Growing Competition In The World! ............................................................... Page 18 • Here’s How Grand Master Growers Force More Nutrients Into High-Profit Plants, Incredibly FAST! ......................................................................... Page 24 • Discover How This Easy Way Of Boosting Your Plant’s Roots Gets You Bigger Harvests.. Page 34 • Getting The Biggest Yields… From Your Bloom Booster ............................................................................. Page 38 • Now You Can Greatly Speed Your Plant’s Growth Phase And Give Them The Extra- Strength They Need For Maximum Size, Weight and Potency When They Finally Bloom! ............................. Page 108
  2. 2. TM
  3. 3. AdvAnced nutrients CHARTER Of RESpONSIBILITY AND ETHICS (C.O.R.E.) ADVANCED NUTRIENTS BELIEVES THAT a business that earns make a difference and will work with and support those individuals money from its community has a social responsibility to put and organizations who are actively committed to making a that community first, directly support, be an integral part of, and difference for our community and the people in it. give back to that community, it must have a deep respect for individuals inside and outside of the communities of which they Look running a business that is ethical and responsible isn't are a part of. the easiest thing to do. But it's absolutely the right way to run a business-and the only way. And that's why Advanced Nutrients has a progressive, non partisan responsibility to help meet human needs and eliminate We believe leadership comes from the front and must set an social and economic injustices and inequalities in our local, example for other businesses in our community, and because we national and international communities by integrating our are an international organization the companies that we touch principles into practices. and do business with around the world must see this. What's more, we feel we have a moral and social obligation Moreover, we believe we have no choice because we are to take a stand when our community is being treated unfairly doing this as a lifelong commitment. In fact, it's that very belief or with prejudice. Especially when those injustices are coming that drives the C.O.R.E. of Advanced Nutrients team members directly from other companies that are making a profit from our and is our way of doing business on a daily basis. community. Talk soon, We also understand our clients and communities power to Big Mike :-) 5
  4. 4. what’s different about us W hen you decide to buy an Advanced amount of pressure on every team member Nutrient product what you’re really in our entire organization to continually “Advanced Nutrients buying is peace-of-mind. Here’s give you the very best products, information has created more why. You’re a client to us not a customer. and drives constant innovation -- anything Industry firsts What’s the difference? A customer is somebody you do business with and then for less and we would have to suffer the embarrassment of having to send you to one for our growing all practical purposes forget about. A client of our competitors. community than is under the care, guidance and protection of any other an expert in the field. Think about it, because that’s a very important distinction. And this isn’t lip service. It’s absolute doctrine at Advanced Nutrients, you are a hydroponics client first and foremost, your long term company, Moreover, all Advanced Nutrients team success is the essential part of our company period.” members take this responsibility seriously. culture. In fact, they realize the importance of • First to do testing on the types of plants you putting your success first. That’s one of the You see, Advanced Nutrients is the Hydroponics industries thought leader and grow, and in the types of gardens you grow reasons all team members are so passionate in. about getting you using the best products, innovator. When you use any Advanced information and results for your crops. Nutrients product you are getting the best • First and still the only Hydroponics technologies available to you. I realize this company to have an all out “real” PhD Because they realize anything less, and may sound like a bunch of “ yea sure that’s staffed research team. they’ll be putting you at a disadvantage. what they all say” to you. Maybe it is to And that doesn’t mean just using Advanced you... But maybe it’s not. And if it’s not. • First to develop and deploy a self adjusting Nutrients products, if there is a better product Then what? So I want you to take the time to pH line of base nutrients and supplements out there they have been given very clear consider this for a moment. so you won’t have to balance or adjust your instructions to recommend that product even nutrients pH ever again. if it’s a competing product with one of our Advanced Nutrients has created more own products. Industry firsts for our growing community • First to invent and use beneficial microbes than any other hydroponics company, period. to balance and maintain pH. Now when you think about that last In fact, here’s your very long list of them. statement it obviously puts a tremendous Take a quick look and judge for yourself... • First to use 100% chelated micronutrients giving you full protection over an ultra wide pH range. • First to use chelated macro nutrients. • First to use a new class of pH buffering technologies. • First to invent pH activated and balancing molecular technologies. • First to do daily tissue samples in relevant garden settings. • First to invent sealed grow rooms for the hydroponics community with total environmental controls (these rooms are known in the industry as “The Perfect Room”). • First to create patented engineered fertilizer programs. Advanced Nutrients: The leader in developing cutting-edge scientific solutions for your • First to give you beneficial bacteria and unique hydroponic needs. fungi. 6
  5. 5. • First to give you root zone enhancers. “...if there is a • First to offer you toll-free and online better product out technical support. there they have • Invented the feed chart. been given very clear instructions • Invented the nutrient calculator. to recommend • First and only company to offer a 100% that product even performance guarantee. if it’s a competing • First and one of the few to use hot water product with manufacturing for superior dissolving of one of our own all liquid products. products.” • First to use multiple element filtering of all products. So you start to take a walk around and see merchants everywhere. As you come • First hydroponics company to use bloom around a corner there he is, the great master cofactors, and other specialty components himself, Leonardo da Vinci sitting in a chair that stimulate growth to get you bigger surrounded by all these really wonderful yields. inventions and beautiful works of art. So you stop and stare at all of his original works • First to use ultra-purified reverse osmosis and inventions. water for manufacturing products. Most hydroponics nutrient companies still use Advanced Nutrients: The “Da Vinci” of To your amazement they’re all for sale tap water to manufacture their products. hydroponics companies. and when you reach into your pocket -- sure enough -- you have plenty of money. So you • First to use standardized reverse osmosis • First to offer a total system that takes care start to negotiate for one of his works of art. water “tuning” in all manufacturing of your entire plant. But just before you’re ready to hand him facilities and labs. This enables all water used to manufacture and test with is your money you notice another merchant 30 exactly the same anywhere in the world. • First to offer beneficial microbes and other feet away and he has what looks like some And is the same technology used by products that protect grow rooms without of the same stuff Leonardo has. Coca Cola, Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch to toxic effects. So you approach him and ask him his price. ensure you always get the same consistent • Invented carbohydrate supplements for He offers you better prices and he says to product. plants. you that he has a similar work of art like the • First to use hormone-producing microbes. one you were just looking at, in fact he even • First to use amino acids in bloom boosters. claims it’s exactly the same as Leonardo’s • First to use beneficial enzymes. work. • First to identify the specific ratios of macro • First to offer varietal nutrient mixture ratio and micro nutrients your plants need for However under very close scrutiny you and formulation. bigger yields. discover it’s not “just the same”. In fact, • First to have perfectly balanced cations the workmanship is shoddy and it lacks • First to offer email tech support, inspiration. Well which one are you going to entertainment media, and gardening and anion based nutrients that control pH in your growing medium. buy? The answer is really obvious. Isn’t it? videos. Ok enough already, and I’m sure there are So why would you want to compromise • First to create products that stimulate plant when it comes to buying your hydroponics immune systems. lots more that I haven’t remembered yet. It’s a fact the entire hydroponics nutrient nutrients? Truthfully, you wouldn’t • First to offer symbiotic synthetic-organic industry has been chasing and imitating us knowingly do so, would you? And hybrid fertilizers. for years. Which brings me to something personally, I don’t want you to either, that’s else... why I listed all of Advanced Nutrient’s • First to make hydro-organic formulas that hydroponics industry “firsts” and leading work perfectly no matter what garden you Imagine just for a few moments you could inventions for you More importantly, I want use them in. jump into a time machine and be transported you to be absolutely sure when you make back to the year 1504. Boom! There you are your choices -- it’s going to be the right one • First to do competitive product testing. ... it’s Saturday morning and you’re standing for you and your plants. Thanks for taking in the outdoor market in Florence Italy. the time to read this, you’ll find the rest of • First to offer products in easy to use It’s a sunny day, the sky is clear blue, the this magazine interesting and informative. packaging, foil pouches, and hydro- temperature is in the mid 70’s, and there’s a friendly configurations. gentle breeze blowing across your face. Enjoy:-) BigMike 7
  6. 6. Announcing: pH- PERFECT TM Tired of pH Pens and Complicated Feed Charts? Amazing Breakthrough “Brain-Dead-Simple” Flowering System Uses New pH and PPM Technologies So You Can Throw Away Your Pens and Meters Forever! Think about it, a Flowering System that will give you… l Proven Bigger Yields l Potent, Easy Mix & Use Formulas l New, Powerful, Flower Fattening Formulas l Formulas That Work Together For Your Biggest Yields l A Driving Push That Flowers Your Plants To Their True Genetic Potential l pH-Perfect - No More Balancing TM Your pH And PPM Ever Again! 8
  7. 7. World Exclusive! H ave you had enough of all those mind numbing complicated feed charts, schedules, pH-PPM pens, meters, different feed rates and all kinds of other hard to figure out gadgets? It’s messy. It’s time-consuming. It’s virtually impossible to figure out, let alone get it right. Plus, all those bottles of calibration solutions, pH-up, pH-down chemicals and the tiny holes they burn into your shirts and pants. You’ve been frustrated asking: “Hey, will somebody just give me a fast, easy and simple to use bigger yield getting nutrient flowering system?” Advanced Nutrients listened to you. The answer is yes. You’ll find out how in just a minute. But first a little about the charts, schedules and programs. Heck we invented the things to begin with, and since then all the other nutrient companies have got in line and followed like a shadow with their own feed charts and take on things. This whole nutrient thing has gotten out of hand, and a whole lot more complicated. We never intended for it to get this way. We had created an industry wide monster and had to make things right... because there had to be an easier way. turn page ¾ 9
  8. 8. Now You Have the I realize you’re probably saying to yourself right now, what the heck does this have to do with me getting bigger Nutrient Flowering System yields? Just hang with me for a few moments and I will You Asked For explain it all. When we decided to create the It’s because the McDonald’s system is powerful, world’s easiest to use and most consistent, simple and so comprehensively effective that powerful flowering system, it was owning a McDonald’s franchise is literally a license to important that we get it right. So we print your own money. interviewed hundreds of growers And that’s not all, even first-time business owners make worldwide, just like you, to find out big bucks running the McDonald’s system. Because the exactly what you wanted from your entire well being of your business has been thought out hydroponics nutrients. and everything your business needs is taken care of for And guess what? It was back to work you. All you do is follow the system and harvest your big we went. We gathered up the team piles of cash. of 12 scientists with their army of research assistants and “worked our What does all this have to do with you? The Bigger butts off” over the next 33 months, Yields Flowering SystemTM provides a rock solid reworking everything from the ground complete, consistent and comprehensive system that up and made it purpose-built to automatically takes care of your entire plant for you at every give you a continuously bigger yield stage of growth, from its roots to the very top of your flowers producing punch than ever before, and everything in between. streamlining your workload. That’s why Stop and imagine what it would mean to you to walk into your you’ll certainly appreciate The Bigger garden and see the kind of crops you’ve always known were Yields Flowering SystemTM. It takes possible and always dreamed of. all the guesswork out of you getting the biggest yields, no matter what level of Big fat juicy harvests with towering buds, so sweet and gardener you are. succulent that when other growers see pictures of your crop they ask: “damn what the heck did you do?” and when your From Hamburger friends and customers look at your finished product and take those long intoxicating smells... they’ll have that look on their Millionaires to Bigger- face, which says it all. Harvest Hydroponics… Here’s how The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM will How You Can Use the Time- continually deliver your dream harvests… Proven-Power of a “System” and Get Your Bigger Yields Amped-Up Base Nutrients, Special Advantage “Right Now” Supplements and the Simplest Bigger Yields Flowering System Ever Devised! Ever wondered why so many savvy people spend millions of dollars to buy You told us you wanted to spend even less time and fuss in a McDonald’s franchise? your garden while getting still bigger harvest rewards. So New Breakthrough Formula Connoisseur, Sensi Bloom and Grow-Micro-Bloom now contain & combine at a higher level with these extra products to give you even Bigger Yields Guaranteed 10
  9. 9. University Developed Finally Someone Who Gets It Never being one to get in over my head, I’ve always kind of stuck with a base nutrients two-part and a bloom booster. My friend said I’d see bigger harvests using your System, but I was scared it would make more work for me. But when I looked at your System I realized you guys really understand what its all about and have it all figured out. So I got two Bigger Yields Bundles (Hobbyist and Expert) and put them together like the chart says, along with the new Sensi base. Not only was mixing this stuff easier than ever, but I didn’t have to pH it and I also found that the plants grew quicker and the bloom time was shorter but a larger harvest. Your system worked better than expected. Much thanks for getting it right. Mark, from Gainesville, Florida we developed the System to have a bold and broader range of nutrient availability than you’ll ever find with any other company’s nutrients. How did we do it? The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM nutrients are coated with multiple sources of unique and powerful compounds, causing your Macro and Micro nutrients to become powerful microscopic magnets attracted to your plant’s roots. These coatings give your nutrients tremendous flexibility to work at an extremely wide pH range. Opening up your plants cellular floodgates to rapidly inhale everything you feed them so they steadily make larger and fatter flowers to give you 1. Chemists ensure all your nutrients give you the widest pH absorption range with- out any nutrient precipitation or lockout. branch-bending-bounties. Imagine Never Again Having to Check and Adjust pH Let me be a bit more specific... The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM has a proprietary technology called pH-PerfectTM that automatically puts your nutrient solutions pH and PPM into the “sweet spot” for optimum growth and flowering, and it’s built into every growing level of The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM eliminating you having to fool with pesky pH meters and PPM calculations. Here’s how easy it is: if the water you use to mix your nutrients has a pH between 4.5 and 8.5 pH (and that’s pretty much everyone’s water) then you’ll never have to balance your pH or for that matter ever add a single drop of pH up or down to your reservoir. And how about never again having to remember complicated measuring and application data? Well, we heard you. All the base nutrients have been standardized at 4 ml per Liter, so mixing and use is ridiculously easy. Now get this, all the supplements have been standardized as well.You only need to mix 2 ml per Liter. In fact it’s this way for all the supplements used in all four of the growing levels: Hobbyist, Expert, Professional and Grand Master with each level “stacking” on top of each other, then you choose your base nutrients, and 2. Microbiologists meticulously select all beneficial microbes for ‘super strains” to guarantee you a bigger root mass and away you go, that’s how The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM plant development. works. Incredibly simple, isn’t it? turn page ¾ 11
  10. 10. Who Advanced Nutrients Is products for growers that do just that: Create off-the-chart quality, NOT For pristine appearance and bigger yields. Our nutrients are certainly not for l Don’t Have Compassion For Their Fellow Man – If they’re not everyone…only growers who want willing to give a helping hand to people who are in need of their to see a difference and take their assistance or expertise. Then listen up: Advanced Nutrients gives gardens to the next level, growers who all the time. We’ve donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in want to really increase the quality of nutrients and equipment over the years. Obviously giving is the their product and get bigger yields. right thing to do. Advanced Nutrients is not the right fit for those people who... No Dinosaurs Allowed: l Are Looking for Cheap Nutrients Unleash Your Plant’s True Genetic Potential and Could Care less What Goes Into and Get 9 Products for the Price of 4 Them – Advanced Nutrients cost more because you get more: High quality It’s now really easy for you to realize the fact that your grower and bigger yields, but in order for us friends are stuck in the “old hard way,” formulas and charts that, to give you that it cost us a lot of money. well... qualify as dinosaurs. Not you though because you’ll be using We use premium ingredients and run a new state-of-the-art flowering technologies and five brand new full blown research staff of 12 PhDs, full hydroponics industry breakthroughs that like a world class athlete, tech support and a 100% guarantee on will push your plants to their true genetic potential. all products. Even Better, you’ll save more money with the new Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM when you buy the all new 5 in 1 Connoisseur, l Don’t Take Pride in Their Crop Sensi Bloom or Grow-Micro-Bloom base nutrients along with the – If they don’t care about the quality, Hobbyist Bigger Yields BundleTM. Because it’s exactly the same as appearance or outcome of their harvest. getting 9 products for the price of 4, Sensi Bloom or Grow-Micro- They can look elsewhere. Because Bloom base nutrients now contains and combines at a higher level everything Advanced Nutrients does is the award winning products H-2, F-1, Wet Betty and a special blend all about our pride in carefully crafting of Amino Acids; when you buy the Hobbyist Bigger Yields Bundle which contains Big Bud, VooDoo Juice, B-52 and Overdrive, you’ll also get the Overdrive for Free. Actually we do mean it when we say award winning products and breakthrough technologies. Let me explain, and these are absolute facts, we’re not trying to brag or anything like that (well ok ... maybe just a little), and because you’re probably not aware of these facts, and of course they’re important ones when you’re buying The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM. l Advanced Nutrients has won every major growing competition in the world, no other nutrient company has even come close to our continuing string of victories. l Advanced Nutrients is the hydroponics industry’s “technologies leader” responsible to date for 31 technological breakthroughs and patents that has elevated the science of hydroponics for the GET THE STACK! Start Stacking your Bigger Yields Bundles for Eve Hobbyist Expert Professional Bundle Grower Bundle Grower Bundle 12
  11. 11. entire industry and made your growing easier and more profitable, Inside Look including the five new pioneering technologies employed now in The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM. Anyway, back to what I was saying, here’s the deal. At the Expert Grower Level you get Final Phase for Free. The Professional Grower Level gives you SensiZym for Free and at the Grand Master Grower Level you’ll receive your Rhino Skin absolutely Free. So go right now and ask the store owner or one of the staff to show you The Bigger Yields Flowering SystemTM and remember to ask for your Bigger Yields Bundle. As you have clearly discovered getting bigger yields and bigger savings has never been so easy. Enjoy. Company Founders’ NO-RISK, 100% Money Back GUARANTEE 1. pH- balancing technologies automatically make sure your plants get maximized feeding no matter what pH your water is. When you use the Bigger Yields Bundles along with one of our new and improved super-potent base nutrients, you get the easiest, most valuable, biggest yields ever. And in addition to that... you never have to bother yourself with pH or PPM again when you use your Bigger Yields Bundles with any of our base nutrients. That’s right… just mix your Bigger Yields Bundle formulas and our base nutrients in any type of water with a pH range of 4.5 to 8.5 and you’ll see your plants rapidly inhale all the nutrients they need for bigger yields. No pH metering or adjusting needed! And get this: your Bigger Yields Bundles continually fattens your flowers while making them taste so much better. Special carbohydrates and other natural ingredients make your flowers taste like cotton candy. Unique chelates rinse unused nutrients from your crop to give you a clean, sweet taste that everyone will crave. Your entire plant - from your huge root mass to the tops of your gargantuan flowers is automatically taken care of when you use our Bigger Yields Bundles along with one of our superb new and improved base nutrients. 2. Cellular pathways are powerfully activated so you get increased quantity and quality of yields. Best of all, you’re using the only pH-PerfectTM nutrients The System guaranteed to give you bigger more consistent yields, much less work and you never risk even one penny because if for any reason you are not absolutely delighted just return this Bundle for a full refund. As always, dedicated to your gardening success. “Big Mike” Straumietis Eugene Yordanov Robert Higgins To watch pH-PerfectTM Technology in action go to: 3. Bud building amino acids are paired with special proteins that immediately transfer the L-amino acids for enhanced floral growth. en Bigger Harvests and Savings Grand Master Grower Bundle 13 4. Immerse your roots in highly active bud potentiaters that surge through your plants to get you thicker bigger buds.
  12. 12. PART B 12 Plant PhD’s Discover The Japanese Engineering Breakthrough That’s Allowing Growers To Multiply Their Yields Within The Same Bloom Time! W e all want our plants to get into “The secret”, says Dr. Savov, “Is we implement peak bloom phase faster and to the Japanese engineering principle of continuous yield a bigger harvest. Now, a improvement – called kaizen – into developing a better 2-part premium bloom base fertilizer. The principle team of one dozen plant PhD’s of kaizen states that small, continual improvements and their research assistants at each step of a multi-part process equals a much believe they have found the larger, compounded total increase in performance in answer … the final product.” 14
  13. 13. floral production, the scientists developed a CoMpound IMproveMenT … proprietary blend of floral growth co-factors to The MoST poWerful, plAnT GroWInG activate and control these core issues. forCe In The unIverSe? These co-factors include amino acids and M amino acid precursors essential to protein NuTrIENT uch like Albert Einstein called compound formation which promote cellular metabolism, interest, “the most powerful force in the replication and other bloom processes. In BASE universe” — these small, continuous addition, other proprietary co-factors create improvements at each phase of a multi-part enhanced changes in how plants carry out process yield a very powerful, impressive bloom phase functions. end result. Let’s examine how the scientists improved So, when it comes to a premium bloom base these phases in developing the ultra-premium, fertilizer — a team of 12 PhD’s working for 2-part bloom base nutrient for Grand Master Advanced Nutrients in a leading Bulgarian Growers – Connoisseur! research lab simply found multiple ways to Instead of using low-quality, questionable improve upon each stage of the two-part ingredients — the team at Advanced Nutrients process of growing plants. In the end, it worked exceptionally well to achieve a bigger, compounded, yield — in at least one documented head-to-head, consumer trial — over 40% bigger! hoW ThIS SCIenTIfIC BreAkThrouGh GeTS Your plAnTS InTo BlooM fASTer And MulTIplIeS TheIr YIeld WIThouT InCreASInG Your BlooM TIMe F irst, the scientists wanted to improve upon the actual ingredients used in their 2-part formula. The idea was to give you better “building blocks” for your plants to use to get bigger yields, more colorful flowers, a stronger aroma and maximum potency. This was the first stage the team improved upon. Next, they wanted to enhance your plant’s abilities to get the maximum absorption of these nutrients because having the highest quality ingredients without ensuring your plants can fully absorb them is worthless. The scientists discovered that most growers aren’t seeing bigger yields with other fertilizers because their plants aren’t able to effectively absorb the nutrients being used. Obviously, improving the absorption abilities of your plant greatly compounds A team of 12 scientists completely reengineered every the effectiveness of the high quality aspect of bloom phase base nutrients and discovered ingredients being used! Lastly, in an effort to how to get your plants into bloom phase faster so you maximize every part of your plant’s deepest get bigger, more potent buds that are worth more to core levels of plant bloom metabolism and you, your friends, and your associates. turn page ¾ 15
  14. 14. invested heavily in putting to use only the most potent, most effective, most proven ingredients possible (ingredients no other company uses because of the high cost to both source and manufacture these NuTrIENT ingredients into bloom fertilizers!) BASE hoW To enSure Your plAnT GeTS The MAXIMuM upTAke of nuTrIenTS ... T o start with, every single one of the micro- nutrients used in Connoisseur is chelated so you get maximum absorption and uptake of these amino chelates into your plants. With a theoretical absorption range of pH 1-10, this in effect means you get the highest absorption rate possible of these life-giving micronutrients for as long as your plant is alive! Connoisseur actually changes your plants’ bloom metabolism and timing so your flowers go into peak bloom What’s more, Advanced Nutrients, has earlier and stay there long, giving you more essential oils also invested heavily into chelating a high and size. The kicker is that your bloom phase doesn’t get percentage of the macro-nutrients used in any longer. You get heavier, more devastating buds, in the Connoisseur to get your plants to bloom same amount of time as your previous crop cycles! faster and keep them in that bloom phase longer! you get more satisfied and repeat customers! l The bottom line? You get more profits per each crop cycle! hoW GroWerS of hIGh profIT plAnTS Are MAkInG More MoneY WhY noT GIve ConnoISSeur WITh ThIS one, SIMple A rISk-free TrY TodAY? SCIenTIfIC BreAThrouGh I ... l You’ve seen how the proprietary 2-part fertilizer formula was developed by a team of 12 PhD’s working for the f you count on your plants to make you leading plant growing research laboratory in the world … money, you’re going to love Connoisseur! l You’ve seen how the unique principle of small continuous Here’s why commercial growers of rare and profit-producing plants love this improvements to each phase of the 2-step base formula comprehensive hydroponics fertilizer produces a more powerful, compounded total yield in your formula … plants … l You get a faster time to peak bloom time l You’ve seen just a few of the most potent, most pure, … meaning you get to sell your plants most effective ingredients that went into the Connoisseur faster! blend … l You get more flowers and more weight l You’ve met other growers like yourself, who were skeptical per flower … which means more money at first but now praise Connoisseur because it’s giving them per plant! up to 40% increase in their harvest yields … l You get more aroma, more taste, and l And you know Advanced Nutrients fully stands behind more color in your plants … which means Connoisseur and every other product they sell with their 16
  15. 15. NuTrIENT BASE Connoisseur gives you the world’s leading flower-boosting base nutrients formula. 100% full money back guarantee. Either you’re ecstatic How You’re Guaranteed To Get More Size, about the results you get in your plants — or you get your More Flavor and More Value From Your Plants money back. In The Same Bloom Time … don’T deCIde noW ... puT ConnoISSeur Company Founders’ NO-RISK, To The TeST WITh Your plAnTS! 100% Money Back F GUARANTEE irst, make sure there’s enough space in your Connoisseur was specifically built for growers just like you, who grow room to handle the increase in size have very specific demands and expectations from your hydroponics you’re going to be seeing in your plants needs. When you use Connoisseur it must perform flawlessly for in just a few short weeks. Next, simply go you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly into your reservoir and to your favorite retail shop that carries deliver the goods you’re looking for. Advanced Nutrients products and tell them What’s more..., Connoisseur will work every time for you using you want to try out Connoisseur. any and all hydroponics, soil or sphagnum growing mediums and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, flood & drain, Then when you get home, follow the drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing systems. We simple, step-by-step directions included to guarantee it. put it to the test with your plants. Then watch And when you use Connoisseur you’ll never have to risk even one in amazement as you see your flowers go penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any into peak bloom phase faster and develop reason you’re not absolutely delighted in peak bloom longer. we’ll refund all your money back it’s that simple. The only thing left will be answering all your friends’ questions about what you’re As always, dedicated to your doing when they want to know what’s gardening success. causing the bigger growth … more flavor … and more color in your plants. 17
  16. 16. Part A Part B It’s The Latest In Scientific, “5-in-1” Bloom Phase Technology … The Secret Grand Master Growers Have Used To Win Every Major Growing Competition In The World! N ow, you don’t have to be an expert, grand different plant improving formulas into one breakthrough master grower in order to get bigger, juicier, 2-part bloom base nutrient. more aromatic, and more potent buds from your What’s more: you’ll never have to worry about pH issues plants. All you have to do is put the same secret grand again because these scientists have completely eliminated master growers have used to win every major growing the need for pH-PPM metering or even adjusting pH competition in the world to use with your plants. levels with their patented pH-Perfect™ Technology. Here’s the story: recently, a respected team of over a All this in effect means it is now possible for even dozen plant scientists and graduate assistants discovered, the most inexperienced hydroponics rookie to start after 109 man-years of research, how to combine 5 experiencing “pro level” juicy yields and buds! 18
  17. 17. The “Secret” 5 Part Plant Maximizing Formula How To Get The Optimal Amounts and How Science Ensures Get You Bigger, Juicier Of Micro and Macro Nutrients Buds From Your Plants Because of It! For A Bigger Yield Ingredient #1 ensures that the nutrients in this formulation To ensure your plants get the most out of the NutrieNt get into your plants as quickly as possible. It’s an organic nutrients you’re feeding them, the scientists surfactant called Wet Betty and it does something every Base rely on chelation to enhance absorption. In plant grower wants … fact, this 5-in-1 formula contains the optimum … Surfactants are wetting agents that lower the surface number of chelated macronutrients that your tension of a liquid (in this case, nutrient-rich water) allowing plants need for faster growth and bigger easier spreading and uptake of nutrients into your plants. blooms. Which of course means your plants will get the organic In addition, the following micronutrients nutrients they crave faster and more efficiently than ever are 100% chelated: iron, zinc, manganese, before — which greatly increases your plant’s bloom yield. molybdenum, copper, boron and cobalt … Ingredients #2 and #3 are humic and fulvic acids. These which of course means … your plants more organic acids give your plants an edge when it comes to easily absorb and use these nutrients — giving growing quicker, stronger, and bigger … with less stress … you bigger buds and more yield from the same than with any other formulation. Here’s how … bloom time! The humic provides natural carrier compounds that transport nutrients and vitamins into plants more efficiently, so your plants grow faster and have stronger cellular processes. In addition, the fulvic here gives you quicker nutrient absorption, nutrient transport, and more cellular metabolism. Together, they work synergistically to maximize the time your plants spend in bloom. And ingredient #4 completes the package because it’s ... The Bodybuilding Secret That Gives Your Plants Bigger, More Potent Buds! In the sport of bodybuilding, athletes supplement with amino acids to help fuel muscle growth because they’re the essential “building blocks” on which protein growth is based. But your plants can benefit from the addition of amino acids too! That’s why the 4th ingredient in this one of a kind 2-part base nutrient is amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks of proteins that fuel metabolic pathways for enhanced floral and essential oil production. Sensi Bloom contains surfactants, amino acids, fulvic Ingredient #5 is, of course, the actual plant- acid, humic acid, macronutrients, secondary nutrients and maximizing nutrients themselves. But, you micronutrients scientifically combined to power your flowers should know … to bigger value, potency and weight. turn page ¾ 19
  18. 18. How This New Plant Growing Technology Maximizes Your KICK-ASS FERTILIZER HYDROPONICS GROWER SATISFACTION SENSI Bloom Phase So You Get A BLOOM Huge Harvest You Can Be Proud Of NutrieNt This team of respected scientists and their Base graduate assistants worked around the clock to ensure this nutrient worked unlike any other: OK, BUT NOTHING SPECIAL • You get earlier flowering with more budding CANNA sites … GENERAL HYDROPONICS • You get a shorter internode length and more BOTANICARE TECHNAFLORA buds per stem … • You get thicker diameter flowers with better floral structure because the powerful, pure VERY UNHAPPY ingredients feed your plants more effectively … ADVANCED NUTRIENTS ALWAYS WINS THE GROWER SATISFACTION Growers just like you who’ve compared Sensi AWARD. TRY SENSIBLOOM NOW, AND YOU’LL SEE WHY. • You get more time in peak bloom because your Bloom to competing bloom bases say that plants flower earlier giving you more weight, Sensi Bloom kicks ass, but the other nutrients more aroma, more color and more potency … are disappointing, not worth the money, and a If they had stopped there, you would still have waste of time and electricity. seen an impressive increase in your total yield. Why You’ll Never Have To Worry About pH Levels Again However, in developing this advanced 2-part bloom fertilizer – Sensi Bloom — this team of scientists went the extra mile! If you’ve ever experienced off-color leaves, slow growth or low yield with your plants … then you’ve probably noticed these problems coincide with mysterious pH and PPM fluctuations. It’s one of the biggest obstacles to getting “pro level” yields from your plants. In fact, many growers find that manually checking and adjusting pH levels two times per day, to try to keep their plants growth stable and maximized is tiring, time consuming and one of the biggest challenges of trying to get bigger yields. However, these scientists discovered how to completely eliminate pH checking forever with their proprietary pH-Perfect™ Technology. In short, as long as your water falls between 4.5 and How do you get bigger, higher quality flowers 8.5 pH (which is pretty much everyone’s water)— without working extra hard to do it? Use Sensi this technology adjusts your pH for you and keeps it Bloom and you’ll get more from your plants with buffered there throughout your plants bloom cycle. less work and time. That’s because Sensi Bloom is pH perfect, so it feeds your plants faster and Which means you’ll never have to manually adjust more efficiently, with no worries about pH your pH … you’ll never have to worry that your metering! plants aren’t in the premium growing environment 20
  19. 19. …all you have to do is add the bloom base nutrient Sensi l You’ve seen how Sensi Bloom started with Bloom and the pH-Perfect™ Technology takes care of all only the purest, most potent ingredients that for you! and then was improved upon with the ad- dition of amino acids … fulvic and humic The Ideal Ratios, Already Dialed In For You ... acids … and the correct use of both macro NutrieNt and micro chelation to ensure you get only It’s a known fact that the further you move away from the best, most effective components … Base feeding your plants their ideal nutrient ratios, potency and yield rapidly deteriorate. l You’ve seen how the addition of Advanced Nutrient’s proprietary pH-Perfect™ Tech- You see, your plants use a small amount of phosphorus nology makes it possible for you to never during flowering, but what they really love to use is nitrogen worry about pH or PPM monitoring ever and potassium. The scientists at Advanced Nutrients again … discovered this only after taking thousands of weekly tissue samples from buds, stems, leaves and roots of many varieties l You’ve met other growers like yourself, using gas chromatography analysis throughout all phases of who were skeptical at first but now will plant growth. never use anything but Sensi Bloom be- cause it’s giving them nearly double the Other nutrient companies are over-using phosphorus in harvest yields and up to 3 inches of growth hydroponic bloom fertilizers. And to compound problems, per day … they use high levels of ingredients like mono ammonium phosphate (MAP) or diammonium phosphate (DAP). These l And you know Advanced Nutrients fully substances are what give some plants their harsh taste. stands behind Sensi Bloom and every other product they sell with their 100% full mon- But the good news is: with Sensi Bloom you’re guaranteed ey back guarantee. Either you’re overjoyed to have the correct nutrient ratios for your plants! about the results you get in your plants — or you get all your money back. “I can’t afford some of the better fertilizers So why not you offer. I have a student loan to pay off get Started today? and a rusty car. I have to be careful with my money. One day I will be able to afford Connoisseur, which I have heard is the most powerful two-part bloom fertilizer ever made. Until I can afford it, I am quite happy with Sensi Bloom two-part. I have nice, juicy harvests from it and it’s easy to use. It costs less and it works just fine. That’s all you can ask for in a bloom fertilizer. Good price and good value.” Irv, from Bend, Oregon How You Are Guaranteed Bigger, Juicier, More Potent Yields From Your Plants ... Advanced Nutrients offers a 100% money-back guarantee of satisfaction with this product. ISn’t It tIme you gave SenSI Bloom a no-rISk try? l You’ve seen how a team of scientists found a way to com- bine 5 different products into one powerful 2-part bloom Scientists designed Sensi Bloom to increase the fertilizer … yields of your plants. turn page ¾ 21
  20. 20. There’s No Need To pH or PPM monitoring—just add the nutrients as directed.) Then you’ll sit back and watch as your Decide Now Put Sensibloom plants grow bigger and heavier and with more color To The Test With Your Plants! than ever before. NutrieNt If you’d agree that getting bigger, juicier, The only thing you’ll have to do after that is tell more colorful, more aromatic and more your friends the truth about how you’re getting Base potent plants with your next cycle is bigger yields, more flavor, and more potency from something you’d love to see. your plants with almost no more effort than before. If you’re tired of wasting time adjusting pH or monitoring PPM levels … yet you Company Founders’ NO-RISK, refuse to accept anything less than maximum growth from your plants … 100% Money Back If you will accept nothing less than the most GUARANTEE potent, most pure, most effective ingredients Sensi Bloom was specifically built for growers just like you, … combined with the most advanced who have very specific demands and expectations from your methods possible of ensuring your plants hydroponics needs. When you use Sensi Bloom it must perform flawlessly for you. You’ll find it will mix easily and quickly into more effectively use those nutrients … your reservoir and deliver the goods you’re looking for. And you’re convinced that only companies What’s more..., Sensi Bloom will work every time for you using that fully stand behind their products with a any and all hydroponics, soil or sphagnum growing mediums risk-free money-back guarantee are worth and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT, flood your time and loyalty … & drain, drip emitters and continuous liquid feed growing Then there’s only one logical thing to do. systems. We guarantee it. Simply go to your favorite retail shop that And when you use Sensi Bloom you’ll never have to risk even carries Advanced Nutrients products and one penny because it’s 100% guaranteed, as always if for any tell them you want to try out Sensi Bloom reason you’re not absolutely delighted we’ll completely risk-free. refund all your money back it’s that simple. As always, dedicated to your Then when you get home, follow the simple, gardening success. step-by-step directions included to put it to the test with your plants. (Remember, this is as simple as it gets, no need to worry about Now you’ve found your big-flowering base nutrients formula! 22
  21. 21. If You Want the BIggest, Most Colorful, Most aroMatIC, and Most IMpressIve floWerIng possIBle, here’s hoW grand Master groWers Force More Nutrients Into High-Profit Plants, Incredibly FAST! R.K is a Grand Master Grower of high profit But luckily, R.K. heard about a brand-new plants from Santa Rosa, California. For over 3-part formula … and … he had a lot of clones 15 years he used the same 3-part General he could afford to try a new fertilizer on. Hydroponics fertilizer in his 20-light grow Although he was sceptical, he decided to test room. this new scientist-developed formula against the fertilizer he had been using for over fifteen In his own words: long years in a straight up, head-to-head, “You know how it is when you get used to growing test. something. You stop paying attention to whether you can do better. It’s like inertia. It’s easier to stay And the results amazed him … the same than to change, even if you could do “… Right off the bat, it was easy to see that better … my clones grew faster, they were greener and stronger, and they were ready for flowering … My yields were not all that large and about two weeks earlier. sometimes I noticed that the same mix amounts of this general hydroponics stuff would create a “My bloom cycle was more productive … I way different pH or PPM. Once or twice I saw that used less fertilizer overall … and got better I was losing an entire crop, but it was hard for me growth and yield. I guess I learned to keep an to figure out that it was the general hydroponics open mind and to always look for the best way fertilizer, not diseases or other problems. It was to do something, not just the way you’re used hard to admit I needed to change what I was to. Now, Grow-Micro-Bloom (GMB) is the solid using in my hydroponics system.” foundation for my 20-light garden!” 24
  22. 22. Why Big-Time Growers Of High-Value Plants Demand A Superior 3-Part Formula While a premium 2-part formula like our Connoisseur is actually NUTRIeNT the most effective way to precisely dial in the exact nutrients and ratios your plants need … many growers enjoy the simplicity of BASe an easy-mixing 3-part formula … and they still want the most effective formula possible. That’s why they demand only the best when it comes to: l Using 3-part formulas designed for their high-value plants … l Using formulas with the most potent nutrients and ratios … l Using the most advanced, state-of-the-art, “carrier molecules” to ensure their plants get the maximum amount of nutrients in the least amount of time … l Using the formulas which have been proven, in multiple scientific studies, to get more color, more aroma, more size, and more potency from our plants … l And using formulas which are not only highly-advanced and easily customizable, but easy to mix and use … Now you can use the only 3-part hydroponics In fact, Grand Master Growers have found Grow-Micro-Bloom base fertilizer tested and designed by scientists (GMB) from Advanced Nutrients is the only 3-part formula on the to give you guaranteed larger harvests and more market which meets all these criteria. Here’s why the others don’t convenient use. measure up ... even if … you do manage to get a formula The 3 Biggest Problems with nutrients which are good for your plants With Other 3-Part Formulas (which, as you’ve seen, most don’t have) … then … you’re probably still wasting most of those If you’ve been growing for any amount of time, these three nutrients because those formulas don’t have problems will be very familiar to you: carrier molecules to drive those nutrients straight Big Problem #1: Most 3-part formulas are not made for the into your plants faster and more efficiently. This types of plants we grow because you’ll discover they’re about is actually a big problem because most of your the same as the little $3.50 bottles of granulated fertilizers the nutrients are not getting into our plants which average homeowner uses on their garden flowers. They’re made wastes your money … and … this causes longer in generic ways with generic ingredients. crop cycles which wastes your time. But it doesn’t need to be this way … Big Problem #2: Is directly related to the fact other 3-part formulas are not made for high-value plants like ours … and that is … they’re hard to mix and monitor and are the direct cause of How You Can Get At Least many of your plant growing problems. 31% More Nutrients Into Your Many include artificial dyes of an unknown amount and molecular structure which could harm your plants (instead of Plants At Least 37% Faster harmless, organic dyes) … they don’t have the right PPM or pH … they burn roots … they don’t feed plants the right nutrients One of the most important ways GMB gives you faster growth and bigger yields is through the leading to slow growth and reduced harvests … and they may special ingredients it contains that drive more contribute to other growing problems. The bottom line? They of the nutrients in the formula into your plant basically wreck crops and waste your garden’s potential! faster than ever before. These nutrient delivery Big Problem #3: If you’re using other, different, formulas … compounds are called “chelates” which are turn page ¾ 25
  23. 23. compounds that bind with nutrients and help them get inside plants so the plant cells can use them more quickly and more efficiently. It’s these chelates which give GMB an almost “unfair” advantage over every other 3-part Only for NUTRIeNT formula on the market because it drives the Your Type nutrients into your plants in the most efficient, of Plants BASe fastest manner possible. In fact, these exclusive chelates are so effective that tests (with our types of plants) show they deliver at least 31% more HIGHEST Faster nutrients into your plants at least 37% faster! Consider this also: your plants will make better YIELD Absorbing use of the formula you give them which means you’ll save money on fertilizers, equipment and electricity because you’ll have a faster, more productive crop cycle. Maximum Flexibility Grand Master Growers everywhere understand it’s especially important when you’re using non- Easy Mixing soil hydroponic systems including rockwool, and Use aeroponics, NFT and other types of materials in indoor gardens to make the most out of every ounce of nutrients you feed your plants. But Chelation Is Useless Unless It Helps Deliver Only The Most You’ll see the widest range of harvest-boosting benefits High-Quality, Bud-Potentiating from this powerful 3-part formula. Nutrients Into Your Plants! While chelation is extremely important because it helps your plants get more total nutrients and What Grand Master Growers faster … you have to make absolutely sure … Do Differently To Get Huge Yields And you’re feeding your plants the correct nutrients Impressive Harvests From Their Crops! in the first place! That’s why GMB contains only the most proven, most potent and most effective As we’ve seen: if you want to dial in the exact nutrients and ratios nutrients in the correct ratios you need to get your plants need, it’s best to use a premium 2-part formula—like maximum growth and yield from your plants in our exclusive Connoisseur blend. every stage of your crop cycle. But, one big benefit of GMB is … even though it’s a 3-part During the growth phase: when your plants formula … you can now customize it more fully than any other need nitrogen, calcium and other necessary 3-part blend to work better with your plants. While many nutrients, GMB’s chelates force these nutrients hobbyists and growers with small gardens will choose to stick directly and immediately into your plant’s roots, to the standard, extremely easy-to-mix and use 1-1-1 ratio … leaves, cells and flowers — greatly speeding the you also have the option to customize this 3-part formula for the growth phase. specific strain you’re growing. During the bloom phase: GMB feeds powerful Here’s how: a band of scientists, mathematicians, and computer chelated potassium, phosphorus and other experts spent years developing and testing a nutrient calculator nutrients that boost flower size and weight (available on Advanced Nutrients’ website) that helps you create directly into the heart of your plants so they the optimum growing blend so you can make adjustments to get the maximum size, weight and budding get the absolute best growth and production from your plants. possible. And if this still wasn’t enough, here’s … The formula is studied, buffered and constantly upgraded 26
  24. 24. based on dozens of international research projects conducted exactly what they need for fast, high-powered in hydroponics, aeroponics, indoor gardens, and commercial growth and impressive finishing harvests. agriculture projects across the world … so that you get … the l And the fifth and final ingredient is the absolute best 3-part formula for whatever strain of plant you specialized “chelates” we’ve already talked want to maximize. about that get these high-powered nutrients NUTRIeNT You can get as in depth and involved with your plants as you into your plants as fast and as efficiently as want … or … you can simply stick to the basic 1-1-1 ratio of possible! BASe mixing and never have to worry about pH, PPM, or any of the Together, these five products combine to create other problems associated with other 3-part formulas! the most effective 3-part formula possible. Just how effective is GMB? Plus, You Will Never Have To Worry About Your pH Again! What You Can Expect When You Put Now, off-color leaves, slow growth and low yields because of This Grand Master Growing Secret pH and PPM fluctuations are a thing of the past because GMB To Work in Your Grow Room! contains pH-Perfect™ Technology which eliminates the need to manually check and adjust pH levels two times per day. Imagine walking into your grow room after using Grow-Micro-Bloom (GMB) in your next crop In short, as long as your water falls between 4.5 and 8.5 pH cycle … (which is pretty much everyone’s water) — this technology You’ll own a plush, productive garden where adjusts your pH for you and keeps it buffered there throughout clones, seedlings or transplants grow way faster your plants growth and bloom phases. Which means you’ll never than ever before … they’re bushier … they’re have to manually adjust your pH … you’ll never have to worry bigger … and they’re way more aromatic and that your plants aren’t in the premium growing environment … potent. even better is: you’re spending less time all you have to do is use GMB as directed and the pH-Perfect™ fussing with your nutrients, PPM and pH because Technology takes care of all that for you! the formula is better balanced and mixes easy. l Your plants mature faster and are ready for flowering earlier. Here’s How l They start putting on more flowers sooner. GROW-MICRO-BLOOM (GMB) Is Actually 5-Products-In-One! l The flowers are bigger and more developed. l The plants are greener, more lush and healthier because they’re getting the right The fact of the matter is: GMB offers you more value for your nutrients at the right time … and … in the money than any other 3-part formula on the market and it’s simply because you get 5-products-in-one with this formulation. right way. Here’s how … l These happy plants resist pests and diseases and give you a beautiful harvest you can be l GMB now contains Wet Betty which is an organic surfactant proud of … and … count on for profits. that lowers the surface tension of your water, allowing easier spreading and uptake of nutrients into your plants. … In fact, your friends might just hound you to know how you got such big buds … such l The second ingredient is humic acid which provides natural delicious smelling plants … and such potency! carrier compounds that transport nutrients and vitamins into your plants more efficiently, so they grow faster and have stronger cellular processes. Why Not Give GROW-MICRO-BLOOM l The third ingredient is fulvic acid which gives you quicker nutrient absorption, nutrient transport, and more cellular (GMB) A Risk-Free Try Today? metabolism. Together, these two acids work synergistically to maximize the time your plants spend in bloom. l You’ve seen how the proprietary 3-part fertilizer formula was developed specifically l The fourth ingredient in GMB is the highly-potent bud- for growers like you and our high-value potentiating nutrients themselves that feed your plants plants … 27 turn page ¾
  25. 25. Now You Can Join The HYDROPONICS REVOLUTION That Saves You Time And Money While Increasing Your Yields Hobbyist Bundle is: TM l Specially designed for use with all hydroponics, soil and sphagnum growing mediums. l Developed for use with any and all hydroponics, aeroponics, drip irrigation, NFT or flood and drain growing systems. l You’ll get guaranteed bigger yields over any and all other feed programs, formulas or charts. l Bigger and more consistent yields. l Fast, easy and simple mixing so you save time. l Bigger Yields Flowering System is the only flowering TM system that takes care of your entire plant from roots to the very top of your flowers and everything in between. l No-Risk 100% Guarantee or your money back. Turn page for more information è 29
  26. 26. H i, it’s Big Mike here. I haven’t met you personally, but I bet I can But, Big Mike, How Can It Be That The System Totally Revolutionizes describe you pretty well. Hydroponics Gardening? You’re a resourceful, Let’s remember…you wanted to be a grower, not a chemist. free-thinking person whose You don’t really want to fool with meters, calibrations and all friends and family see you as those foul-smelling pH adjustment chemicals… stuff that will burn your skin and puts little holes in your shirts and pants no forward-looking and someone matter how careful you are. who is open-minded. And that’s exactly why I’m betting you’ll join with Advanced Nutrients to create a new generation of growers who’ll stand the hydroponics industry “good ol’ boys club” on it’s head and prove what those hydroponics “experts” said couldn’t be done, actually has been done. It’s the hydroponics equivalent of Putting A Man On The Moon, and Took A Total Of 109 Man Years to develop. Let me be a bit more specific... remember how you’ve had it drilled into your head that your plants will suffer or even die unless you spend lots of money and time using pH meters, ppm meters, pH up and pH down? The Hobbyist BundleTM and the Flowering System are designed Well it’s not true; you can by a team of PhD plant scientists who’ve spent years discover- now slay the pH-PPM dragon ing the secrets of how your plants grow and bloom. You get ex- for good. actly the right ingredients for larger, more potent flowers. Here’s how, with this Being once a grower for over 20 years of my life, I realize Hobbyist Bigger Yields your pain, so I worked together with our 12 scientists and Bundle and any of the their army of research assistants and created a Nutrient Flowering System that helps you grow massive, astounding new 5-in-1 Base Nutrients. flowers without having to fiddle around like meter-addicted Because together they have lab rats when all we really want to do is put nutrients into a new built in proprietary water, listen to the pump hum, and kick back while our plants technology called pH- deliver gold coins into our hands. PerfectTM that automatically The team and I worked our “butts off” testing all kinds puts your nutrient solutions combinations of edgy formulas, proprietary compounds, chelates and secret stuff, I’d be a fool to tell anyone about, pH and PPM into the “sweet because then our competitors would try to copy us just spot” for optimum growth and like they’ve always done ever since we designed the first flowering. Eliminating the professional approach to hydroponics nutrients. need for you having to fool And my biggest fear today? Other nutrient companies are around with pain-in-the-butt going to wreak havoc on everyones’ crops because they’ll pH and PPM metering and be forced to compete with unproven technology (I don’t adjustments. è 30