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Punjab 8.4.14 edt


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Punjab 8.4.14 edt

  2. 2. PROJECT OVERVIEWPROJECT OVERVIEW  HP-II PROJECT is being implemented in Punjab along with other 12 States and 8 Central Agencies since 2006.  The Cost of Punjab Component is Rs.46.65 Crores as par last revised cost of 2013.  Work executed physically so far is nearly 80%.  Expenditure incurred is about Rs. 33.25 Crores (excluding Land Cost of Rs. 3.62 Crores) which is about 70% of Project cost.
  3. 3. ACHIEVEMENTS • Installation of Ground Water network for GW data observation have been completed and in operation. • Surface water network for data observation have been completed and in operation. • Hydro metrological network (Digital Rain Gauges) is being installed and near completion. • The works of construction of State Data Center at SAS Nagar and Sub Divisional Data Centers (3 Nos.) are in progress and nearly 80% work executed so for.
  4. 4. PROJECT COMPONENTSPROJECT COMPONENTS Punjab is a new state in implementation of HP-II and carried out the following components :- i. Installation of Ground Water Network ii. Installation of Surface Water Network. iii. Hydro-meteorological Network for Observation of Data. iv. Data Management and transmission System v. Institutional improvement, strengthening and Training of staff. 4
  5. 5. ACHIEVEMENTS- Component Wise A. Ground Water Observation Network  700 Medium GWOW and 50 Deep GWOW have been installed in the State and are operational.  100 Digital Water Level Recorder (DWLR) have been installed and are operational.  50 DWLR with Telemetry System for Real time data observation and transmission have been installed and are working.  Existing laboratory has been upgraded to level II for Chemical testing & characterization of water samples.
  7. 7. Digital Global Positioning SystemsDigital Global Positioning Systems
  8. 8. B. Surface Water Observation Network  Upgradation and modernization of 25 discharge measuring sites have been completed and are operational.  Digital Water Level Recorders with Telemetry system on 8 out of 9 discharge sites have been installed for discharge measurement and real time transmission of data.  Sutlej, Ravi and Beas Rivers have been provided with discharge measuring instruments with ADCPs. . 8
  9. 9. C. Hydro- Meteorological Network  Under the Project the existing RG in the state are proposed to be upgraded /replaced and in total 81 RG(11 SRG+70DRG) stations have been proposed.  Upgrading/ replacement of existing 11 SRG have been completed.  Installation 70 No. Digital Rain Gauges is in progress and likely to be completed shortly. These DRG will transmit real time data telemetrically to the Central Office.
  10. 10. Digital Rain GaugeDigital Rain Gauge
  11. 11. D. Data Management and Institutional Strengthening Validation, Processing and storage of observed data of SW & GW has been taken up. Section offices, stores in the field have been constructed and sub-divisional data center offices are near completion. The State Data Centre at SAS Nagar is under construction and is likely to be completed shortly. This building will house various offices of Water Resources under one roof along with other facilities such as water testing, data storage, data transmission etc.
  12. 12. State Data Center,MohaliState Data Center,Mohali Outer ViewOuter View
  13. 13. State Data Center,MohaliState Data Center,Mohali Inner viewInner view
  14. 14. State Data Center,MohaliState Data Center,Mohali Inner view (AC Ducting)Inner view (AC Ducting)
  15. 15. Sub Divisional Data CenterSub Divisional Data Center KhannaKhanna (OUTER VIEW)(OUTER VIEW)
  16. 16. Sub Divisional Data CenterSub Divisional Data Center KhannaKhanna (Inner View)(Inner View)
  17. 17. Application and Dissemination/Application and Dissemination/ Sale of dataSale of data • The observed data will be analysed and stored in a systematic way for use on WR Projects and allied works. • Presently observed data is being shared with State agencies and CGWB. • Data will be shared with other agencies and users as per policy prescribed under this project and state’s policy.