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  1. 1. Hydrology Project, Phase II, Puducherry An Appraisal. 1
  2. 2.  The UT of Puducherry has been included in the second phase, since 2006 onwards.  The project outlay of HP-II, Puducherry is Rs. 13.18 Crores (Base cost) and Rs. 14.61 Crores (Revised Cost) and was originally intended for implementation over a period of 6 years starting from 2006-07 till 2011-12. Now, it has been extended till 31.5.2014.
  3. 3.  Name of the Project : Hydrology Project, Phase-II  Loan Number : 4749 – IN  Date of effectiveness of the project : 05/04/2006  Project duration : 6 Years originally, now extended for 2 more years.  Funding Agency : International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)  Rate of interest :London Inter Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR)
  4. 4.  Construction of 37 numbers of observation tube wells to strengthen the existing ground water level data collection network.  Establishment of 2 Full Climatic Stations for strengthening the Weather Monitoring and hydrometeorological data collection network.  Establishment of a Level II + Water testing laboratory in Pondicherry region capable of analyzing 75 parameters.  Sophisticated Groundwater ,Surface water and Water quality monitoring equipments to be purchased.
  5. 5.  Construction of one State of-the-art Data Centre for housing-in the water resources related data.  Establishment of flow monitors for monitoring flow of water in the rivers and canals at 4 locations to quantify the run off.  Training of technical staff in handling of latest equipments ,project management, water related issues and in processing of water related data.  Conduct of a Purpose Driven Study(PDS) for improving the recharge potential in the NW parts of Puducherry region at a total cost of Rs. 97.45 lakhs.
  6. 6. Year wise approved outlay of the project (Revised Cost table 12) (Rs in Lakhs) Yea r 2006 - 2007 2007- 2008 2008- 2009 2009- 2010 2010- 2011 2011- 2012 2012- 2013 2013- 2014 2014- 2015 up to May 14 Total 0 11.96 24.59 63.75 63.59 263.25 861.71 134.45 37.85 1461.17
  7. 7. • The details of funds provided by Government of Puducherry , as a Grant In Aid under Minor Irrigation Sector and the details of expenditure are as follows Sl. No. Year Funds released to HP-II (Rs. In Lakhs) Expenditure incurred (Rs. In lakhs) 1. 2005-06 138.00 - 2. 2006-07 137.00 9.72 3. 2007-08 - 20.65 4. 2008-09 - 24.31 5. 2009-10 - 79.01 6. 2010-11 200.00 191.81 7. 2011-12 400.00 263.88 8 2012-13 80.19 335.28 9 2013-14 304.00 244.88 10 2014-15 (upto April 2014) - 15.73 Total 1259.19 1185.26
  8. 8.  Out of the total expenditure of Rs. 11.85 Crores, an amount of Rs.10.09 Crores has been recommended for reimbursement by the CAAA  The reimbursed amounts are credited directly to the Ministry of Home Affairs’ account by the World Bank, and in turn , the MHA has released Rs. 9.96 Crores to the GOPy. during March, 2014.
  11. 11. An Automatic Weather Station with Telemetry system for collecting the hydrometeorological data has been established. ACHIVEMENTS OF THE PROJECT -cont’d
  12. 12.  Construction of State Data Centre and Level II+ laboratory buildings, has been completed on 17.12.2011. ACHIVEMENTS OF THE PROJECT -cont’d
  13. 13. Status of Level II+ laboratory a) The establishment of Level II+ laboratory is nearing completion b) Supply order for procurement of the remaining lab equipments (Phase II) issued and will become full fledged as soon as the Inductively Coupled Plasma meter, Gas Chromatograph and Water purifier equipments are supplied and installed by the suppliers.
  14. 14. Level II+ laboratory – HP-II, Laws pet
  15. 15. Conference Hall– HP-II, Laws pet
  16. 16.  33 nos. of DWLRs with telemetry at a total cost of Rs. 33 lakhs, have been procured and installed in the observation tubewells established under HP-II.  More than 100 nos. of technical and non technical officials have been trained in various disciplines on water resources management and in the World Bank procedures since the inception of the project.  A full fledged GIS Data centre has been established under HP-II
  17. 17.  A technical library consisting of around 100 reference books on GIS, ground water hydrology, ground water modelling and water quality aspects, for use of the technical officials of the Government of Puducherry, has been created.
  18. 18.  A well equipped training hall with a seating capacity of around 40 participants , has been created under the project , in the state data centre building.
  19. 19.  A website for dissemination of the water resources data, in the name style of has been created in accordance to the norms of the Project.
  20. 20.  Collected the historical rainfall data for a period of 100 years  Water level data for a period of 30 years  Ground Water quality data collected for the past 4 years  Lithological data of the existing bore wells located in the PDS area have been collected and digitized  The sites for construction of recharge structures have been identified.
  21. 21.  The details of surface water bodies, and major channels have been digitized.  Land use pattern and cropping pattern digitized.  Village boundaries have been digitized and separate layers created for village boundaries, water bodies, rivers and its tributaries.
  22. 22.  Recharge area identified  Construction of recharge structures completed.  Construction of observation wells under progress.
  23. 23.  As per the financial covenants of HP-II, the Audit reports of accounts for the financial years till 2012-13(2006-07 to 20012-13) have been sent to the Ministry of Water Resources, for onward transmission to the World Bank.
  24. 24.  To ensure the sustainability of the deliverables of the project and maintenance of the assets created under the project, a society in the name style of “Puducherry Water Resources Organization (PWRO)”, has been created which will be funded by the Government of Puducherry.
  25. 25. THANK YOU…