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Samsung's New Compact DSLR NX10 Review


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Samsung's New Compact DSLR NX10 Review

  1. 1. ULR :<br />Samsung NX10 Review<br />by Photoxels<br />The Samsung NX10 is an impressive Digital Interchangeable Lens (DIL, aka " mirrorless DSLR" ) camera that competes very well against entry-level DSLRs. It's hard to believe that this is the first 100% Samsung-made DIL/DSLR. The NX10 is extremely well built, handles superbly and provides the image quality and performance beginner and serious amateur photographers have come to expect from a DSLR.<br />The NX10 is more compact and lightweight than a traditional DSLR. It's also fast and responsive with none of the frustrations that usually accompany a first-generation [or for some manufacturers, even later generation] DSLR. In fact, you never get the impression this is first generation but rather that some very serious thinking and smart designing went into it. [So, hats off to Samsung's engineers!]Image quality is very good with good detail and low noise up to ISO 400, and ISO 800 is very usable. Exposure metering is accurate and dependable. CA is nonexistent using the 18-55mm kit lens. We found the NX10's autofocus to be precise and fast, even in low light conditions.<br />The AMOLED screen display is beautifully clear and bright with a very wide angle of view. The NX10 has also one of the nicest user interface we've used: the menu structure is well designed and we love the attractive information display which can be easily read on the EVF without having to squint at tiny numbers. Consistent controls operation also makes the NX10 a very intuitive and user-friendly camera. <br />The NX10 is packed with the regular functionality of a DSLR and is perfect for those thinking of upgrading from a compact point-and-shoot to a DSLR. It is easy to use in Auto mode and more serious photographers can progress using the manual modes.<br />The NX10 is currently available with 3 interchangeable lenses and a K Mount adapter lets you attach more lenses.<br />Verdict: The Samsung NX10 is a compact and lightweight Digital Interchangeable Lens camera that beginner and serious amateur photographers will like from the moment they pick it up. It is user-friendly with DSLR-level features, performance and image quality. Overall, it is a well thought-out and fun camera to use. The NX10 wins our Editor's Choice Award 2010 (i.e. we highly recommend it).<br />See if you fit the Samsung NX10 User Profile below:<br />Samsung NX10User Profile•Desire a quality 14.6 MP resolution Digital Interchangeable Lens camera.•Want DSLR-like handling and controls: zoom ring, manual focus ring.•Want Live View that works well as on a compact digicam.•Want fast response times with no practical shutter lag.•Want fast and precise auto and manual focus.•Want a full-featured digital camera with many pro features.•Want ability to add on optional accessories, including lenses and a choice of powerful external speedlights.•Want all this in a smaller and lighter form factor than typical DSLRs.<br />