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Southern fried okra


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Fried Okra is a Southern favorite. Even Yankees like myself love it. I could eat this morning, noon and night! Crispy golden tender Okra is the secret. You can pick fresh Okra at our farm during the summer months. We have over 30 seasonal veggies, herbs and fruits growing all year round. Check out our website. HydroHarvestFarms

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Southern fried okra

  1. 1. Southern Fried OkraGreat Recipe and step by step instructionsHydro Harvest Farms1101 Shell Point Rd ERuskin FL
  2. 2. Hydro Harvest Farms U-Pick and Hydroponic SalesHydro Harvest Farms is a Hydroponic Farm that grows all seasonal fruits andveggies using only Hydroponic methods. Also, we grow non GMO food and weuse IPM and Organic controls for everything. We are a u-pick farm and we alsosell systems for your backyard garden and schools and other institutions too.Everything is automatic! We have a great weekly newsletter that lists freeevents and classes, recipes, hydroponic info and lots more. We have been heresince 2006 growing great food for great families!Thanks For Picking US! John and Terrie1101 Shell Point Rd East Ruskin FL 813-645-6574
  3. 3. Recipe• Southern Fried OkraHydro Harvest FarmsIngredients:2 lbs Fresh Young Okra ( about 3 inches)1 Florida Sweet Onion (cut up makes about 1 cup)3-4 Jalapenos ( or to taste)1 cup Corn Meal1 tsp. salt (to taste)½ tsp. of garlic powder ( to taste)½ tsp. pepper (to taste)½ cup of olive oil or shortening or Bacon Grease (whatever you have)Wash vegetables. Cut tops from Okra and slice Okra into ¼- ½ inch slices all the way down the pod. Choponion. Slice Jalapeno into ¼ inch slices. Add all vegetables to bowl. Pour the cup of Corn Meal into bowl withvegetables ( you can add ½ cup of flour at this stage if you wish). Add salt, pepper and garlic seasoning. Stir allof the ingredients well. Allow to sit for at least ½ hour. Put grease into frying pan and heat on high ( about 375degree’s) . Pour vegetables into pan when grease is hot. Let fry on one side until brown, turn over and continuebrowning. Remove from pan when crispy golden brown and serve. Yum-Yum!
  4. 4. Choose Fresh Vegetables. These are all from our farm.Jalapeno PeppersFlorida Sweet OnionsOkra
  5. 5. Pick Your Fresh Okra.Okra is best when fresh picked and young. No longer than 4 inches. The pods shouldbe bright green and dry. Wash all of your vegetables before preparing.
  6. 6. Gather your ingredients. Any kind of oil you have on hand will do. I like bacondrippings best, but olive oil is great too. We sell Cat Cora’s at the farm. I love thetaste, kind of fruity. Pick fresh Jalapenos or other hot peppers. You can leave the onionand peppers out of this recipe if you prefer.
  7. 7. Cut the cap off the Okra.
  8. 8. Cut the Okra into ¼ to ½ inch slices. Place in large bowl.
  9. 9. Cut the onion and peppers (if you like to add them) and put them into bowlwith Okra
  10. 10. Add the Corn Meal (self rising yellow cornmeal is what I use). You can alsoadd ½ cup of flour at this point if you like a heavier crust on your Okra. Addyour seasonings to taste, salt, pepper, garlic powder. Mix all of the flours andingredients well.
  11. 11. Let this set on the counter for at least ½ hour. This allows the flours to adhereto the okra and other vegetables.
  12. 12. Heat the oil in the pan to at least 375, don’t let it smoke, just hot. Carefullyadd Okra and spread out evenly. Fry on one side until the Okra is goldenbrown.
  13. 13. Turn the Okra and continue frying until golden brown on both sides.
  14. 14. Okra should be golden brown and crispy. Remove and place on paper towelsto absorb some oil.Sprinkle with some salt and pepper to taste.Enjoy the best Fried Okra in the World!
  15. 15. Enjoy this great recipe. I always have customers who come to pick and theyaren’t sure how to prepare the food. So, I hope this helps! If you would like tolearn how to grow your own great food, the easy way, then join thousands ofothers who have a Hydro Harvest Farm in their back yard. Check out ourwebsite . Or visit us at the farm!