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Hydro Harvest Farms Garden Instructions


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Easy to build Hydroponic Garden is even easier to maintain. If you are tired of digging, hoeing, bending, sweating and more just to have a great garden, then this is the answer. Our Hydroponic garden is easy, fun for the kids and a great way to eat healthy fresh picked, no pesticide food. It grows 4-6 times as much in the same space, is all automatic (if you choose) and we are only a phone call or email away to help you. Order a garden today. We have been farming this way for 9 years and have a beautiful U-Pick farm in Ruskin Florida. Come visit us!

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Hydro Harvest Farms Garden Instructions

  1. 1. How to Construct and Care for Your Hydro Harvest Garden Hydro Harvest Farms 1101 Shell Point Rd E Ruskin FL 33570 Order gardens on-line Or email
  2. 2. Materials List Provided with Gardens (unless otherwise noted) Hydroponic System from Hydro Harvest Materials List & Assembly Instructions Materials (per tower) • 1 – ½ inch conduit pipe 20 inches long, • 1 steel plate (if towers will be positioned on a patio or deck) (optional) • 1—3/4 inch conduit 5 feet long. (Not provided if shipped, available at any home center’s electrical dept.) • 2 Square (shape may vary) Plates (Com Pots only) • 1 large ground pot • 1 –20” length of 1 inch PVC pipe (1 1/4 in. for Style Line garden) 4 vertical pots per tower • Growing medium: coconut core/perlite or vermiculite and perlite • 1 nutrient pair for up to 3 towers. *** AUTOMATIC UNITS ONLY*** • 1 nutrient line (white with blue nutrient line) • 1 yellow punch tool • 1 black capillary line per tower • Wire straps to secure capillary lines (1 per tower) • 1 poly figure 8 • 1 Greenback Poly Connector Valve • 1 pump w’ I/2 in.male adapter • 1 digital timer • 1 – PVC Feeding T’s per tower
  3. 3. Garden Parts 1 Media and Nutrients Pots and Stands •Coco Coir (mix with Perlite) or •Perlite and Vermiculite (mix shown) •Nutrients (pair) •Bottom Box •Tower Vertical Pots (Com. Pots Shown) •PVC Pipe (20”) •Metal Poles (20 in. and 5 ft.) •Plates (square or other shape) White and Blue Poly Nutrient Line
  4. 4. Garden Parts 2 Tank and Ground Cloth, (available for purchase at farm) Tubing and Connectors for Automation (included in kit) •Yellow Punch tool •Black Capillary line •Poly Figure 8 •Zip tie •Greenback Poly Valve •Pump w/ male adapter •Digital Timer
  5. 5. Mix the media 50/50. Whether it is Vermiculite and Perlite or CoCo Coir and Perlite. You can use your reservoir to do this. Coco coir should be submerged in water (weigh down) until you can break it apart and then mix with perlite. Ground Cover (highly recommend, available at additional cost)) should be spread out taunt and attached to ground with provided clips. Patio Plates are available for hard surfaces. Prepare Media and Ground Cloth
  6. 6. Place nutrient tank where you plan. Place 1st ground pot 4-6 inches away from tank. Each ground pot should be 4-6 inches apart also. Or 32-36 in. pole to pole. Twist the ½ in. short metal pole into the hole in ground pot and twist to break through ground cloth (if using). Remove ground pot and tap pole in ground 2/3 way down. Determining Layout and Spacing
  7. 7. Use a wood block or something else to protect the tapped end from getting misshapen. Replace ground pot and repeat for each tower, space accordingly. Take ¾” metal pole (5 ft long one) and slide onto the short metal pole. Slide through ground pot into position. Repeat for each tower. Erecting Poles
  8. 8. Place the square plastic plate( shape may vary) over each metal pole and slide down into ground pots. Slide PVC Pipe over poles to rest on plate. You can vary length of PVC pole, depending on what you need. Add second square plastic plate (shape may vary)on top of PVC pipe. Then slide first vertical pot on top of each tower. Fill each vertical pot with media as you add each pot. Hint keep media damp! Fill ground pots with remaining media. Assembling Towers
  9. 9. Cut two holes in lid of reservoir. One for electric cord and one for nutrient line. If you have a drill a 1 in hole saw bit works great. Electric hole will require two overlapping holes. Make sure holes are not too big., the less light the better. Thread nutrient line through hole in lid of reservoir and attach to pump and place pump in bottom of reservoir. Feed pump electric cord through other hole. Automatic System Reservoir
  10. 10. Place PVC “T” on top of each tower. Thread the white and blue nutrient line through PVC “T’s”. ( this demo shows no media in pots, but there should be at this point). One end of nutrient line goes to pump, the other end is crimped off with figure eight piece. Pass line though figure 8, bend line and pass through other hole on figure 8. Automatic System Instructions
  11. 11. Cut the nutrient line just above reservoir lid, using small knife and install greenback poly valve. This is used to start and stop flow of nutrients dispensed, manually. Use the yellow punch tool to punch a hole in the Nutrient line about 5” on the upstream side of the PVC “T”. The side closest to the Nutrient tank. Automatic System Feeding
  12. 12. Take black capillary line and slip one end into each punched hole. HINT: Push far enough in to touch the other side of tube then pull back a little bit. Make sure all capillary lines are the same length. Attach the other end of capillary line to bottom of PVC “T” (not pole) and secure with Tape or Electric Wire Strapping (zip tie). Feeding Lines
  13. 13. Fill Reservoir with only water. Place a cup at the last tower under capillary line. Adjust flow with the poly valve till you get 1 cup of water a minute. 4 minutes will dispense a quart. Tip- use plain water first 3-4 days to make sure your pump and timer is calibrated properly, then add nutrients. Plug the timer into an outlet in a dry area such as your garage , shed or patio. Then plug a grounded electrical cord from the timer to the pump. Keep the timer as dry as possible Set timer, mix nutrients and keep system tip top instructions on next page. Fill Tank, Test Pump and Set Timer
  15. 15. Come Visit the Farm! We have: Free Classes •Tours •Events •U-Pick •School Gardens •No GMO’s •No Chemical Sprays •Lots of great food! •