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Canning Sweet Hot Pepper and Onion Relish


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Canning summer vegetables is fun and easy. Everyone loves a good relish on their burger or dog. Well, this is terrific and easy to make! Hydro Harvest Farms has everything you need to can. Even the fresh picked fruit and veggies! Visit us today. 1101 Shell Point Rd E Ruskin Fl.

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Canning Sweet Hot Pepper and Onion Relish

  1. 1. Canning Sweet Hot RelishHydro Harvest Farms1101 Shell Point Rd ERuskin FL
  2. 2. Hydro Harvest Farms U-Pick and Hydroponic SalesHydro Harvest Farms is a Hydroponic Farm that grows all seasonal fruits andveggies using only Hydroponic methods. Also, we grow non GMO food and weuse IPM and Organic controls for everything. We are a u-pick farm and we alsosell systems for your backyard garden and schools and other institutions too.Everything is automatic! We have a great weekly newsletter that lists freeevents and classes, recipes, hydroponic info and lots more. We have been heresince 2006 growing great food for great families!Thanks For Picking US! John and Terrie
  3. 3. Recipe• Sweet & Hot Onion Pepper RelishHydro Harvest FarmsIngredients:40 medium sweet peppers (red, green or yellow) about 8 cups4 large or 12 sm to med onions about 6 cups10-12 jalapeno peppers (or any hot pepper)3 cups sugar3 cups Apple Cider Vinegar3 T saltPreparation:1.Peel onions, clean seeds from peppers2.Place onions and peppers in a food processor, using the shredding blade.3. Combine onions, peppers, vinegar, sugar and salt in a large pot and bring to a low boil.4. Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes5. Fill pint jars , process in a water bath canner for 20 minutes. Makes about 7 pints.
  4. 4. Choose Fresh Vegetables. These are all from our farm.
  5. 5. Assemble all of your ingredients, hot peppers, sweet peppers, onion, cidervinegar, sugar and salt
  6. 6. Assemble Canning Equipment: Pint Jars with lids and bands, Water Bath Canner orLarge Stainless Pot, Canning Rack, Ladle, Canning Funnel, and Canning Lifters.
  7. 7. Fill Canner with Water, cover and bring to a boil while preparing the recipe.
  8. 8. Wash Jars, lids, bands, funnel, jar lifter and ladle in hot water with a smallamount of bleach and rinse well. Set on clean towel to drip.
  9. 9. Wash Vegetables before and during preparation.
  10. 10. Peel onion. Then rinse.
  11. 11. Cut tops off the hot peppers and then remove seeds. Rinse under water.
  12. 12. Cut sweet peppers in half. Remove stem and seeds. Rinse clean with water.
  13. 13. Put peppers and onions through processor using shredding blade or chopcoarsely by hand.
  14. 14. Put peppers, onions, vinegar, salt, sugar in a large stainless steel pot and bring to lowboil. Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes
  15. 15. Assemble cleaned jars, lids, bands and tools (ladle, funnel, and jar lifter)
  16. 16. Use a funnel and ladle relish into clean jars.
  17. 17. Use a damp paper towel and clean jar tops.
  18. 18. Set clean lids and bands on filled jars. Turn bands to tighten.
  19. 19. Carefully place jars in boiling water into the canner,using jar lifter..
  20. 20. Cover canner when all jars are in place.
  21. 21. After 20 minutes remove jars from canner and set on clean dry towels.Listen for the cool popping noise of the lids sealing, check to makesure all jars sealed properly.
  22. 22. Enjoy this great recipe on Hot Dogs, Hamburgers or any sandwich!If you would like to learn how to grow your own great food, the easy way,then join thousands of others who have a Hydro Harvest Farm in their backyard. Check out our website . Or visit us at the farm!