All You Need To Know About ElectricityMany are the times when we wake up in the morning, switch on the lights and thenproc...
yearn for.Before going into details of how light is produced, it is worth considering the conceptsand terminologies that a...
that are manufactured by many companies that have operations geared atmanufacturing the best quality of hydroelectric gene...
services of electrical engineers come in handy. They ensure that they control theelectrical voltage that is produced. This...
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All You Need To Know About Electricity


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All You Need To Know About Electricity

  1. 1. All You Need To Know About ElectricityMany are the times when we wake up in the morning, switch on the lights and thenproceed to carry out our household chores. This one alone is enough in telling one howimportant electricity is.Nevertheless, we fail to understand that the light we expect to be produced once wehave switched on the switch, is as a result of an invention of how to make electricityusing hydro power, an invention that dates back to many decades ago. This inventionhas been termed as the most life changing invention to have ever been made by man.It is due to this invention that many economies have recorded significant growth, whileothers are yet to benefit all their citizens from it thanks to the abject poverty that havehit these economies. It is estimated that electricity, which has been tapped byhydropower is the most common source of energy for many in industries. Thosecounties that makes maximum use of electricity has been revered for their advancedeconomies that they have derived from continued use of electrical energy.Consequently, this has been one of the distinguishing factor between a developed anddeveloping countries. In developed countries, electricity is at disposal of citizens, hencegiving them the power to invest in many business activities that require electricity. Inreturn, they pay huge amounts of money as tax revenues to their governments a movethat results to these governments acquiring money to run its projects.In the developing countries, electricity remains a piped dream to many of the citizenswho perceive it as a luxury and only affordable by the rich people. Consequently, suchcountries will never realize growth, unless they empower their citizens to havealternative energy sources. This is due to the fact that, electricity is the driving force ofthe worlds business and without it, less development is likely to be realized. It is due tothis realization that has made both developed and developing economies to investheavily on tapping electricity from hydro power. A project is said to cost billion ofdollars and many years of working towards tapping this much-desired electrical energy.It is good if one would be conversant in knowing the A to Z of how electricity isproduced. This one is important towards helping people realize that, the light that isproduced when they turn on the switch is not produced by chances. Nevertheless, it isafter investment of massive resources and manpower. So next time you are switchingon your lights, try and ask yourself how that bulb ends producing that light that you
  2. 2. yearn for.Before going into details of how light is produced, it is worth considering the conceptsand terminologies that are used in electricity world. This will be incremental towardsmaking sure that one does not get confused by this terminologies and hence fail tounderstand how electricity is produced. Again, this one will help readers in knowing thegenesis of the electricity that we always use in our homes, offices and businesses.HydropowerHydropower can be defined as the process whereby hydro electric generator is used totap electrical energy from fast moving water. The use of hydropower can be traced fromancient times where people used water energy to turn the turbines that were used towater their crops. Among the communities that used this power were the communitiesresiding at the banks of river Nile and others who had settled in Mesopotamia, which iscurrently known as Iraq.However, today due to the advent of technology people rely on advanced means ofwatering their crops. Today, the water that was earlier used for farming has beendirected to hydro generators in a bid to produce electricity. Even thoughenvironmentalists have arrayed fears that the process has many unprecedented effectson the ecosystem, many have termed it as the best and the most convenient way ofgenerating electricity.Hydroelectric generatorAs indicated earlier, for there to be production of electricity using hydropower thereought to be hydroelectric generator. Its main objective is to convert the energy thatemanates from the fast flowing water and turn it into electrical energy that isresponsible for producing electricity. The operations of a hydro -electric generatorconforms to the principles of Michael Faraday, the person who is credited for inventingelectricity. It is based on the concept that when the water is moved past some turbines,it leads to the production of electricity. Thus, this type of generator is used in enhancingwater energy to turn the turbines that will later produce electricity. It is here that fallingwater is converted into millions of electrons that later turn to become the present dayelectricity. However, before that, there follows a process that requires a lot ofinvestment and dedication. Apparently, there are varieties of these types of generators
  3. 3. that are manufactured by many companies that have operations geared atmanufacturing the best quality of hydroelectric generators. These generators come insizes and the choice of the generator is greatly determined by the amount of electricitythat a company wishes to produce .However, these generators are expensive and costlyto maintain. They require a lot of expertise from professionals who are conversant withelectricity. Besides, they are dangerous and might result to unprecedented accidentsthat might affect heavily on the lives of people and animals. It is for this reason thatpeople are prohibited from going near them. There have been cases allover the worldwhere people have lost their lives to these generators; others have being maimed bythe high voltage of electrical energy that they produce. For this reason, all theelectricity-producing companies have been awarded state authority, as being the onlybody that is legalized in handling these generators.How electricity is produced using hydropower and hydroelectric generatorsAfter being conversant with all the terminologies that are using in the electricitygenerating industry, it is time we looked at how electricity is produced. First, it is worthnoting that electricity is produced at hydroelectric power stations.The hydroelectric station are erected close to river falls or at dams that are constructedacross the river , so as to help raise the water level hence producing the water flowpower needed in creating the required driving force.Afterwards, water is collected at the forebay and directed to flow through a huge pipethat directs it to the turbine, which is connected to the hydroelectric generator. In theprocess of water flowing into this big pipe, it increases in pressure, which in returncauses the turbine to start revolving. It is due to this continued revolving that makesthe generator to spin.Consequently, the spinning of the generators causes the motors that are inside thegenerator to create a flow of electrons. This is where electricity is produced. The onlyremaining process at this juncture is to step up the voltage of electricity that isproduced. This takes place within the stations transformers that are placed around it.Afterwards, the produced electricity is sent across a variety of transmission lines readyto be distributed to various destinations.Before being transmitted through wires for residents to use, this electricity is measuredto ensure that it does not cause harm to people and property. For this reason, the
  4. 4. services of electrical engineers come in handy. They ensure that they control theelectrical voltage that is produced. This is all in a bid to avoid a scenario whereby thereis excess voltage of power being produced and that, which can cause the hydroelectricstation to blow up. Apart from ensuring that there is no excess electrical voltage beingproduced, these electrical engineers also ensure that there is no under production ofelectricity. This is essential in making sure that the electricity produced is sufficient.Future of ElectricityThere has emerged a heated debate on the future of electricity, considering thatenvironmentalists have raised the red flag over the disruption of the ecosystem thathas originated from the continued generation of electricity.However, by the look of things electricity is here to stay. The only factor that hascontinued to be a threat to the generation of electricity is the drying up of waterbodies that are responsible for producing hydro power. This can be explained by thecontinued surging of the worlds population that have led to encroachment of watercatching bodies by people seeking residence due to increased land pressure. Thisencroachment has continued to impact negatively on the water level of dams and riversthat are used in the generation of electricity.If this trend persists, then the future of hydro generated electricity hand in balance.Nevertheless. nations are embarking on other alternative energy sources in order tomeet the increasing power demand. By now, I am sure you have learnt a lot on howelectricity is produced. Therefore, you are fully aware of the events that transpirebefore that bulb that in your house produces light whenever you switch it on.Know more about hydro electric generator and water flow power by clicking here.