Richest monarchs and royals of the world


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Richest Monarchs and Royals of the World

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Richest monarchs and royals of the world

  1. 1. Richest Monarchs and Royals of the World –2 0 1 3Below is a list of the Worlds Richest Monarchs in order of wealth, thefigures are calculated based upon their present assets as Sovereigns of theRealm, whereas it should be noted that most studies upon this subject pastand present by magazines, books and by the media, listing figuresattributed to the so-called true wealth of the Monarchs in question aremisleading, those compiling these false figures, in most circumstancessource their information from a small collection of individuals who do notand in some cases choose not to understand the complicated asset wealth ofa Monarch through their vast Hereditary and Sovereign wealth therein, assuch readers and viewers of such articals, should take special note that anylisting, which lists Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom ofGreat Britain, below first place, upon the list in question, should not beread any further.
  2. 2. H.M Queen Elizabeth II of GreatBritain and Nothern IrelandNo. 1Age: 85Net worth: £ 60 Billion - PlusHer Majestys personal fortune is based upon, Her hereditary property andownership rights therein as Sovereign of the Realm, including: the CrownEstates, the Royal Palaces of Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, StJamess Palace, the Palace of Holyrood, Windsor Castle, the Tower ofLondon, Hampton Court Palace, Kew Palace and Bangueting House, theCrown Jewels and Her family investments, the Royal Art Collection andfamily properties including Balmoral and Sandringham.The estimates of Her wealth are often mistakenly valued on the basis thatthe Crown Estates, Royal Palaces and the Crown Jewels, are in some wayinalienable items held and not owned by the Sovereign, this is a misleadingand false statement of facts, there are no such documents in existence toproof this false view and as such they are owned, borne and enjoyed ashereditary possessions of the Reigning Sovereign, thus can be legallyviewed as personal property of the British Sovereign, being owned andenjoyed under their inalienable rights as Monarch of the Realm.
  3. 3. H.M King Abdullah Al-Aziz-Saud of Saudi ArabiaNo. 2Age: 87Net worth: £ 40 Billion - PlusAscended to the throne August 2005, soon after, the construction began ona$26 billion city named in his honor, which the government hopes willbecomethe new economic epicenter of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is nowearning approximately over $1 billion a day from oil exports, helping boostthe royal familys fortune. The King is well known for his kindnessconcerning persons in need, He is an avid horseman and breeds Arabianhorses, he founded the Equestrian Club in Riyadh, His Wealth is basedupon vast Oil reserves, global properties, global investments and familyinterests.
  4. 4. H.H Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed An-Nahyan of Abu DhabiNo. 3Age: 64Net worth: £ 30 Billion - PlusSheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (born 1948), referred toeither as Sheikh Nahyan or Sheikh Khalifa is the current President of theUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) and Emir of Abu Dhabi. He succeeded to bothposts on 3 November 2004, replacing his father Zayed bin Sultan AlNahyan, who had died the day before. He is the current chairman ofAbu Dhabi Fund for Development, His wealth is based upon vast Oilreserves, global properties, global investments and international familyinterests.
  5. 5. H.M King Bhumibol Adulyadej of ThailandNo. 4Age: 84Net worth: £ 28 Billion - PlusKing Bhumibol of Thailand, the 80-year-old King of Thailand, is thelongest serving monarch in Thai history. He has benevolently used his royalwealth in over 3,000 rural development projects in the country. He has aworld record in having the highest number of honorary university degrees(136). The royal Palace in Bangkok was built in 1782, the Palace consists ofan aggregate of buildings on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River, Thetotal area is 218,400 sq. m. His wealth is based upon the Royal Thai EstatesAgency, with vast tracks of land across Thailand including over 3000 acresof the Capital Bangkok, together with vast jewel reserves, personalinvestments and family property.
  6. 6. H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumNo. 5Age: 62Net worth: £ 25 Billion - PlusH.H Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Arabic ‫راشد‬ ‫بن‬ ‫محمد‬‫مكتوم‬ ‫آل‬ ;Muḥammad bin Rāshid al Maktūm), also Sheikh Mohammed, (born July 22,1949), is the Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates(UAE), and Ruler of Dubai. Sheikh Mohammed, is viewed as one of thegreatest horse owners of all time, who is also known for his generosity andkindness to others. His wealth is based upon vast Oil reserves, globalproperties, global investments, and international family interests.
  7. 7. H.M Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah of BruneiNo. 6Age: 65Net worth: £ 24 Billion - PlusThe 63-year Sultan of Brunei, the 29th heir to the throne of anunbroken 600-year-old Brunei dynasty, The Sultan has anything between3000 to 6000 cars in his collection. The Istana Nurul Iman palace, theSultans official residence, provides visitors a spectacular sight. It is thebiggest palace in the world, much bigger than the Vatican palace. US$ 350million was spent in erecting the palace. It has 1788 rooms, 257 bathroomsand the total floor area is 2,152,782 sq. feet. His wealth is based upon Oilreserves, global properties, global investments and international familyinterests.
  8. 8. H.M Queen Beatrix of the NetherlandsNo. 7Age: 74Net worth: £ 10 Billion - PlusH.M Queen Beatrix (Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard; born 31 January 1938) istheQueen regnant of the Kingdom of the Netherlands comprising theNetherlands,Netherlands Antilles, and Aruba. She is the first daughter of QueenJuliana of the Netherlands and Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld. Shestudied law at Leiden University. In 1966, she married Claus von Amsberg,with whom she had three children: Prince Willem-Alexander (born 1967),Prince Friso (born 1968), and Prince Constantijn (born 1969). When hermother Juliana abdicated on 30 April 1980, Beatrix succeeded her as Queenof the Netherlands. She was widowed in 2002. In 2008, the Queens wealthwas wrongly estimated at $300 million, this grossly under values HerMajesties personal and family wealth, the Dutch Royal Family is the largestshareholder in Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company, estimated at about 25 percent, which would value Her Majesty, in the tens of billions, together withvast personal and family investments and assets, art and jewels, a moretruthful figure has been attributed to Her Majesty.
  9. 9. H.H Sheikh Sabah IV bin Ahmad Al-Sabah of KuwaitNo. 8Age: 82Net worth: £ 9 Billion - PlusH.H Sheikh Sabah IV Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah (Arabic: ‫األحمد‬ ‫صباح‬‫الجابر‬‫الصباح‬ Sabāhal-Ahmad al-Jābir as-Sabāh; born June 16, 1929) is the Emir of Kuwait. Hewas swornin on January 29, 2006 after confirmation by the NationalAssembly of Kuwait. He isthe fourth son of the late Sheikh Ahmad Al-JaberAl-Sabah, a former Emir of Kuwait.He is the head of the Ruling Al-Sabahfamily. Unlike royals in many Gulf states, Sheikh Sabahs wealth is basedon a stipend standing at $188 million a year, but of course thisdoes not takein to account of the families vast wealth accumulated before the presentlawof stipend. The Emir called for new elections after the resignation ofKuwaiti cabinetin March and is promoting economic reform to attract moreinvestment and speed upprivatization and ease land-ownership regulationsto prepare for the post-oil era. Hiswealth is based upon a stipend fromOil reserves, global properties, global investmentsand international familyinterests.
  10. 10. H.H Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani of QatarNo. 9Age: 60Net worth: £ 7 Billion - PlusSheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Hamad bin Abdullah bin Jassim binMuhammedAl Thani was born in 1952, he is the Emir of the state of Qatar. He rose tothatposition on June 26, 1995, after deposing his father, who was vacationingin Switzerland at the time. Sheikh Hamad spearheaded the development ofQatars vast oil and natural gas reserves. The country now has the highestper-capita income in the world. A graduate of Britains Sandhurst MilitaryAcademy, Sheikh Hamad also oversaw the modernization of Qatars armedforces and Provided key start-up capital for Al Jazeera and its English sisterstation. His wealth is based upon Oil and Gas reserves, global properties,global investments andinternational family interests.
  11. 11. H.M Sultan Qaboos Bin Said As-Said of OmanNo. 10Age: 71Net worth: £ 6 Billion - PlusQaboos Bin Said, the Sultan of Oman, His riches are accounted tosurplus oil production, He owns a 500 ft yacht, and the Al Alam RoyalPalace, the residence of the Sultan, which overlooks the serene Muscatharbour. The regal palace is an exquisite marvel of art and architecture.His wealth is based upon Oil reserves, global properties, global investmentsand international family interests.
  12. 12. H.M King Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa of BahrainNo. 11Age: 62Net worth: £ 3.5 Billion - PlusHis Majesty King Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa, KCMG (Arabic: ‫بن‬ ‫حمد‬‫خليفة‬ ‫آل‬ ‫عيسى‬‎)(born 28 December 1950, Riffa, Bahrain) is the currentKing of Bahrain (since 2002), having previously been its Emir(from 1999). He is the son of Isa ibn Salman Al Khalifah, theprevious emir. For his secondary schooling, he attended the TheLeys School, Cambridge, England. He later attended militarycolleges in the United Kingdom (including Sandhurst) and theUnited States (including Fort Leavenworth). Al Khalifah has greatinterest in preserving heritage and continues to indulge in anumber of sports activities and hobbies including falconry, golf,fishing, tennis and football. His keen interest in Arabian horsescaused him to establish the Amiri stables in June of 1977 which wasregistered in the World Arabian Horses Organization in September1978. His wealth is based upon Oil reserves, global properties,global investments and international family interests.
  13. 13. H.M.S.H The Prince Hans-Adam II of LiechtensteinNo. 12Age: 67Net worth: £ 4 Billion - PlusHis Most Serene Highness The Sovereign Prince Hans-Adam II, FerdinandAloisJosef Maria Marko dAviano Pius von und zu Liechtenstein, (born 14thFebruary 1945,in Zurich), is the reigning Prince of Liechtenstein. He is the son of FranzJoseph II,Prince of Liechtenstein (1906-1989) and his wife Countess Georgina vonWilczek (1921-1989). He also bears the titles Duke of Troppau andJägerndorf, Count of Rietberg. The Prince heads the small AlpinePrincipality, His wealth is based upon the familys bank,LGT, His mostvaluable asset and other holdings including an estimated 20,000 hectaresofland in Austria, several 17th-century palaces in central Vienna, the companyRiceTecin the U.S and a vast 400-year-old art collection.
  14. 14. H.R.H. The Grand Duke Henri of LuxembourgNo. 13Age: 56Net worth: £ 3 Billion - PlusHis Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg (given names: HenriAlbert Gabriel Félix Marie Guillaume; born at Betzdorf Castle in Betzdorf,Luxembourg, 16 April 1955) is the head of state of Luxembourg. He is theeldest son of Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Princess Joséphine-Charlotte of Belgium. His maternal grandparents were King Leopold III ofBelgium and Astrid of Sweden. He is a nephew of the current King ofBelgium, Albert II. His wealth is based upon various personal andfamily investments including industry, bank deposits, gold and real estate.
  15. 15. H.M.S.H The Prince Albert II of MonacoNo. 14Age: 53Net worth: £ 2.5 Billion - PlusHis Most Serene Highness Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco (AlbertAlexandreLouis Pierre Grimaldi, born 14 March 1958) is the head of the House ofGrimaldi andthe current ruler of the Principality of Monaco. He is the son of Rainier III,Prince of Monaco and his Princess Consort, Grace Kelly. His wealth is basedupon real estate, family art collection, antique cars, stamps and a stake inMonte Carlos Casino.
  16. 16. H.H Shah Karim al-Hussayni - The Aga Khan IVNo. 15Age: 75Net worth: £ 2 Billion - PlusShah Karim al-Hussayni, The Aga Khan IV, KBE, CC, GCC, GCIH (Arabic:‫سمو‬‫الحسيني‬ ‫کريم‬ ‫شاہ‬ ‫األمير‬‫الرابع‬ ‫خان‬ ‫آغا‬ ‎) (born December 13, 1936) is the 49th andcurrent Imam of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims. He has been in thisposition and has held the title of Āgā Khān since July 11, 1957, when at theage of 20 he succeeded his grandfather, Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah AgaKhan. The Āgā Khān is responsible for the interpretation of the faith for hisfollowers and as part of the office of the Imamate, endeavors to improve thequality of their lives and of the communities in which they live.The Āgā Khān is a descendant of Prophet Muhammad through his cousinand son-in-law, Ali, the first Imam, and his wife Fatima, Muhammadsdaughter, and is referred to by members of his community asMawlana Hazer Imām (‫إمام‬ ‫,حاضر‬ "Present Imām"). Since his ascension to theImamate, the Āgā Khān has witnessed complex political and economicchanges which have affected his followers, including independence ofAfrican countries from colonial rule, expulsion of Asians from Uganda, theindependence of Central Asian countries such as Tajikistan from the formerSoviet Union, and continuing turmoil in Afghanistan and Pakistan.The Āgā Khān has been particularly interested in the elimination of globalpoverty; the advancement of the status of women, the promotion of Islamic
  17. 17. culture, art, and architecture; and furthering pluralistic values in society.He is the founder and chairman of the Aga Khan Development Network,one of the largest private development networks in the world, which workstowards social, economic and cultural development in Asia and Africa.The Aga Khans wealth is based upon global properties, global investmentsand internationalfamily interests, He owns 900 thoroughbreds and has a stake in one ofBritains largesthorse-auction houses, His annual income is estimated to be $300m.Business interests include hotels and airlines, and he has also invested in atourist complex in Sardinia. His main source of income is throughinvesting in stocks, companies and material