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  1. 1. Maybach custom cars: A journey throughthe agesWay back in 1909, Wilhelm Maybach and his son, Karl, founded the Maybach Motorenbau GmBH in Stuggart,Germany, which at that time began creating special edition petrol engines for rail cars. It later progressed toluxury cars, after the company gained prominence and designing expertise till 1940. Much later in 1997, the carmaking brand was re-established under the joint ownership with Daimler AG, the owners of the MercedesBenz. They introduced the Maybach 57 & 62 amongst others, which became the symbols of luxury in the automarket, but the later years saw a dip in sales. Officials sources now report, that the brand in going to be haltedfrom production from 2013 onwards. Even then, there have been some special editions of the car made such thediamond and gold trimmed versions, for super rich folks, some of which are highlighted here:
  2. 2. Most luxurious Maybach editions1) One-off Maybach ExceleroBryan ‘Birdman’ Williams’ one-of-a-kind $8 million Maybach ExeleroOwner: Bryan ‘Birdman’ WilliamsPrice: $8 millionRappers and their blinged lifestyle are not uncommon news anymore. They seem to have a knack for flash likeno other, and Cash Money Records owner, Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams was no different. He splashed $8 millionon a custom made Maybach Excelero, which is a 2-seater coupe configuration, with a V12 Turbo-enginecapable of delivering 700 HP of power, and could take the vehicle from 0-100 km/ph in just 4.4 seconds. Thetop speed was 350 km/ph.2) Maybach 62 bomb & bullet proof
  3. 3. Roman Abramovich’s Maybach 62 limousinesOwner: Roman AbramovichPrice: $1.65 millionOil baron and Chelsea football club owner, Roman Abramovich is known for his opulent lifestyle whichincludes his real estate investments and his luxury toys like yachts, boats and cars too. Amongst the many hehas, is the pair of Maybach 62 which has been created to keep away not only bullets, but also bombs if any. Mr.Abramovich is known to be paranoid about his security, and it was only befitting that the most commonly usedones of the lot receive a special addition for his security.3) Chrome Maybach 62SMaybach 62s Chromed by Theo PaphitisOwner: Theo PaphitisPrice: $1.29 millionGoing higher on the bling factor than rapsters, high-street stationery shop owner Theo Paphitis got this custommade Maybach 62 for himself, which stands out primarily for its all-chrome chassis. Distinguishable featuresinclude, the Maybach champagne tulip glasses, miniature refrigerator, first-class airline style seating which turninto flatbeds, 2 flat screens TVs which one can use for gaming and also watching DVDs, apart from the otherstandard features of the Maybach 62S, including the more powerful but eco-friendlier engine amongst others.
  4. 4. 4) Maybach- India’s firstRasiklal Manikchand Dhariwal’s MaybachOwner: Jahnavi Dhariwal (Rasiklal Manikchand Dhariwal’s daughter)Price: $1.07 millionIndian tobacco baron Rasiklal Manikchand Dhariwal, apart from being the owner of other luxury cars, ownsIndia’s first Maybach after the commercial launch took place in the country. Handpicked as per herpreferences, Ms. Jahnavi Dhariwal has ensured that there are indeed some special features in the car, includingthe Nayarit silver and mid-grey color of the chassis, keyless security system, active seat ventilation, 10 airbagsfor safety, and a 3-point special seat belt with auto-comfort features for long journeys and extra security ofpassengers. Since this was an occasion of sorts in India, the MD of Daimler Chrysler Hans-Michael Huberhanded over the keys personally to Mr. Dhariwal.5) Maybach 57S Coupe by XenatechMaybach 57S Coupe by Xenatech
  5. 5. Owner: N.A.Price: $800,000When luxury saloons came out, their coupe cousins are always in the vicinity, and exactly that’s the case withthe Maybach 57S by Xenatech, the German coach builder. Unlike other modified versions, this one is actuallyshorter by around 20cm, but will receive new interiors modifications such as the sportier seating arrangementin 2 + 2 configuration, new doors and side panels, with also an optional full-glass roof. On the exterior, therewill be options for 20 or 21-inch bespoken alloy wheels, new front and rear bumpers, new tail-lights, dual bodycoloring, and special rear diffuser amongst others. There will be a total of 100 of these limited editionMaybachs available for sale.6) Maybach 72Maybach 62 stretched out to Maybach 72Owner: NAPrice: $780,000For those who like their cars to be extra-long, the Maybach 72 one-off could have been the perfect choice. Builtwith the framework of the Maybach 62, this edition of the luxury saloon was stretched out by a little over 3-feetover its original length, to accommodate pair extra back-facing seats. But this special redesigning was actuallyone of the reasons, why the price of the vehicle doubled. However, the name of the owner was never known.
  6. 6. 7) Maybach LimoDiddy’s son gets a $360K Maybach car on his birthdayOwner: Justin Dior Combs (son of Sean Jean Combs- P.Diddy)Price: $360,000The price tag of the Maybach car wasn’t so much of a surprising factor, but the fact that it was the 16thBirthday gift car to Justin Combs, the college-going son of Sean Jean Combs (P.Diddy), grabbed moreheadlines for being too much of a spending on the occasion. Undaunted by the brickbats in the media world andalso his critics, P.Diddy justified the purchase of the luxury vehicle for his son by mentioning that he is anhonors student now, and now one sets any rules for how he raises his children.8) Maybach 57S
  7. 7. Samuel L. Jackson’s New Maybach 57 SOwner: Samuel JacksonPrice: NAOtherwise in the news for his acting, Samuel Jackson is also known in niche circles as being fan of theMercedes and Daimler Brand. He had taken a special tour of the Centre of Excellence in Stuttgart, Germanywith his wife, La Tanya and they both jointly created the list of additions and special features to set theirMaybach apart. Amongst the most prominent ones are special Mercedes Benz designo paintjob, craftedchampagne glasses, silver tumblers, folding tables, and solar roof panel for interior temperature regulation.9) Maybach 62Mswati’s MaybachOwner: King Mswati IIIPrice: $360,000At a time when most of the country he rules, lives under $1 a day, and depends on food donations for survival,the King is known for his generous ways of spending money on himself and his family of multiple wives andchildren. From jets to luxury car fleets, his shopping list includes the premium of toys, all bought in lots whenhis kingdom is battling severe poverty. One of these is the Maybach 62 which is known for its luxuriousinterior design and technical features which include a telephone receiver, DVD player, 21-speaker audiosystem, heated steering wheel, dust filter, golf bag, refrigerator to name a few.
  8. 8. 10) Maybach 2011 Edition 1252011 Maybach Edition 125Owner: (one off edition by the company)Price: N.A.In 2011, Daimler celebrated 125 years of its existence by creating a special one-off version of the Maybachluxury sedan. Though naturally with luxury features, several other additions were made for this exclusive piece,beginning with the Tahiti black and Patagonia silver coloring, a duality of colors carried on the inside as well.Other significant additions were the chrome radiator grille, re-designed bumper and hood, 21-spoke alloywheels, V-12 engine with 630Hp of power output, and lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions. On theinsides, there were the Wilhelm Maybach signature glove compartment cover and armrests, silver and carbonfiber trimmings, Swarovski crystal artwork, and the special perfume atomizer.11) Project Kahn Maybach 57 for British Royal coupleProject Kahn customizes Maybach to commemorate William and Kates royal wedding
  9. 9. Owner: British Royal familyPrice: N.A.The Prince William-Kate Middleton wedding was a truly epic event of sorts. From media houses to designerslike Afzal Kahn, everyone’s attention was fixed towards the event, looking at the hype around it. In a series ofspecial editions, Mr. Kahn created this exclusive one-off Maybach 57, which even got a special license numberof ‘4 HRH’ which stands for ‘For His Royal Highness’. Other special additions included an entirely redoneProject Kahn interior package, special pearl white body color, 22-inch custom made wheels, apart from specialsecurity and privacy features within the car.12) Maybach 62Hassanal Bolkiah Muizzaddin Waddaulahs MaybachOwner: Sultan of Brunei Hasan Al BolkiahPrice: NASultan Bolkiah of Brunei is known for his extravagant lifestyle, which includes a car collection well over $5billion in value. It is know that, a number of larger car companies send him an edition of their new car models,before they sell to the general public, hence a lot of the cars in his garage are first editions, and special modifiedversions of luxury vehicles such as Bentleys, Ferraris, Rolls Royces, etc. One of the many (in 1000s) is acustom made Maybach 62, which is known to have golden detailing amongst others displays of luxury. Sincehe is the sole authority in his country, he keeps a close guard on it his assets, and not much is known aboutthese cars’ special features.
  10. 10. 13) Maybach 57SKing Juan Carlos I’s MaybachOwner: King Juan Carlos I of SpainPrice: $ NAWhen you are a king, it won’t be a big surprise to have the head of Mercedes come in specially to hand over thekeys your Maybach. King Juan Carlos I of Spain was rendered that special service, when he got the keys to hispersonalized Maybach 57S from Dr. Dieter Zetsche. Some of the unique features of this Maybach were thelight beige leather interior with brown walnut wooden trimmings, and the generous use of silver artwork on thegear handle, front console cover and ashtrays, all of which have been done specially for the King by PatrickMavros, one of London’s best silversmiths.
  11. 11. 14) Maybach Type Zeppelin DS8 Cabriolet, 19291929 Maybach Cabriolet DS8Owner: MultiplePrice: NABuilt on the same framework of the Maybach Type 12, this vehicle came into existence in 1929 as a cabriolet,and then in 1932 when it was converted into a Zeppelin DS8 version of the Maybach. Though the Zeppelinfeatured here is not a custom made version, but known for its flexible yet royal design configurations, this carwas used as special taxi till the 1970’s when it had famous passengers like President Heuss and ChancellorKiesinger of Germany. Many variants of this car were custom made for the brands elite clientele. The notablefeatures included the 4-stroke 12-cylinder 200 HP engine, with 7922cc as total displacement capacity, andtransmission being a DSG 80 double overdrive transmission. The maximum speed possible on this car was a150 km/ph, and is still cherished for the sheering riding experience the car provided.There are some names of owners, and even their prices not being mentioned. These editions generally includecustom made options, whose names are not yet publicly known.