Here is the evidence of an israeli black op


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Here is the evidence of an israeli black op

  1. 1. Here is the evidence of an Israeli Black OP?Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store at the Labor Youth League summer camp at Utøya Thursday.This was a major attack - not some lone maniac rich Jewish farm boy
  2. 2. This guy has Jewish bloodThe killer shown executing kids
  3. 3. The killer and his momma, who he lived with his entire life1...... He also wrote a book, about 1500 pages, he fights against Nazism and supports Israel.2..... The brutality, with no obvious reason3..... The smell of gun control4..... This wasnt the work of a Lone Gunman’.... there had to be others involvedPeople said Laughtner was a Christian until a picture of a Sukkoth in his back yard surfaced. The VirginiaTech massacre was a chink (nee Zipper head) -- a Jewish shrink that loaded the Nips head with revenge,and had him on psychotropic drugs (bullshit). Mumbai, the Madrid train bomb, the London bus bomb,Dublin, Port Arthur..... They were all Jewish orchestrated (ALL CONTROLED BY THE ROTHSCHILD).