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A balanced life - A happy life


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I believe the ultimate goal of any one of us is happiness pursuit. However, we usually lost that goal once we live through our lives. A happy life is quite simple, yet need a lot of courage, discipline, wisdom to "attain" that happy life. By sharing my thoughts here, I hope it can help you to live a happier life. Good luck!
Oops... forgot to mention that there are too many laws of nature that certainly we can't learn all. The most important one for happiness is how our mind is working. Focusing on the right one matters.
I came out and share to the public about this topic and I’m willing to do more of it. If you’re interested in having me coming in (your office, your group, …) and share, we certainly can talk and arrange.

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A balanced life - A happy life

  1. 1. by Viet Hung Nguyen A balanced life, a happy life
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  6. 6. My definition of a balanced life, a happy life: Don't go against the law of nature. Instead, understand and follow them. cc: 【丹尼斯®】 -
  7. 7. The principle of mental exercising: Let your mind rest, relax regularly. cc: Zoltan Tasi -
  8. 8. The most valuable asset I possess once I leave this life: Relationship. I invest my time and effort to build, strengthen and extend relationships with great people around me. cc: Latente 囧 -
  9. 9. cc: Aron - Time: the most special resource that you have to be cautious to use. Spend quality time with your loved ones.
  10. 10. Life is a series of decision making, of choice selection. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your choice, yes your choice (not anyone else). Blame no one else for your quality of life (except yourself). cc: Nathan Dumlao -
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  12. 12. You can only rise as high as your self esteem. Sayadaw U Jotika
  13. 13. Everything start from yourself. Observe and understand more and more about what is happening to you and inside yourself. The key is from those observations and what you learn from it. cc: Yannic Meyer -
  14. 14. 4 criteria on the way to happiness: more independent, simpler, more opening in your mind, to become more of love. cc: VinothChandar -
  15. 15. cc: Zulmaury Saavedra - I started living my life once I was 40! Feed your mind with all those peaceful / calmed moments. And you'll find what you need to do to follow the law of nature.
  16. 16. cc: Stuck in Customs - Bonus: 10 minutes relaxation Download script at: