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A presentation for our #NewhouseSM4 class with DR4WARD on how advertisers are going digital and advertising for important, large-scale events. Real-time marketing (RTM) is also examined as an emerging trend in the industry.

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  1. 1. #ADVIntegrationEvent Real Time Marketing & Advertising
  2. 2. The Team Jenna Bordy: @jenna_bordy Klout: 60 Richie Calabro: @RichieCalabro Klout: 54 Brigid Demko: @brigiddemko Klout: 45 Harry Whitaker: @Hwwhitaker Klout: 65
  3. 3. Explanation of#ADVIntegration● Social media has changed the way people view brands● Brands now need to create 2-way conversations with consumers● Integrating brands into event social media keeps them top-of-mind
  4. 4. Event and Real Time Marketing BackgroundOur Events: Real Time Marketing: creative advertising done completely on-the-fly during a newsworthy event. (@adweek)
  5. 5. Interactive AdvertisingText Ads: Basic advertising text, no images and no animation. Boring and least effective.Standard Display: Standard display ads can either be static or animated with tools likeFlash. They usually have only one interaction, meaning that when you click on them,youll be taken directly to the site.Rich Media Ads: Require much more complex technology to ensure that all of the adbehaviors function properly, that all of the interactions can be measured and to serve theads onto web pages.
  6. 6. #ADVIntegration: Super Bowl-2013 Super Bowl was most watched television event in U.S history.-Average over 100 million TV viewers each year. (111 million in 2013)-30 second commercial set record at $4 million per spot.-Ace Metrix testing firm used to measure effectiveness of advertising duringmajor events.
  7. 7. Super Bowl By The "Social" Numbers-Of 20.9 million Super Bowl-related tweets during the game,3 in 10 were related to the commercials.-Of the 52 national TV spots, Twitter was mentioned in half,while Facebook was included in only 4, and Google+ wasnot featured at all.-75% of the ads integrated social, mobile, hashtags, orapplications, up 7% from last year-41% of Super Bowl viewers used their mobile devices forsocial media during the commercials.
  8. 8. Most Effective Ads in 2013
  9. 9. -Advertising agency based in Boston.-Created BrandLIVE which is all about increasing relevancy through technology, and part ofVivaki, which is Publicis Groupe digital arm.-Founders and hosts of the Digital NewFront, which is the webs answer to the TV Upfront.
  10. 10. Delta Airlines-Rich media ads incorporate video and are used to targetbusiness class audience to buy plane tickets during workinghours.-Rich media ads most effective in reaching audience: 85% ofinternet users watch videos, 39 billion videos watch in U.S. inSeptember 2012 alone.
  11. 11. Digital Project Clients
  12. 12. Justin Perrelli Senior Brand Manager, Digitas Delta, Comcast, Mead Johnson Klout: 56 @justinperrelli-"There should no longer be "digital agencies" becauseeveryone should have the capability and know-how tocreate work for the digital space."-"Everyone at the agency must understand social evenif they dont work in it directly." There are opportunitiesto make even the most traditional work have socialelements."
  13. 13. Grammys Recap● Official Grammy Hashtag: #Grammys● Compared to the massive success of RTM at SuperBowl, Grammys failed● Brands did not capitalize on the amazing opportunity especially
  14. 14. Talked About Grammy Tweets
  15. 15. David Yarus - MRY@davidyarus klout: 65● Worked on major global brand during Grammys● Used teamwork to find every possible way to get into the conversation● Major Production● Set up "war room"● All departments involved
  16. 16. #ADVIntegration: Oscar Night"Real Time Marketing or Real Time Misfire?" -Augie Ray, brand blogger● Most analysis of RTM from Oscars has been negative● Premeditated● Fake real-time● Special K: ○ not hugely successful ○ many misfires ○ closer to real RTM
  17. 17. Fake real-time● Most attempts at RTM appear to have been premeditated and lack that real-time element
  18. 18. Missed Opportunity● Jennifer Lawrences fall● Unexpected event, just like Super Bowl Blackout● No brand took advantage ○ only example was a parody● Would have made excellent Christian Dior ad
  19. 19. SXSWWhat is SXSW?● Gathers musicians, techies, writers, venture capitalists, filmmakers, agency-execs, and everyone in between ○ Meetings, concerts, talks, exhibits ○ Austin, Texas ○ Attendance rises each year● One of the largest festivals in the world● Created in 1987 (Osterholm 2013)● Trying to decrease use of mobile phones
  20. 20. #ADVIntegration into SXSW● How do you advertise to the inventors of innovation? ○ must appeal to leaders and their creative sides● Advertisers can place ads in Program Guides ○ "Go-to source for all things SXSW... easily the most visible publication during the event and long after" (SXSW 2013)● Or SXSWORLD Magazine ○ publication that describes film, music, interactive industries, and all things SXSW ■ Published 5 times a year ● print, mobile, online● Media Kit: http://ow.ly/jtlt5
  21. 21. Custom Opportunities● SXSW offers many customizable marketing options for any objective ○ specialized campaigns for artists, panelists, filmmakers, press ○ shuttles, cabs, mobile apps ○ brand visibility items: lanyards, bags, hotel keys ○ host festival parties, own conference lounges
  22. 22. Super Sponsorship● Highest marketing impact possible ○ present in SXSW before, during, and after ○ "SXSW works closely with sponsors to reach their target demographics, hone their sponsorship activation approach, integrate sponsor offerings, and achieve their marketing objectives (SXSW 2013)● Offers: ○ support and promotion ○ exclusivity in industry and category at SXSW Music, Film, and Interactive Conferences and Festivals ○ Use of SXSW brand name and logo in their own campaigns ○ on-site brand association and high visibility ○ integration into vital events● Sponsorship categories images):
  23. 23. Top 10 Trends from SXSWInteractive 2013 (via Pulsar IMC agency) 1. Entrepreneurialism 2. Making Data Meaningful 3. Hacking for Good 4. Digital Becoming Physical 5. BRANDED CONTENT a. Art of storytelling, content curation, creation 6. RTM a. Oreo 7. Sharing Economy 8. Social Change 9. Smart Video and New Verticals10. Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding
  24. 24. Words from Bill LoscherCreative Director at Everett Studios on RTM marketing during events:"Scavenger Hunts, games, text message quizzes, tie-in events atconcerts using PDA’s is becoming the norm and not a novelty anymore.Heineken sponsored music events come to mind. Direct RTM betweenartist and concert-goer is becoming the event reality."
  25. 25. Maura Menapace Global Account Director, Global Frito-Lay brands Goodby, Silverstein and Partners @maura_menapace Worked on Dorito account with digital integration during both the Super Bowl and SXSW ● "All agencies (and most good clients) strive to always have an integrated campaign with digital and social efforts at the forefront." ● "We live in a multitasking, multi-screen world, and to truly engage consumers we need to plan our campaigns with that behavior in mind." ● "The best commentary is on things that are unexpected, so you really need the people to make those decisions live."
  26. 26. Doritos Crash the Super Bowl ● Maura was Account Manager for Doritos during Super Bowl XLVI (2012) and leading up to Super Bowl XLVII (2013) ● Starting in 2006, this event was one of the first major examples of digital integration ● 2013 CTSB voting moved to Facebook page rather than microsite
  27. 27. Facebook app propels CTSBAdweek:● "visits to its Facebook app page were up 100 percent compared to last year on the microsite, said Dena con Werssowetz, Frito-Lay marketing manager"Social sharing made all thedifference. 4,050,186 people like this.
  28. 28. #BoldStageRTM at its finest.● SXSW concert stage● 62-Foot Vending machine with 4-story LCD screen● Twitter engagement affected outcome of opening act, special effects, onscreen visuals and encore song● Screen encouraged tweets and showcased photos● 13K tweets
  29. 29. Our Tool: Mention
  30. 30. Tips/Future? "Brands will continue to get braver in the space and it will lead to much richer experiences, which will benefit both the customer and the brand." "They will also be able to find an audience where one never existed before, like with Google Glass."
  31. 31. ReferencesText 1. Siegler, M. (2011, March 16). At sxsw, advertising was this years twitter, ipad 2 was this years foursquare. Tech Crunch, Retrieved from http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/16/sxsw-2011/ 2. Osterholm, J. (2013, March 15). [Web log message]. Retrieved from http://odmgrp.com/blog/2013/03/15/sxsw- marketing-challenges-advertising-to-the-inventors-of-innovation/ 3. Callahan-Poe, K. (2013, Marcy 14). [Web log message]. Retrieved from http://pulsaradvertising.com/tag/sxsw- interactive-2013/ 4. SXSW. (2013). Advertising. Retrieved from http://sxsw.com/marketing/advertising 5. http://www.aweber.com/blog/email-marketing/using-cultural-events.htm 6. http://www.digiday.com/brands/fast-moving-brands-at-the-grammys/ 7. http://www.tkgenius.com/2013/02/grammys-social-media-live-television-integration/ 8. http://engage.synecoretech.com/marketing-technology-for-growth/bid/173268/Real-Time-Content-Marketing- and-What-SMBs-Can-Learn-from-Oreo 9. http://www.kaseyskala.com/post/42843151164/real-time-mistake10. http://www.experiencetheblog.com/2013/02/oscarsrtm-real-time-marketing-or-real.html11. http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/34214/10-Oscar-Worthy-Examples-of-Brands-Newsjacking-the- Academy-Awards.aspx12. http://justallie.com/2013/03/real-time-marketing-oscars/13. http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/real-time-marketing-during-oscars-fails-deliver-much-brand-buzz- 14755214. http://mashable.com/2013/03/06/doritos-bold-stage-vending-machine-llcoolj-tweets/Images 1. http://sxsw.com/sites/all/themes/sxsw-2013/logo.png 2. http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/16/sxsw-2011/ 3. sxsw.com