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Healing Crystals for Jewellery

Do you know which crystals are best crystals to be used as jewellery with healing effects? View this ppt. to find healing crystals to be used as jewellery.

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Healing Crystals for Jewellery

  1. 1. Healing Crystals To be Used in Jewellery
  2. 2. Turquoise - For All Round Goodness Turquoise is a powerful stone used for protection. It increases inner calmness and eases depression, anxiety, exhaustion and fears. It helps to express ourselves and strengthen creativity in problem solving. Turquoise is well known for its healing powers and its abilities to draw disease out of the body. Turquoise helps to absorb nutrients and strengthen the immune system. If placed on the throat it is wonderful for the thyroid and the voice. Turquoise strengthens feminine energies and is helpful in female disorders as well as in soothing headaches. Properties: Protection, wisdom, positive thoughts, balance, courage, friendship, healing, luck, love
  3. 3. Amethyst - For Stress Reduction Amethyst is a very powerful healing crystal. It is known to calm the mind, to relieve stress, sooth sadness, anger and anxiety. It helps us to focus and stimulates motivation, concentration and memory. Amethyst balances the hormones, strengthens the immune system and has a stimulating effect on the metabolism. Amethyst eases stress and insomnia, promoting peaceful sleep. It encourages humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom. Amethyst is the best meditation stone to treat blood related problems and diseases of the lung. Properties: clarity of thought, relief from grief, protection
  4. 4. Blue Topaz – For Clarity This beautiful sky blue stone balances and strengthens communication skills, truth, wisdom and forgiveness, helping you to stay true to yourself. Blue Topaz promotes joy, abundance and good fortune. Blue Topaz facilitates, thinking through and expressing complex concepts and ideas. Blue topaz is a strong crystal for rectifying health problems, and aids digestion, fortifies the nerves, balances emotions and stimulates the metabolism. It is known to combat eating disorders. Blue Topaz releases tension and helps one to relax. Properties: Good fortune, communication, wisdom, truth, abundance, honesty, relaxation, forgiveness
  5. 5. Moonstone - For Instability Moonstone aids inner growth, strengthens intuition and stabilizes emotions. It is known as a stone to bring success in love, business, and good fortune. It is a great stone for meditation and help us to understand ourselves. Moonstone also soothes away stress and anxiety. Moonstone is said to have the power of making wishes come true. Moonstone balances the digestive system, helps to absorb nutrients and to eliminate toxins. It is known to stimulate the proper functioning of the pineal gland and to balance hormones. It is a great help for conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breast- feeding. Properties: Love, abundance, good luck, happiness, psychic abilities, feminine energies
  6. 6. Onyx - To Conquer Fear Onyx is an excellent stone for stressful or challenging situations as it gives us strength and support. It’s soothing qualities alleviate fear and worries and encourages wise decision-making. Onyx is known to increase happiness, intuition and good fortune. Onyx helps us to focus and stay grounded. Onyx is known to help with skin ailments, infections and inflammations. This stone needs to be cleansed and recharged regularly–wash it in salt water or pass it through incense smoke. Properties: Support, Strength, Stamina, Protection
  7. 7. Rose Quartz – For Love It is known as a love stone. Rose Quartz encourages unconditional love and opens its wearer to all forms of love: self love, romantic love, family love. It’s heart opening qualities act on soothing the nervous system, decreasing stress levels and increasing happiness, trust and harmony. Rose Quartz stimulates forgiveness, creates peace, compassion, kindness, inner peace and tolerance. It increases ones ability to love oneself as well as others. It helps heal emotional wounds and increases its wearer’s sense of self-worth. Rose Quartz is said to reduce wrinkles. It is also known to be a protective stone during pregnancy, protecting from miscarriage Properties: Love: Romantic love, self love, platonic love, unconditional love, deep care, compassion, happiness, forgiveness and friendship
  8. 8. Citrine – A Money Stone Citrine is an absolute power stone, energizing its wearer on all levels. It is known to attract prosperity and success. Citrine increases self-confidence and stimulates creativity, enthusiasm and joy. As it helps you get centered and rest in your power. Citrine is great to help in making important decisions. It also balances emotions and gives relief for depression, stress and anxiety, bringing joy, optimism and love to its owner. This beautiful yellow-gold crystal is unique in its power to dissolve negative energy without the need to be cleansed. Properties: Prosperity, courage, confidence, strength, warmth, happiness, creativity, joy of life, protection, self-esteem, opens the mind to new thoughts,
  9. 9. Ruby – To Lust Life Ruby is a symbol of vitality, contentment, energy and zest for life. It is said to encourage passion and self- love. Be releasing destructive emotional patterns, it helps us to develop more love for ourselves. Physically Ruby is known to restore life-force and to aid in cleansing and detoxifying body, blood and lymph system. It also stimulates the heart and reproductive organs. Properties: Vitality, energy, zest of life, Passion, Courage, Love, Healing
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