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Crystal For Spirituality and Health

Crystal has many healing properties and can be used as best healer for spirituality and health.

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Crystal For Spirituality and Health

  1. 1. Learn How To Use Crystal For Spirituality & Health
  2. 2. SPIRITUALITY, THE REAL MEANING Spirituality is everything about being an individual, whether you believe in religion or not. It is more inclined towards having a sense of peace, solace and purpose than being religious or a devotee. It is related to the process of developing beliefs that revolves around life, its meaning and our connection with others. In simple words, Spirituality is a knowing of ourselves. It is about getting to the answers of some profound questions like who we are, where we have come from, why we were born, recognizing our role in life, and what we all need to do to utilize this beautiful life we have been given, etc. Spirituality has immense power to separate a person from materialistic dependence and establish a greater higher purpose.
  3. 3. Attaining spirituality is not a game played out over a day or two; it can take a long time to reach a state where you feel at peace with all that you have. Many people have attained spirituality by practicing various things like yoga and meditation that eventually focus on relieving stress and releasing emotions. But, another truth here is that today’s lifestyle and busy schedule doesn’t allow everyone to follow and stick strictly to these schedules, people neither have the patience level to sit for long hours or are able to concentrate fully. Then, how to attain spirituality? The simplest answer is through CRYSTALS. Crystals have been trusted for various purposes from using them as auspicious jewelry pieces to unbelievable healing powers for centuries in various traditions throughout the world. Crystals are believed to transform one form of energy to another. This property of Healing Crystals empowers you to harness their amazing powers to heal, harmonize, and to transform your life. ATTAINING SPIRITUALITY AND CRYSTALS
  4. 4. CRYSTALS THAT CAN IMPROVE SPIRITUALITY IN YOU: Clear Quartz – Crystal Well-Being  Known as the Energy Stone and is brilliant for meditation.  Strengthens energy and deepens thoughts.  Releases negativity.  Receives and transmits energy.  Assists in communication with every aspect.
  5. 5. CRYSTALS THAT CAN IMPROVE SPIRITUALITY IN YOU: Citrine – Merchant’s Stone  Citrine is the abundance stone responsible for enhancing joy, warmth and energy.  Entices and maintains richness.  Raises self-esteem, fuels mental focus.
  6. 6. CRYSTALS THAT CAN IMPROVE SPIRITUALITY IN YOU: Rose Quartz – Love Stone  Brings a balance and stability, and rejuvenates the emotions.  Chills hot tempers, dispels anger and jealousy.  Encourages kindness and harmony.
  7. 7. CRYSTALS THAT CAN IMPROVE SPIRITUALITY IN YOU: Amethyst – Stone of Peace  Ideal for meditation.  Enhances psychic capabilities.  Leaves you with a great calmness. Very protective and stimulating.  Reflects divine love.
  8. 8. CRYSTALS THAT CAN IMPROVE SPIRITUALITY IN YOU: Garnet – Stone of Compassion  Strengthens and refines.  Balances the energy field of the body and enhances the inner imagination.
  9. 9. CRYSTALS THAT CAN IMPROVE SPIRITUALITY IN YOU: Agate – Stone of Strength  Offers courage and strength for body and mind.  Simplifies insight and precision.  Grounding and energetic.  Balances and manages the yin-yang energies.
  10. 10. CRYSTALS THAT CAN IMPROVE SPIRITUALITY IN YOU: Rhodonite  Assists in building self-esteem and confidence.  Minimizes anxiety and fear, inspires greater understanding and sensitivity.  Assists in maximizing inner potential.
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