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Poems By Jon Martindale


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Various Poems for Reflection and Thought

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Poems By Jon Martindale

  1. 1. Jon Martindale ( Poems •Am I Half – Am I Whole •He Saw The Sea •What is Man •The Dash After The Dash •Within Arms Reach •Opportunity •More
  2. 2. What Is Man What is man, but God’s perfect mold. What is truth, but God’s word told. For in God’s image man was made. For God’s glory man is ever bade. God gave man the right to choose. Man has a soul he shall never loose God gave man all universal riches, Man must avoid falling in the ditches. When man from his path does stray, Can turn to prayer to find his way. Man may think he is alone In God’s arms he is carried home. God sent his Son to show the way, God’s only Son taught man to pray. By God’s hand man is lead. From God’s Word man is fed. By God’s hand man is lead. God’s own Son IS man’s daily bread. Jon Martindale
  3. 3. HE SAW THE SEA From the sea, From the sea All things came From the sea He saw the sea, He saw the sea, He wanted all, when He saw the sea To the sea To the sea All things return To the sea He dried the sea He dried the sea It was no more He dried the sea To those who see To those who see All has come To those who see Me I see Me I see Reflected Light Me I see Mortal birth - Mortal greed - Mortal death Dream indeed - Perfect man - That I am Jon Martindale
  4. 4. The Dash after the Dash In the Beginning was the Word The Word became Flesh and Dwelled among Mortal Man. Mortal man did not comprehend and sent this Word to a cruel Crucifixion on a wooden Cross Three days later the Word returned and dwelled among his followers for a period of time before the Ascend. Now the Son of Man sits Right On the Hand of God for Eternity. Beginning – Ascension – Eternity It is the dash after the dash that is more important for that is where we will spend our eternity. Jon Martindale
  5. 5. Within Arms Reach (The Answer is at Hand) To understand the subject - first extend your right arm, bend the elbow slightly, and turn the hand so that the palm and insides of the fingers are facing you. Now ponder the following: Is this a hand for giving? Or Is this a hand for receiving? Further Ponder: Is this a hand through which help is given? Or Is this a hand through which help is received? Now place your right hand next to your left hand with thumb touching thumb and little finger touching little finger and place your hands toward your head so the thumbs are under the chin and the index fingers touch slightly against the nose. Next bow your head, close your eyes, and carefully ponder the above questions. When the answer comes – then you will know what you asked. Jon Martindale
  6. 6. I Am I Am I? I am What? What am I For? For I am What? Awake me from this dream, let me sleep no more To Thy Holy Glory, that is what I am for. Jon Martindale
  7. 7. Questions??? As I ponder the questions of my who, what, when, where, why, and how, the question arises “Am I on a sabbatical from Eternal Life to pass through this material plane called human life? If the answer is yes, then what must I do to share and care; how must I come to know and grow; when must I love and hug; where must I give thrust and trust; why must I seek to find; and who must; of course I must!!! ------- ‘Tis I. Jon Martindale
  8. 8. Life, Truth, and Love What is Life but that which is Love. What is Truth but for the telling of. Only through spiritual eyes can I see In that great mirror is reflected me. In my Life which is filled with Love All is mine and given from above. So what I have and what belongs to me I freely give and share with thee. Jon Martindale
  9. 9. Sailing With You Weigh my anchor for boat to sail Filled with love, Thee I hail. Weigh my anchor for boat to sail With You at helm, I can not fail. Sail with me into yonder ocean Help me overcome this emotion. Sail with me into yonder ocean Fill my life with Your devotion. My hand needs held, my body fed Give me Dear Father my daily bread. My hand needs held, my body fed Let me walk where You have tread. Help me grow into Thy sight Where You are is Perfect Light. Help me grow into Thy sight A beautiful sight, Your Perfect Light. Jon J. Martindale July 1986
  10. 10. MY GENESIS From what mortal mind says, I am not Or else a pillar of salt would be my Lot. From that only Mind it was revealed That from that Spirit I was healed. And from what is Soul, I found my right Now Principle is for me a guiding light. From that which is Life, I must grow. From that which is Truth, I must know. From that which is Love, I must show. Jon Martindale December 16, 1986
  11. 11. OPPORTUNITY Opportunity comes each and every hour I must plant, water, and weed the flower. It is I who must do the knocking As I knock, seek the eternal opening. That which I seek, I shall find Comes to me from the one and only Mind. That for which I ask, to me will be given From that only Mind, I make my living Jon Martindale
  12. 12. The 23rd Psalm for a Young Friend God is my Friend, I am not alone. My Friend makes me happy and has a nice place for me to grow and play; my Friend explains the rules to keep me out of trouble. My Friend makes me feel good: my Friend shows me around to all the right places because my Friend likes me to be seen where my Friend is known. When I forget my Friend’s way, get lost, and stump my toes and get bruised up, I am not afraid to stop and yell for help because my Friend will pick me up and heel my feet. When I play by my Friend’s rules, I am a constant me winner of the little games and can even slay big red dragons: my Friend show me how to win and that makes me feel good. My Friend’s rules make me equal and give me self esteem so I can spread out and send away those lies, unreality, and liars: my Friend’s rules are tops and make me look good. These rules give me satisfaction and keep me from falling apart. Only good and kindness pursue me constantly while I settle down to work and rest with my Friend. Only good things happen to me when I am at my Friend’s place and my Friend says that I am always welcome there . Jon J. Martindale January 15, 1986
  13. 13. Eternal Potter – Mortal Clay God the Eternal Potter; man the mortal clay God sent His only Son to show me the way. God created Adam and within him breathed Then sent His Son in Whom I could believe. Satan came and tempted man with greed Jesus’ Truth delivered has now man freed. Jesus came and He a cross did bear, So that I a crown could proudly wear. God of Power and God of Might Take my heart and mold it right. Holy Spirit come dwell within Remove me from all my sin. God my Father, Who is the God of Light Guide me through the shadows of the night. Jon Martindale
  14. 14. Reflection In God’s image you were made. For God’s glory you are bade (Genesis 1:27). An Image is a likeness or reflection of the Real thing – therefore, let your light so shine (Matthew 5:14). In the presence of others and even when alone remember you are God’s reflection. The way you stand, talk, walk and act is your visible expression of that reflection. Remember God is not only good – God is Great. Express that greatness in and to yourself as well as others. Jon Martindale
  15. 15. Daily Affirmations – Jon Martindale 1. God is my Source, Creator, best Friend, Inspiration, Savior, Lord and Master. 2. In every day and in every way, I get better, better, and better •Anatomically and physiologically •Human and animalistic instinct •Creative and analytical mental capabilities •Control over ups and downs of emotions •Personal, public and social interaction •Material and financial well being •Spiritual understanding of self and fellow man 3. I am eliminating feelings, behaviors, and attitudes that limit me and I am replacing them with a Christ consciousness that Empower me. 4. I am loved and successful because I am a loving person helping others to obtain success. 5. In relation to family, friends, and acquaintances, all is well and balanced. 6. God’s ever present Love servers as a constant Force Field to protect me and those I love from the arrows of hate and the spears of anger. 7. The words I choose to use are of value to me as well as those who have ears to hear. 8. Procrastination, idleness, and busywork are no longer a part of my character, they are merely tools that may be used to achieve a higher good. 9. What needs to be done my Creator has already accomplished and deserves a thank you by my taking proper action. 10. All nations are of one blood, all living things are my brothers and sisters, and all objects animate and inanimate are here for me to come to know and grow and care and share.
  16. 16. Habit I am your constant companion. I am your greatest helper or heaviest burden. I will push you onward or drag you down to failure. I am completely at your command. Half of the things you do you might as well turn over to me and I will do them – quickly and correctly. I am easily managed – you must be firm with me. Show me exactly how you want something done and after a few lessons, I will do it automatically. I am the servant of great people, and alas, of all failures as well. Those who are great, I have made great. Those who are failures, I have made failures. I am no a machine though I work with the precision of a machine plus the intelligence of a person. You may run me for profit of run me for ruin – It makes no difference to me. Take me, train me, be firm with me, and I will place the world at your feet. Be easy with me and I will destroy you. Who am I? I am Habit. Anonymous