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What is "fashiontech" and how do you communicate around it? What are our PR services in this specific area? A basic overview.

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Hotwire: FashionTech PR

  1. 1. Fashion Tech
  2. 2. FashionTech FashionTech companies are enterprises that are advancing the intersection of technology and fashion; companies that use technology to STREAMLINE, UPDATE and cUSTOMIZE the traditional crafts of fashion. FashionTech sample areas: • Fashion online retail platforms • Curated shopping services • Fashion apps • Virtual fitting room technologies • Algorithmic shopping providers • B2B software and solutions for the fashion industry The FashionTech market is already well established in the US and appears on the radar of many investors, with hubs in NYC and San Francisco. In the German market lies a huge potential, as more FashionTech companies enter the region – although the term is still quite new to the German ear. DEFINITION MARKET 3
  3. 3. THE HOTWIRE FASHIONTECH PRACTICE offers a solution for FashionTech companies that must operate with a mix of B2B and lifestyle communication to bring their products or services to the people while at the same time grow their base of business partners. 360 DEGREE PERSPECTIVE – sell and grow Hotwire understands not only the trends and stories for consumers, but also the technology and marketing requirements linked to digital- driven business models. CROSS-INDUSTRY CONTACTS Hotwire has profound contacts to influencers in fashion, lifestyle and business media as well as influencers in the e-commerce, consumer IT, media und marketing space. BUNDLED PR SKILLS Hotwire has sound expertise in lifestyle measures such as event organization, celebrity outreach, sweepstakes, social media maintenance and TV as well as B2B measures such as guest articles and market commentaries, analyst relations and speaker placements. What we offer 4
  4. 4. 5
  5. 5. Hotwire delivers 360 DEGREE COMMUNICATIONS case studies influencer connections story placement strategy consulting content creation business communications event organization celebrity cooperations HOTWIRE PR SERVICES 6
  6. 6. Sample: 33 Digital service packages Social Media Business Check Carefree Community Let‘s Work Together Inter (nal) Comms To Your Heart‘s Content Social Media Djungle Navigator Peak Performance Rock your Socks off! Best Buddies Forever 8
  7. 7. Want to learn more? We‘d love to help you with your individual PR strategy. For further information, just contact us at 9
  8. 8. Fashion Tech HANNAH ROERICHT Programme Director Stephanstrasse 1, Frankfurt T: +49 69 25 66 93-15 E: MARKUS HERMSEN Managing Director Franziska-Bilek-Weg 9, Munich T: +49 89 21 09 32 78 E: