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20082563 hwangboram ’newspaper’


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the first homework

Published in: Travel, News & Politics
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20082563 hwangboram ’newspaper’

  1. 1. │Introduction to communication │2012-09-25U.S Newspaper 20082563 Hwang Bo ram
  2. 2. About the U.S Newspaper Useful of the Newspaper Kind of The U.S Newspapers Current Newspaper Situation
  3. 3. Useful of the Newspaper I will try to do a little description about the Newspaper. Newspaper give we daily fresh information. We can not live without it.
  4. 4. Useful of the Newspaper Give you fresh informa tion
  5. 5. U.S Newspaper (1)
  6. 6. U.S Newspaper (2) The New York Times (NYT) is an American d aily newspaper founded and continuously publis hed in New York City si nce 1851. Its website is the most popular Ameri can newspaper website , receiving more than 3 0 million unique visitors per month.
  7. 7. Decreasing Share of the Newspaper In markets like the US, ▲Source: The Newspaper Association of America advertisers are print newspapers are increasingly placing their feeling the impact of the advertisements elsewhere, Internet on two fronts: including online and in readers are increasingly free newspapers. going online for news coverage resulting in lower retail sales, and at the same time,
  8. 8. Current Newspaper situation • Until the recent development and affluence of the Internet as a news source, newspapers have globally been the primary source of current events. Having become part of a daily routine in most lives.
  9. 9. Referenced pages