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Agenda conferintei finale eng

  1. 1. External Actions of the European Union Grant 2010 / 228-991 The Project Remittances Developing Moldovan Communities FINAL CONFERENCE (Conference hall Raut, Leogrand Hotel, 77 Mitropolit Varlaam Street, Chisinau) 21 January 2014 AGENDA Moderator Vera Cojocaru Time 9.30-10.00 10.00-10.30 10.30-11.30 11.30-12.00 Topic Speaker Registration of participants Opening of the event - Andrea Tauber, Desk Officer SEE region Hilfswerk Austria International - E.S. Pirkka Tapiola, Ambassador, The Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova - Svetlana Rogov, The Head of the Department of International Relations and Investment Promotion, Ministry of Regional Development and Construction - Tudor Golub, The Head of the Orhei District Office of the State Chancellery. Session I Addressing migration process in the context of Project "Remittances develop communities in Moldova" PhD Valeriu Moșneaga, expert in Migration context in the Republic of Moldova migration issues, SUM Diana Cheianu, Chairwoman, Socio-economic impact of implemented micro projects on target communities Center of Investigations and Consultancy SocioPolis Sergiu Neicovcen, Executive Building migrants’ capacities – a success factor in the efficient use of remittances Director, Contact Center Aurelia Climentovschi , SME Developing small and medium-sized enterprises in Telenesti District specialist, Telenesti District Council Coffee break A project implemented by Hilfswerk Austria International Alexandru cel Bun Street nr 85 MD 2012 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova Tel: (+ 373 22) 21 25 41 Fax: (+ 373 22) 21 25 54 This project is funded by the European Union Delegation of The European Union to Republic of Moldova Kogalniceanu Street nr 12 MD 2001 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova Tel: (+373 22) 50 52 10 Fax: (+373 22) 27 26 22 The European Commission is the EU’s executive body. “The European Union is made up of 27 Member States who have decided to gradually link together their know-how, resources and destinies. Together, during a period of enlargement of 50 years, they have built a zone of stability, democracy and sustainable development whilst maintaining cultural diversity, tolerance and individual freedoms. The European Union is committed to sharing its achievements and its values with countries and peoples beyond its borders”.
  2. 2. Session II Remittances develop communities. Good practices The effective use of remittances community welfare catalyst Beekeeping. Purchasing a mobile laboratory to extract bee honey Ștefan Sandic, SRL “Faguras de aur” (Sipca, Soldanesti District) Building, fitting out and equipping a repair shop for agricultural equipment Efim Curchi, SC “MCN-Curchi” SRL (Mitoc, Orhei District) Growing and selling currants and gooseberries Petru Gaina, GT ”Gaina Petru Dinu” (Chitcanii Vechi, Telenesti District) 12.00-13.30 Mobile electro technical lab Roman Juncu, SRL “Erstelab” (Orhei) Rabbit farm Developing the business of producing, wrapping up and selling corn flour “Ion Taban, SRL “Venera” SC (Tahnauti, Rezina District) Equipment for processing wrought iron 13.15-13.30 Roman Popa, SRL “Casa Iepurilor” (Mindresti, Telenesti District) Victor Zmuncila, SRL “Zmuvinadorvic-Metal” (Negureni, Telenesti District) Conclusions 13.30-14.00 EXPO-Migrant Exhibition 14.00 Fourchette Victor Koroli, Project Manager