Virtual Worlds: Simulations & Research Classes at UC Davis


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An introduction to the virtual world of Second Life and the open access OpenSimulator environments
for the UC Davis MHI214 & MHI289h classes: Fall 2011
The Internet and the Future of Patient Care with Peter Yellowlees, MD
Virtual Reality, Simulation & Robotics with Alberto Odor, MD.
With Second Life orientation, and interactivity with the very beautiful Second Life, James Cook, MD & Bernadette Daly Swanson, MLIS.
Health Sciences Libraries, University of California Davis.

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Virtual Worlds: Simulations & Research Classes at UC Davis

  1. 1. Simulations & Research
  2. 2. Open your Second Life Viewer 2 & login! If you’re on a Mac: use Imprudence Viewer For the academic avatars of the MHI214 & MHI289h Classes at University of California Davis Accept your invitation to the UC Davis group in the IM & notifications tab that is located at the lower right side of screen. You will also receive a landmark for the private Davis and Prophylaxis Islands (or use the links from the blog on next screen to reach the islands). Note: you can use this same username & password to log into the Second Life web site to set up account to purchase money or land or the paid account in order to lease land.
  3. 3. Ben’s Blog: Library Studios with links to Second Life locations for Health Informatics workshop: Using SLurls from the web to reach the Second Life web based map server Davis Island (private island). Clicking on the orange visit button launches the Second Life Viewer 2 on your computer. Second Life Quickstart Guide (help with the user interface.
  4. 4. World Map available in Second Life Viewer (World | World map) or on the web. Mini local map also available in SL viewer.
  5. 5. arwaziad Avatar names for VR, Simulation & Robotics course
  6. 6. Virtual Worlds
  7. 7. Journal of Virtual World Research Health & Healthcare (vol. 2, no. 2)
  8. 8. Journal of Virtual World Research Health & Healthcare (vol. 2, no. 2)
  9. 9. 26
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Over US$ 1,000,000.00 ??
  12. 12. 31,417 Regions (Nov. 2, 2011)
  13. 13. LSL script wiki
  14. 14. Host your own Opensimulator
  15. 15. Install OpenSim on a USB drive
  16. 16. Build your own Slurl at
  17. 17. IRB site at UC Davis
  18. 18. Education pre-conference
  19. 19. MHI214 Class: The Internet & the future of patient care
  20. 20. Searching for Virtual Palomar West hospital in viewer
  21. 21. Building demo & rezzing 3D objects from inventory Visit Library Studios 2 where we did building demo and pulled out houses from inventory, etc.
  22. 22. University Library Where is the peer reviewed literature on Virtual Worlds? Across the disciplines Health Sciences Libraries Medicine, Nursing, Informatics, Engineering, Sociology, Psychology, Education, Biomedical & Computer Science Ask a Librarian…
  23. 23. University Library www.lib.ucdavis.eduHealth Sciences Libraries
  24. 24. VPN to login from off campus (if in Citrix, open a new browser window for VPN)
  25. 25. Choose Subject Guides: Computer Science or Medicine
  26. 26. PUBMED (National Library of Medicine) from the Databases A-Z list or Health Sciences Library homepage Search queries to use in PubMed “User-Computer Interface”[MAJR] AND (virtual environment OR second life) See Related articles link too
  27. 27. Choose PUBMED (National Library of Medicine) from the Databases A-Z list or from the Health Sciences Library homepage Search using MESH terms: User-Computer Interface Education, Nursing Schizophrenia, etc.
  28. 28. Pubmed Abstract: UC-eLinks: UCeLinks (gold button top right side) to view UC Davis subscription to journal
  29. 29. MESH (medical subject headings) shown: user-computer interface nursing teaching public health
  30. 30. Using IEEEXplore on Computer Science Subject Guide for articles on virtual worlds “Second Life” OR “virtual worlds” AND (“server architecture” OR healthcare) Log into VPN if off campus Locate full results via IEEEXplore database full search results: first log into VPN if off campus find via Google Scholar (uc davis) Via Google Scholar
  31. 31. Google Scholar Preferences (scholar preferences) to work with University of California Davis & Endnote
  32. 32. Harvest Catalog search: 616 results for subject headings "shared virtual environments" OR "Second Life" OR "virtual reality"; Sorted by Year
  33. 33. Downloadable hyperlinked powerpoint available on Watch the workshop's visual track on YouTube Health Informatics website UC Davis Medical Center MHI214 & MHI289h – Fall 2011 Virtual Reality, Simulation & Robotics Course Alberto Odor, MD & research of Peter Yellowlees, MD University of California Davis. , MLIS